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Nice touch.
A few panels back, "Nudge" Gengar's particles gestured her to the Space Globe.

And maybe woke her up in the page before that, too.
Ya guys..
Mewtwo talks through telepathy.

That's from his psychic powers.

He /cannot/ talk. At least, not without difficulty as we've seen before when he tried to talk vocally.

(And for a Pokémon that relies so heavily on his powers he's probably having to struggle with basic skills.)
Is it groundhog day already?
Wheres the water rip
Having food beats having no food.

..But Enigma berries score a 40 in the Spicy category.

I believe that's the Space Globe. It's the item you get at the top of Destiny Tower.

...Beast Ball would be interesting though.
EXP get.
Fantastic, they did it.

Now all they need to do is just walk through that glowing door, have a kind chat with god and we're all set.

Thank Arceus we don't have any ominous chapter art to suggest otherwise.
*Narrows eyes*
Have..Have we seen Darkrai with his actual legs yet till now?