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January 24th, 2019
I swear man these JoJo references are getting more and more saturated, and I love it
Nice job
Mate these are always a highlight to read. Keep it up man
Stand power
Linking where this is going, can't wait for the Lupinranger style heists this is foreshadowing
Da Smug
Ruby's face when talking about his fans is priceless
oh boi
Let's see where this go
The Tokuyami is real in this man.
Man, I hate it when I wake up on my skull chair, all those tissue blankets are going to waste. But damn, this is starting to get into the creepy territory man, loving it. Also WERE THOSE EYES ON THE PILLARS
*insert not even my final form here*
Yo first time commenting on this but damn man, these are really good. But I'mma just guess right now that she went all King Crimson on the thing, that is why she can't remember, because she haz da skill......sorry
Wow already!
Hard to believe I found this comic two years ago, it has been great so far. Kee it up man.
@pipipipi: I haven't commented on these since I hadn't made an account but I have been following your comics for a while and these a GOD DAMN AMAZING. Props on N's character. Can't wait for the conclusion.

@Kynim: Thanks for the journey, it was great you deserve a break after all this
Thanks for the ride
So it finally ends feels like only yesterday when I found this comic and it's predecessor about 2-3 years ago after being curious about more Nuzlocke comics. Loved it from the beginning and definitely sad there won't be more, but you deserve a break after all this work for 6 YEARS. Good Luck Ky Nim for everything