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I like video games sometimes and comics. I like Mario, Kirby, Smash, and Minecraft. I like comics that have humor and adventure but I don't like anything that has mature content in it, like profanity.
I feel like I want to create a comic but I can't
a. I'm not a very good drawer.
b. I going to college very soon, so I won't be active.
c. I am a busy boy.
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Should've asked for permission.
For transfusion.
Bingo Night?
I have to say, things are looking good so far. (I am not using flattery)
Well, this is where it began. (nice cover).
Man, they were so dang shocked.
He caught you talking!
Still freaking out.
KIRBY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I DON'T THINK THIS IS SAFE! Anyway, I hope you have a safe and awesome trip.
Um, hi? I know it is pretty late, probably should have commented much earlier than that. I don't think anyone will notice me at this point. I am very sorry what I said about the image thing when I was a guest at that time. Very sorry (face turns red of embarrassment). But I have to say that this was a very great comic. It was fun to read and it had a lot of adventures. This comic was also pretty hilarious too. I started reading this on September 2017, which was a month after you finished it. I have to say that you did a really great job making this, even though the comic went on hiatus for just about two times, one of which that the comic missed its 5th anniversary. I will forgive you for that. I also have to say that you are a very skilled artist, like the 300th page was a good example of your art. Speaking of art, this comic also has an awesome web page. There had been quite a few good fan art on the fan art page. Those fans did a fairly good job. You have created a pretty charming cast in which they explored through marvelous adventures and encounter obstacles. Those crossover segments were fascinating stories, but I have to be very honest with you, I don't think there is a real reason to have two crossovers with the same comic. I am not mad or upset or anything, just saying. It is totally fine. I want to give one little downside about this comic. It is just the time when you killed off a main character, Keito. I am not sure if that was the really best choice since the squad definitely won't look the same without him and it was kind of dark. It is generally hard to deal with death of a good friend. Many fans were really upset about this, but at least you put effort to keep the story going. You have done an impressive work, though, to keep the story for over 7 years. That definitely seemed like a while. It is a little sad to see this comic end, but hey, at least it had a good conclusion. It will take a lot of imagination to know what will happen to the squad next. Well, I am going to say this again, this was a very great comic, and I am not flattering, I am telling the truth. It inspired many fans to create their own comics. Well done for finishing this and thank you for creating this. Good luck on doing stuff you need to do! ;)
Pretty sweet of her?
The grim reaper O_O
Yay! Keeby is back!......Wait a minute, WHAT THE HECK?!? D:
Nice! Happy Birthday! (Sorry if I said a little late). Nice one though.
I know it's pretty late, but I have to say this was a good comic and it was fun to read. Thanks for making this!