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Hi I'm Fami and I draw stuff and stream stuff.
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@JovanW: That feel when you're so mad it's audible
@gman: In the "I'm going to actually kill this person" sort of way lol
@JovanW: Most people just lose track of time when they nap. Crea lost track of a whole person. Shout out for going above and beyond.
@bfroggy: Yep. Stumbled upon Chris in front of the doors to the arcade before their actual attendance at the con was known (Cue my boyfriend's incredulous "Was...was that fucking Chris-chan?") and then went to the panel later.
You could cut the air with a KNIFE during the first half hour of that panel. It was an otherworldly experience.
Oh god this is getting too real, I was THERE...
@JovanW: It only took 16 pages eh heh heh...
Those last two panels are perfect. What great dialog.
@ZSnazzy: Shhhh don't let him hear you call him that.
@Lunch: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I like 'em that way, idk what to tell you friend.
@Midwinter Hunt: Oh gosh, no I mean my last comic was IN grayscale! Sorry for the confusion haha... I didn't know there was a comic with that name!
But yeah it's brutal. But visually worth it!!
@Midwinter Hunt: Oh gosh, thank you! <3
I'm trying my best to keep up with the coloring this time, since my last attempt was grayscale, so I hope my colors don't disappoint!
Please just hug the poor man, he needs it. :[ Real talk right there. Hunger is the biggest villain. Dx
@nocturnenebula: I guess it's cool for everyone to reveal themselves now, so I'm super glad you like it! :D
I'm excited to see more of your comic too btw! <3
IPN Updates Tuesdays~
Hi folks! If you're looking for a new comic to read, why not check out my on going comic, IPN?
We're right in the middle of chapter 1! Why not get a head start on reading before Chapter 2's craziness kicks off? I'm sure you'll be taken by surprise!