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Hi! I'm from Finland! I have wanted to became an author since I learned how to read. I have 10 years of experience on writing and recently have also become interested in comic making. I have always loved art. History and nature are also close to my heart. I'm a social person and love meeting people but am often a bit shy at first.
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September 8th, 2019
@EnkaRG: Yeah, that's true. I was trying to figure out whether it was an optical illusion or a real thing. :D Now I know. ^^
September 8th, 2019
I love the cover, it's so expressive. Also, is Ekaiz actually taller than Haize? Or does it just look like that because Haize isn't standing straight?
August 22nd, 2019
@midgart: You're dying because you don't like drawing outdoors or because you've missed it so much? I personally love drawing nature scenes. ^^
Well, I think his solution was rather extreme. He could have said he's taking some time off. Not make it a permanent thing.
@Randori: Yes, it's another webside where you can read comics and novels. KayLingLing7 shared a link in the page(70) Q&A2 Mermaid biology class.
@Randori: It's not mentioned in the story, but answered in the Q&A Mermaid biology class on tapas.
@Solongbird: I doubt it. He knows humans have it different. But he might be fascinated by the idea. ;)
Aww, they're already giving each other presents. That's cute. <3 Also, I remember what you told about mermaids giving each other jewellery as a token of partnership. So this just makes me smile. :)
@EnkaRG: I understand that desire completely! X)
Oh, come on. This is getting a bit melodramatic. All that happened is that Haize's ex showed up. It's nothing little explanation won't fix. No reason to dwell on it. - And on the other note, I completely understand that mind starts to dramatize things when it's something you really care about. So, yeah :D

I didn't mean it in a mean way, just started to feel like boys need some healthy 'putting things in the right perspective' advise.
@sarah*: It's 'Lost in the snow' The Elduin and Donestan chronicles made by Velvet Toucher. Or at least it sounds like it.
Who is it going to be? :O
I think it's kinda weird that he doesn't mind about the slave standing there at all but it's probably accurate so I can't really complain either. Like your comic and like their interaction so far. :)
And now that Ekaiz doesn't answer, Haize is going to think Ekaiz is angry at him. Sigh*
Aww, I feel bad for him. :( That situation would suck so bad.
Eder has the nerve... I really hope Haize will go after Ekaitz and explain. Though, it looks like he might be about to burst out his anger. In which he has my total blessing. ;)

Also, I hope you'll have time to yourself EnkaRG! No reason to stress yourself out.
@EnkaRG: That's because Haize wants to, he just can't right now. AmIright? ;D

Also, I just want to say that this comic makes my day every week. ^^ It has this special aura of brightness and sunlight. It's also so real-life-like that it stands out from all the rest. I think it deserves more followers and I hope it'll get them in time. :)
@Liiive.4ever: Noo, I don't think they are. That would be a dumb move from him because he is just starting something with Ekaitz. I mean, I don't think Ekaitz would ever forgive him. (I mean I would not) So no, I have my faith in Haize. It did cross my mind too, though.
I can relate X)
I like it. It's very elegant. When I saw it in small size in comics profile I thought maybe you drew them as elves. ;D