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leave or die
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A better lie
.....really? Dynamo and sigma.... What's wrong with you.
I like the fact because there isn't another comic after this on that the next button just brings this one back up. Perfect loop!
...... really? .....time is not strong enough to wipe clear the universe...
you have earned respect for that reference.
you know this has got to be ether the longest hiatus yet or he quit and the comic is dead.... he could just be going for the record though so who knows!
November 14th, 2011
yeah... Sonic Generations... That'll shut'em up >:D
..... well *cough* at least the dust is off of it.
Sonic and Pals is the world's largest sprite based comic strip. It ran from January 1st 2004 up till June 19th, 2011.

you only have to Out make that many comics!
wow.... it's a level of gamer I have not the time to be
November 10th, 2011
.... Actually you lose Chuck Norris is always first!
it took us this long to... Cleaver bastard!
yeah... Sentinel has always been a show off and an ass
Cramps suck.... Period... and to have cramps on a periodic basis really sucks.... teenage years for this guy weren't fun.
days I wish you could produce this at a faster rate... the suspense is killer!
apparently didn't kill Hitler..... but then again he could be a time traveler.
.....this story really moves slow....
and there was Jebus at the buffet table.
.... ok so when does the Doctor show up?