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Sorry, didn't manage ti update yesterday, thus the today's update :)
If you maybe know what ongoing anime smile I was inspired by and tried to reference in the last panel, then you're a giant stupid anime nerd.
@raephium: it's the guy Jura's been in love with from the beginning of the comic, whom he sent to the hospital during a fighting match and yes, the one he's been trying to hit on in the hospital!
Back to updating Sundays :)
@DaemonSineAnima: phew! thank god *wipes sweat from forehead* I hope you've made a bet with your friend because this is a real page! YOu should take those 20$ from him.
@tksocrazy: thank you ^^ Jura really is a mess and he doesn't know what's better for him, that's true! And Vanilla x Jura ship has been the absolute oldest ship in the history of this comic and the previous version of it. Readers really like those "opposites attract" pairings :D
@DaemonSineAnima: BUT! but I love fanart! Oh what have I done 3,:
This is a scheduled update, I'm at Dokomi. Enjoy! Peace ❤
Next page is going to be p exciting! But sadly I'm going to a convention next weekend (Dokomi in Düsseldorf) so it may take some time before I finish it. I'll try to update during the week though :)
Psst! You named both of the last pages as 'page 40'!
Pretty unfair that only the lucky ones could get to this safe place in friggin Africa!
I like it how you discriminate the readers on webtoons by completely removing the panels :D serves them right!
Jura is generally a very dangerous person.
@artimmiss: super cool that you know what I'm trying to explain here :D
I have 0 knowledge of anything ice-skating related, I didn't even watch the gays on ice anime but I figured that gays on ice are popular!
Remember when FTD readers made a FTD cosplay on ice? well it was for this reason :D
@Maris: so glad to hear ^^ i bet it's super easy to forget everything that was happening in the past though because of the rare updates :(
Herz is my favorite depressed goth.
Not a very exciting page but hey, I uploaded it on Sunday :))) Next update - next Sunday!
I will upload all of the images unedited to my tumblr soon, in case you wanted to see them clearer.

Ok, I will try to update Sundays from now on. I don't want to announce scheduled updates just yet, before trying it out.

Another Vanilla with her beautiful self by Sedeie RIGHT HERE!
@Eyrist: weather he washed his hands on popular demand or not will forever remain a mystery.
@sousisay: thank you for the kind words, it means a lot :)
@arswiss: I've cut a little bit off from the previous page! A longer version was uploaded to Patreon but it was scrapped.
Done with Part II!