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Darkrai. With nails.

@Pokefire: Pretty sure that was confirmed panels ago.
@Silver Eevee:

This comic is dark enough that it really needs the clashing sweet & adorable relationship of these two.

Works well. Why do you think horror movies have comedy?
Hmm. Helping.
Yeah, that's suspicious.
Nice, I love that the rulers are the Swords Of Justice.
Rhea and Scarlet.

I like 'em.

Could mean lost.

I hope they aren't. While I don't know where the story is going, if they ARE dead, I can guarantee the pay off of that plot closure wouldn't have been as good as a reunion.

So it seems like it would be a waste if they actually were. My vote is that they aren't- other wise why throw the plot hook, right? Donno, we'll see.

*Operatic humming*
*Operatic screaming*
Nice, Scarlet is still alive and kicking at Elysium.
Ayyy I told ya it was a feral.

I'm pretty sure all the times actual animals were spotted in the anime was around the very beginning, if not just in the first season.

And the first season/beginning is in the "canon but not canon" waters.

That being said, I disagree. Let's keep the real world out of it.
1) In the main series, Pokémon eat Pokémon.
2) Not of the same species.
This series has ferals, which I'd assume is an explanation to dungeon Pokémon in the games.
3) This is likely a feral --which I'd assume are the closest thing to animals--, which Leon's statement supports. Or at least something unnatural.

Conclusion: Calm yo self.

More important topics: Look at that cute little Caterpie making himself useful with stingshot. You go, little dude!
I hope his parents are both still alive.
Not at all.
Intelligence does not equal insanity. That's ridiculous and shouldn't need to be clarified.

Lovrina is very smart. She's also seriously unhinged. These are two different things.

..And she's certainly both.

By definition, mewtwo was in a state of mind that blurred his perception and behavior- It was his intelligence and wisdom that changed him. At the time, calling him insane or unhinged would be true.

But it would not be now.

Lovrina, certainly not right in the head.
Nah Lovrina is definitely insane.
>.> That title is...

...Too suspiciously blatant?

Makes me think we're about to get the opposite of what we expect?
4th panel
Darkrai is giving Mega Ampharos a run for it's money on best shampoo commercial.
Man, this comic is a delight with references.
You know i'd say Mewtwo is used to Humans/Pokémon complying with everything he says and not calling out his bluffs.

So for someone to not only call out the bluffs often but manage to beat him in a mental skill (social skills)...I can see why that would be scary.