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@Guest: lol tell me what it is, Im not a fan :D
Here's a little explanation/reminder about what's going on on this page!!! Click on the image to enlarge.
<img src="">

I'm almost finished with the latest bonus comic "Good Boy" so it'll appear in the shop pretty soon to quench your thirst for some more HxH.
@Alister: he's not allowed to in this comic.
@Wall_Spider: oh no ;-; i-i like comments! That's so sad :,( Yea, I'm on a JuraxHerz vibe right now too!
Yes! So glad you remember <3
Promise kept, here's another update :)
hoo boy! I don't even remember when was the last time I've uploaded a normal page. I can't believe you guys still read this comic!!! Enjoy! I'll try my best to finish the next one this week :)

I almost forgot I got this AMAZING VANILLA COSPLAY from cosmosnek!!! Check it out HERE!!!
And supposedly she wants to have those things together with Saturno. But I can't stop thinking about how it would all turn out if he chose to be a girl :D
I wanted to draw this for a long time now. FTD is very unrealistic story/character/relationship wise and seems just like a fujoshi dream sometimes.
And that was that for the Halloween Special. I hope you all enjoyed it :)
@WTF_Damn69: woa woa woa! Didn't expect anyone to recognize him! Awesoooome!
Sorry for the late update! The last page of the Halloween Special will be uploaded next week :)
I sacrificed playing Overwatch today to bring you this page today instead of Friday. Next page - tomorrow or Saturday! A small reminder that Vanilla is actually partly Hispanic.
@MoonByte: there's nothing more horrible and scary than life.
I worked super fast to bring you page 3 today and not tomorrow! But the next one is really going to come out on Friday now =-=
oh no, the next update may be on Thursday.
@Jokerjuiceifyouplease: thanksies ^^ no! He did NOT get impregnated by that monster!
A spooopy hello to all of you!

I decided to celebrate this year's Halloween with a short FTD comic. All of the pages will be done in this sketchy style BUT I will update either every- or every second day. I hope you enjoy it.

1$ patrons on FTD Patreon can already see all of the pages in B&W.