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Hi! I'm from Finland! I have wanted to became an author since I learned how to read. I have 10 years of experience on writing and recently have also become interested in comic making. I have always loved art. History and nature are also close to my heart. I'm a social person and love meeting people but am often a bit shy at first.
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I really liked the ending, actually. I didn't see it coming this fast but it was beautifully made and it's always nice to have conclusion to stories. I've read/am reading all the three of your stories and although i like every one of them, i think Arco has been my personal favourite so far. It works in many levels and it's easy to feel connection with the characters. Thank you for sharing this <3
Happy independence day Finland! I didn't post this for the celebrations but it's a nice coincidence. :)

Ha ha, Larian and August are here... having a minor conversation. I just kinda get impatient about them not talking yet, so I wanted to make little something. ^^ So, this is meant to be from the future when they are already in good terms with each other.

The quote August is reading is by William Shakespeare from As you like it, Act II, Scene VII. It's rather famous.
November 27th, 2018
They're such teenagers, lol.
Omg, I just realised that while I was fixing the writing error IRONDOG pointed out I also deleted his comment. (I just thought it'd be easiest to delete the whole page and add a fixed one) I can't believe I'm so careless!

Even so, here is my reply to his comment about August's mother:
She is very caring. :) I don't often pursue August's relationship with his parents so I was kinda... surprised to see them so close. But she is an elegant woman with the good priorities as you said. :)
@IronDog: Thank you for all the nice comments. <3 I was baffled when I saw it – but very excited and happy too of course. :) I’m happy you’re looking forward to it. So am I. Ha ha
@IronDog: Yes, I completely agree with you there.
@IronDog: Thank you. :) There is a lot of backgrounds info I'm often pondering whether I should reveal it or explain because I personally dislike stories where you have to read a lot of history/background explanations before you can jump into the story. But I’m sure it’ll reveal itself little by little as we go on.
@IronDog: Lol, that is true. :D I didn’t even think about that while writing this. Let’s just say Richard wants to see himself blue-blooded as a universal fact. Lol
@IronDog: I completely agree with you. Life may seem boring and predictable when out of the blue your life is taken completely upside down.
@IronDog: Thank you. ^^
@IronDog: Oh, thanks. Didn’t notice that one. I’ll fix it right away.
@IronDog: Thank you. I think this is one of the most succeeded pages so far.
@IronDog: ^^ Yay! Thanks! I’m happy it’s coming across. I really love the brother relationships between these brothers. It’s like, my second favorite thing in this whole story right after the romantic relationship between August and Larian.
@IronDog: Nah, he really does not. But this time he also has his reasons. :)
@IronDog: Thank you! ^^
It feels like it took me forever to make this but here it is! We are getting closer to the first meeting of Larian and August. ^^

The first chapter is so slow paced. I'm already like waiting for the second chapter because more starts to happen in that. But got to be patient. I like to start my stories properly even if it takes time and patience. :)
I think he's about to say "dangerous"
Omg, i had no idea that invention for getting rid of mosquitos was Japanese! Those bring out so much nostalgia. We used to always have those in our summer cottage when i was a child. Greetings from Finland! ^^
While waiting let's enjoy August representing my life right now, lol.
October 25th, 2018
He's like the cutest demon ever! <3 Just look at that face. Looks adorable wearing that hoodie. Apologising for making a mess. ^^