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Hi there! I'm an art student and aspiring illustrator, doing a bit of web-comicking on the side. If you'd like to see some Samsara art, check out my deviantART page. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by my Formspring at
PFFFFFF, Nilus: sweetly and inadvertently making things worse.

Honestly, they are all so cute and squishy that I would totally be down with anybody x anybody, whether it's Sergio/Simon, Simon/Nilus or even Sergio/Nilus.
Oh, Atticus.

Clearly, you are ALREADY the Very Best.
Then it gets hit by a lawnmower.

It would be hilarious if Atticus just picked the Curlywurly off the ground and ate it himself.
Normally I dislike the goody-goody characters, and I think if Kahn was the main protagonist, I wouldn't be too keen on him. But it's really neat to have the "rival" character actually be the nice one, for a change, and have the main protagonist be the one who's a terrible douchebag. Kahn is a great foil to Atticus.

And, by the way, I mean "terrible douchebag" in the best way (somehow...) Atticus is pretty much one of my favorite protagonists ever. He reminds me of Sysreq from the webcomic "Saturnalia". <3
Pffffffffffffffff Nilus is THE BEST superhero. <3 I love her so much.
She has


ugh cannot stop laughing

Oh Simon, only $50 for games...your life, it is so hard.
Pffffhahahaha, Sergio is still all blushy-faced. <3
Update schedule going so far as expected, which means, of course, that I am heinously behind. OH WELL.

This page took me forever. Coloring with a mouse is such a pain.
This comic is so adorable, I almost can't stand it.
It took me so long to update since I last did so that Terris has had time to get curtains for her window! Those weren't there before...

I just had an insanely intense 4-studio-course, 18-credit semester (NEVER AGAIN), which was why I just didn't have time to work on Samsara at all. Hopefully I'll do better from here on out!
September 14th, 2010
I suck at this "regularly scheduled updates" thing.
They were supposed to make out instead, but I thought that was boring.
August 22nd, 2010
First Page!
Thanks for reading "Samsara". I hope you enjoy it! I'll try to keep up a regular update schedule - for now, the plan is to add a new page every Sunday.