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Hi! I'm from Finland! I have wanted to became an author since I learned how to read. I have 10 years of experience on writing and recently have also become interested in comic making. I have always loved art. History and nature are also close to my heart. I'm a social person and love meeting people but am often a bit shy at first.
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I love the scenery in the first panel. It's so green :) the way you use light and shadow makes it bright
They're so cute and comfortable with each other <3 It's so sweet. ^^ You also made me google and watch the trailer of that movie 8D
January 12th, 2019
No, Sooch don't. You messed up once, you can't afford to do it twise. Maybe I'm paranoid but I would not go. You can celebrate after the presentation.
December 19th, 2018
You're not dumb just careless. It'll be okay. :)
I just love the accent. <3 It makes this so much richer to read. ^^
I really liked the ending, actually. I didn't see it coming this fast but it was beautifully made and it's always nice to have conclusion to stories. I've read/am reading all the three of your stories and although i like every one of them, i think Arco has been my personal favourite so far. It works in many levels and it's easy to feel connection with the characters. Thank you for sharing this <3
November 27th, 2018
They're such teenagers, lol.
I think he's about to say "dangerous"
Omg, i had no idea that invention for getting rid of mosquitos was Japanese! Those bring out so much nostalgia. We used to always have those in our summer cottage when i was a child. Greetings from Finland! ^^
October 25th, 2018
He's like the cutest demon ever! <3 Just look at that face. Looks adorable wearing that hoodie. Apologising for making a mess. ^^
@Moondragon: Well, I had a crush on my friend who was a girl like me. She turned me down and couple months after i met a guy and almost immediately had a huge crush on him. Although i had come terms with liking the same gender like me (before this i thought i was completely straight) i had to admid it felt much more natural to me have a crush on a guy than a girl. I did care for her very deeply but it felt kinda strange to like someone mentally but not really care that much of her physically. So, i think it really depends on person, if they can see beyond the gender or not.
Lol, we all want to see you in skirt, Derek <3
@Travelingpooch: Okey, thanks for clearing it up. :)
@Travelingpooch: But he says that his father WAS and his mother IS, so it sounds like his father is not anymore? English is not my first language so maybe I'm just confused.
So, is he saying he's the leader?
I just can't but love Drew's reaction on the fourth panel :D lol
Gosh, let the guy take them off XD lol And no Derek, no desiner makes clothes feel uncomfortable on purpose.
We do enjoy it! :D really nice work! Love the colors
@Cyna: You can always make them simply for your own enjoyment. No schedules or critics. Also, i find writing more satisfying because it doesn't take as much time. But for each to their own, of course.
I also think this ended a bit fast. I expected some sort of ending monologue about how their lives continued forward. But well, we have this saying in Finland "Lyhyestä virsi kaunis" which means something like, sometimes further words/explanations are needless and that exactly makes it beautiful/good. I think that applies well in this situation. :)

I'm really happy i got to read this story. It was beautifully and carefully made. I hope all good in your life and hopefully more stories, even though you said you would not make more of them. (At least not comics) Never say never. ;)