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Hi I'm Fami and I draw stuff and stream stuff.
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@Brawlitup99: We'll be seeing a lot more of it too! :D The plot is finally on its upswing thanks to Laura demanding some development last page lol.

And yeah! Double page Tuesday! I missed last week and felt super bad, so I wanted to make up for it!! I'd love to do it more actually...
@JovanW: I wish I had a hat that could store entire worlds in it. :c
Double update
Sorry for the absence last week! The holiday plus an awful stomach bug threw me way out of whack. But for the trouble, we'll have two pages this week!
@JovanW: Nah, she just recognized them from seeing the statue on page 8.
@Brawlitup99: If there's anyone who is good at not knowing things
It's Crea.
(Though in Crea's defense they were pretty delirious when they saw the statue last...)
@JovanW: A very delayed, SUPER HYPE look
Someone needs to unrust Crea's gears, that brain just has been freezing up all day.
@Flash: Yeah, not a problem friend! :D I know that feel really hard, if not for twitter, I'd be lost on a ton of my faves.
My RSS can be accessed here!
@JovanW: Why the first question wasn't "alright, why don't you show us?" is beyond me.
Like... any kid would have asked that, did they think Crea would just go "oh, you're right, I was just lying the whole time lol, almost got ya there."
@Lunch: Lol can you blame him
"Guys it's been like 15 minutes and I got a donut and everything why aren't you done yet?"
Happy birthday, hope you like dead friends and guilt as presents </3
@Lunch: Sharp enough to BRUTALLY STAB
@Brawlitup99: Shhhh he can't help that and will try and deny it
@JovanW: That feel when you're so mad it's audible
@gman: In the "I'm going to actually kill this person" sort of way lol
@Lunch: So carefree it enrages another
@JovanW: Most people just lose track of time when they nap. Crea lost track of a whole person. Shout out for going above and beyond.
@bfroggy: Yep. Stumbled upon Chris in front of the doors to the arcade before their actual attendance at the con was known (Cue my boyfriend's incredulous "Was...was that fucking Chris-chan?") and then went to the panel later.
You could cut the air with a KNIFE during the first half hour of that panel. It was an otherworldly experience.
Oh god this is getting too real, I was THERE...
@JovanW: It only took 16 pages eh heh heh...