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@Mmmmm daddy: tell me about it...
@eh Macarena: He's not just involved, it's ALL Vanilla's fault :) These last pages should have explained it. But the second question is very nice! What is in those pills indeed? And why does Herz has to take whatever it is? Find out in the next episode of FTD!!!
The thing Hirn is talking about is infective endocarditis, if anyone by any chance knows what that is.
@Yukitoumi : i'm sorry, you've misspelled one of their names and now I'm not really sure we have the same characters in mind. Herz (the smaller one) was angry and didn't want to discuss ANYTHING with Hirn(the bigger one) because Herz(the smaller one) was angry with Hirn(the bigger one). Now Herz(the smaller one) is warming up to Hirn(the bigger one), so Herz(the smaller one) is ready to discuss anything. And Hirn(the bigger one) is just happy about having any contact with the smaller one.
@Yukitoumi: that's because I've submitted my diploma study that I've been working on :,D
@tamagochi: I literally laughed at the donkey part :,D
@InkyMadness: omggg thank you SO MUCH for buying it and supporting the comic by doing that <3 <3 <3 Yes! Canon means "that's really what happened" :)
I don't have much to say on this page, so I'll advertise my beloved self :3c
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Check this awesome Jura trade I've got from the creator of Jamie Bre! RIGHT HERE!
@MoonByte: naw this comic is cheesy but it ain't THAT cheesy :,D
Don't miss the update from 2 days ago!

The cutest sad hh by plumvomit RIGHT HERE!
@InkyMadness: Hello! This doesn't sound dumb at all! I'm not sure myself what anyone meant but they were just fluffy brothers in the old version of the comic. They were indeed canon in one of the bonus comics, which sadly costs money. You can find it in the "shop" section of the website :)
@Quadrant: the turtle thing :3c
Oh god I really dislike this page. Look at that lasagna tho mmmm~

A cute Herz bust by cpss-silly-art-blog-2RIGHT HERE
Herz in various cartoon styles by niosyahRIGHT HERE
Jura in Link's geruda outfit by rhysluvsyaRIGHT HERE
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And Nataly got her own fanart already! wow! by ashie-babe RIGHT HERE
@anon: ooops! forgot smackjeeves removed the prev-next widget on the pages itself. Fixed! Now the buttons are hard to miss :)
@YukitoUmi : Dunno! Maybe! In the future!
@Azuriha: I think your English is great :) hahaha I'll try not to degrade, I promise ;) lol yes, I imagine yourself eating your pantry, chewing angrily, crying in disappointment!