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Crimson Phoenix
I'm just a regular guy from Canada.
And by regular guy I mean avid gamer who goes on the internet every day and plays Zelda and Metroid games until he's got all 100% powerups and everything.
Since I've spent so much time on my computer I've come across a large amount of humourous internet pages. Whether they've contained, videos, comics, text etc. I've gotten a kick out of a lot of things, and being the creative and generally funny guy I am I've decided "Hey, I can do this kind of stuff".
So far I have a YouTube channel with few videos, I'm featured on thecourticefilmmaker's videos, and of course I've done a couple webcomics.

At the present time I'm trying to improve my comic as in learning to use Photoshop well and drawing better (I KNOW bare with me).
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    Ben Letourneau
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It doesn't work to well if you actually are playing tic-tac-toe.
"I'm going to write an X here... in tic-tac-toe."
That's still far!

But here's the important part... DID SHE GET THE LEFT SIDE OR THE RIGHT SIDE PIERCED?!
YAY! It's back! Good to see SOMEONE spent their time productively today (not me x_x').

I mean productively for the drawing-new-comics thing. Not the walk-all-the-way-across-town-for-a-crappy-reason thing. Damn that's far.
Yes, you were taller than him. But whenever you notice a thing like that he's actually just standing on a box or something in that first panel at the bottom. Or a wizard did it.
Wow, KT I just noticed we both did the "Don't look child" joke. Mine's on the page where Brett arrives.
Eh, it's just a funny extra. Based on how you sometimes say the wrong thing at the wrong time at the wrong situation. Really the comic is just showing how I'M an ass. 8D

And I don't know who's making the "!" Katie or the hat. I'll let you decide.

Anyone who gets the reference at the bottom I owe a high five.
Hm, but I wonder how he would react if he saw this. I drew him horribly because I was rushed with no reference and if he's reading this I apologize. But chances are slim.
Uh... your sig has Old Snake-Sackboy. But yeah it was unintentional.
And yes all I can remember about Steph's lecture was the word "responsibility", but she wasn't THAT angry. It's just exaggeration. And she helped pay for dinner too so Brett doesn't get all the credit.
And Josh you did forget the money but yeah you didn't interrupt me. It's just another exaggeration of how you say the wrong things in the wrong situations and it's funny. But yeah, I was the one to actually tell Steph we had no more money and you stood back and had no balls, happy? ;P Ha ha just kidding.
"And hammers don't usually cut, so imagine how much of a LONG... and PAINFUL PROCESS... This will be."
-Katie came up with the idea for "Chow Sum FAT"
-The door WAS hanging off
-Brett's not really a head taller then us but who cares? It's an excellent group shot and you got the punch line... again.
That is true. As Steph says about that second panel "Ben, you're the only person in the world who can make Josh look cute." Which means I do have that power and that's... slightly creepy.
That's just the way the sprite was when I found it. I think it's from the GBA version.
Also sorry about the quality for this one, I don't know what happened.
This is a pretty cool comic, I see that you're another victim of not having Photoshop (so am I). Anyways are you going to put in more Sega/Nintendo franchise charaters or is it just Sonic/Mario? It'd be cool to see Link and Samus and... Monkey Ball?
Ha ha, hilarious. I'm single so that's just how I feel. Happy "Hallmark-makes-more-money" day too. :D
Ha ha, he keeps breaking the fourth wall.