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Hi. I am just some random dude who likes video games sometimes and comics. I like Mario, Kirby, Smash, and Minecraft. I discovered Smack Jeeves in early 2015, and didn't appear to it until November 2017. I like comics that have humor and adventure but I don't like anything that has mature content in it. Sadly, I am now currently a college student so I may not be around very often for some or most of the time.
Just welcome to my profile!
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Good and bay day for Isaac

I want to wish you a happy birthday. I’ll give you a like.
Well, this is far from over. That dang Xiaolin. -_-
Everybody loves spiders
Well, better try that game
Oh no, no, no, no, NO!!!
Stop him!
Who wants some?
No exposure
So much for them as fruit bats.
November 30th, 2018
Walking on the ceiling is generally a challenge.
What mythical?
I bet Xiaolin was the one.
November 26th, 2018
Well, I’m pretty sorry to hear that. Life always gets in the way, indeed. I’ll see you then, even though we kind of just met. And have a Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time! Good luck dealing with harsh situations.
Just one more thing, if I have any questions, how can I reach out to you? I don’t know how :/
Now there’s some disputes
Can I have a question here? I don’t get what is an Emkay. It was mentioned once back in the Shedding Some Light On segment, but I don’t know what it means. \_(‘_’)_/
That needs work.
November 23rd, 2018
Well, that’s a good luck to them.
Oooh, Rainbow Road!
Anyway, we won’t forget Stan.
Meta Knight surprise
Wait a second...
Is Keeby trying to assemble Miracle Matter back to life??
November 21st, 2018
That dang Silvena
Glowy eyes is the issue
Swiftness and speed is key.
Dun Dun Dunnnnnn