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Hi! I'm from Finland! I have wanted to became an author since I learned how to read. I have 10 years of experience on writing and recently have also become interested in comic making. I have always loved art. History and nature are also close to my heart. I'm a social person and love meeting people but am often a bit shy at first.
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Aww, I feel bad for him. :( That situation would suck so bad.
Eder has the nerve... I really hope Haize will go after Ekaitz and explain. Though, it looks like he might be about to burst out his anger. In which he has my total blessing. ;)

Also, I hope you'll have time to yourself EnkaRG! No reason to stress yourself out.
@EnkaRG: That's because Haize wants to, he just can't right now. AmIright? ;D

Also, I just want to say that this comic makes my day every week. ^^ It has this special aura of brightness and sunlight. It's also so real-life-like that it stands out from all the rest. I think it deserves more followers and I hope it'll get them in time. :)
@Liiive.4ever: Noo, I don't think they are. That would be a dumb move from him because he is just starting something with Ekaitz. I mean, I don't think Ekaitz would ever forgive him. (I mean I would not) So no, I have my faith in Haize. It did cross my mind too, though.
I can relate X)
I like it. It's very elegant. When I saw it in small size in comics profile I thought maybe you drew them as elves. ;D
I mean... i wouldn't sleep if i was him either. :D (although i think i'd be way too happy to fall asleep rather than confused)
@EnkaRG: Yes, I agree. I think men are completely capable if they'd just be more in touch with their emotions. I know some men are but it seems to be the minority.
Haize is so gentle and understanding. I mean, could all men be like him? Please! :D
Aww, this is so cute and dumb. I love it :D
Honestly, I think it's pretty bold to start flirting with the future king.
I love the scenery in the first panel. It's so green :) the way you use light and shadow makes it bright
They're so cute and comfortable with each other <3 It's so sweet. ^^ You also made me google and watch the trailer of that movie 8D
January 12th, 2019
No, Sooch don't. You messed up once, you can't afford to do it twise. Maybe I'm paranoid but I would not go. You can celebrate after the presentation.
December 19th, 2018
You're not dumb just careless. It'll be okay. :)
I just love the accent. <3 It makes this so much richer to read. ^^
I really liked the ending, actually. I didn't see it coming this fast but it was beautifully made and it's always nice to have conclusion to stories. I've read/am reading all the three of your stories and although i like every one of them, i think Arco has been my personal favourite so far. It works in many levels and it's easy to feel connection with the characters. Thank you for sharing this <3
November 27th, 2018
They're such teenagers, lol.
I think he's about to say "dangerous"
Omg, i had no idea that invention for getting rid of mosquitos was Japanese! Those bring out so much nostalgia. We used to always have those in our summer cottage when i was a child. Greetings from Finland! ^^