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Hi I'm Fami and I draw stuff and stream stuff.
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Ah, imported censor blobs from the finest of anime. Nice.
And that's it for chapter 1! Thanks for sticking around everyone!

I'm going to go on a brief hiatus into mid-July to work more on chapter 2, but patreon supporters will see some WIPs before then! Stay tuned for summer! Chapter 2 is pretty neat
@authorloremipsum: Oh shoot! I was afraid that thing was AWOL. >:/ That's what I get for messing around too much with the code. I'll fix that right away! Thanks for letting me know!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you so much you don't know how much that means to me ;A; <3
@ZSnazzy: Kam has lost a lot. His phone, his weeb glasses, his life. RIP Kam's favorite things.
@JovanW: Oh the curse of having an insanely strong friend...
Being physically forced is incredibly common.
@eekee: But can they get passed the embarrassing anime lock screen has set up is the biggest question
@eekee: Ha ha, well thanks! <3
Both the twins have matching snaggle teeth, so you'll be seeing a lot of that!
@Light and Shadow: Shhhh, don't tell him that, he'll be upset that he's not following the rules.
@BananaUhl: "We'll be back after dinner. If we're lucky. Hopefully. At least back by tomorrow? God I hope we're back by tomorrow."
@Brawlitup99: Score one to Crea for one upping the child genius!
@Mushroom Flabs: It's okay, depth doesn't matter anymore apparently!
@JovanW: Not only that but /how does that even work.../
Pilot is the best friend. ;-; <3
@Mushroom Flabs: That feel when you're dead and can bend in awful ways with no regrets later.
@Eeveeisthebest: Pshhhh, where's the fun in /safety/? >:P
@Nosh Ware: You never know though! It could all be an elaborate hoax! Gotta risk your hand to make sure!
@JovanW: Of course! Just with a longer name. :p
@Nosh Ware: ...You know, I never noticed before, but he kinda does have inkling-y hair...