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Flame Chocobo
Name: Isaiah Johnson
Fantasy Name: FlameChocobo, Kotaru.
Age: 15 (First Stage of an adult)
Level: 69
Strenghness: Fire, Metal, Undead(Part of Darkness).
Weakness: Water, Ice, Earth.
Likes: Anime, Manga, Good, Japan(Heaven), Video games(Which is made by company started in Japan), Flames, and Halo.
Dislikes: Evil, USA(Hell), Certain VideoGames(Made By Electronic Arts, Lucas Arts, Activision, And THQ), Getting Harrased(Makes me So Mad! I Want to kill them!), Terrorism, Agism(Noobs Calling me a child which I'm not), Racism, Sexism, Bad Stuff (like obeying USA!), Kid Shows, Country Music, World War 2, Somthing Gross, Death.
HP: 7287/7287
MP: 920/920
Good At: Strengh(Attack Power and Defence), Agility(Dexterity, Speed)
Lacks: Intellegence(Magic Attack and Magic Defence)
Skill: Tackle, Leer, Fire, Ember, First Aid, Cutlass Fury, Scratch, Fireball, Counter, Pow Break, Speed Break, Slam, Mega Kick, Magic Break, Fira, Rain of Swords, Will-o-wisp, Beatdown, Revenge, Slash, Skull Bash, FireBane, FireVolt, FireBlast, FlameThrower, Firaga, Giga Kick, X Slash, V Slash, Hyper Beam, Master Beam, Luster Purge, Sacrid Fire.
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Finally! new comic!
Warg! He was too lazy to make another one.
Wow! this Sprite Comic is now a Manga Comic! ^_^
I Even Know That Yoshi's Island 2 Will Be like a 32 Bit Game
What's with a god damn hippo!?
Link Froze the Bully. then Mario Tackled him and Broke him
Man! Luigi is a wimp!
Now The Cops are Screwed!
There's a Naked chick in the First panel
Shipp! My Birthday is tomorrow
My Birthday is tomorrow
Mr. T Plays As Jeff Bogard? Where did you get that sprite?
Nice Comic
You Got Nice Comics. My Birthday Is Coming up.
Ness Said He Destroyed Society? WTF!? Ness is going to jail? Then The police is going to HELL!!
Link if Fignting Morton, and Wailed on him
This Is the Prologue
This is the First Comic Page.
Actually, it's 4 bit
SNK! Normalman made it. not this.
!!!!!! That Girl in her underwear gives me an idea. how about you make her a stripper, and a Sex worker.