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Hi. I am just some random dude who likes video games sometimes and comics. I like Mario, Kirby, Smash, and Minecraft. I discovered Smack Jeeves in early 2015, and didn't appear to it until November 2017. I like comics that have humor and adventure but I don't like anything that has mature content in it. Sadly, I am now currently a college student so I may not be around very often for some or most of the time.
Just welcome to my profile!
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Oh, hands off
Psychic powers can have a variety.
Never underestimate
Mario vs Sonic vs Megaman
Shall we think about it today in 2019?
All three are the best though.
April 15th, 2019
It’s windy
Gonna get started
Dang, Angela
Oh man, I wonder what Xiaolin was thinking. Maybe just to prove himself over his psychic powers.
Watch your step Link T_T
Oh sure
Ooh, burn
Someone’s busted
There’s always some complexity in things, especially memories.
Kick to the back