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My dear readers, I don't know what's going on with me but apparently the older I get the harder it gets to draw. I notice that it takes more and more effort to draw even the simplest page with every new update.
I blame it on being tired from the tablet, hoping that getting a cinitq will ease my drawing stress a little bit. I don't know.
Anyway, here's an update :)
Jura isn't the only one fond of Herz!

The two characters in the top panel belong to Rachael!
@Guest: they're siblings :D
A new character appears!

A reminder that you can follow me on various platforms for more FTD content and news!
@Dulcifer: thank you :3c
Sorry for the late update! Next page will be uploaded next Sunday :)

Herz, the most merciful person in the comic, is finally done with Jura's bullshit.
@RachaelS: *totally flattered to have someone wearing my art as their avatar u///u*
@nobody: you're all wrong. it's a person off-screen talking to another person off-screen :,D
oh my god where is the next update!!!!
@nobody: yeah, Travis is hardcore.
Man, it took me so long to color this boring page :D
Oh! That was very angel-y of Sandalphon! Every normal person would just think Simon's an ass and call it a day :D
Added Shakti's tattoos on previous page and this one. Totally forgot she had those! She's the girl from Vanilla's band btw if you guys forgot check it out. Don't be hatin on her.
Barely managing to update Sundays! ARGH!!!

FTD inspired nailart by cosmosnek right here!
@Jerria: hiii! So glad you enjoyed the comic <3
I thought it was the mom from Kill la Kill first :,D
@MagpieMortician: you do know that that's a reference to one of my fav brands Superdry? :o
@Guest: yeah! that's Nataly!
Had 1 day off in the last 14 days. Work has been extra intense lately, I hope I'll be able to keep up with Sunday updates.

A messed up sad boy by an anonymous artist (show yourself!!!) RIGHT HERE!