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Comment on I page 83 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 24 Jul 2015 03:03 pm
A reminder that theres a FTD blog and you can ask the boys anything and even receive photo-replies: FRIENDSDEATH@TUMBLR


@arswiss: really glad I could be of assistance ^^ yes, i remember you had the same problem, this is incredibly annoying...

@Bloomer: aesthetics

@queensilian: :,DDD

@InkyMadness: reuploaded page 3 as well! Im so glad the pages are visible now :))) thank you for the help!!!! I didnt add a missing page, I forgot to upload the file completely :,D that happens to me sometimes. Its not like im some celebrity not to reply to comments, man, its all natural.

@Liliye: you do know I am not german, dont you? ;D
Leider werde ich das wahrscheinlich nicht schaffen dort zu kommen. Bonn ist ganz weit von Bremen (wo ich zur Zeit wohne) entfernt und die Bahntickets sind zu teuer XU Außerdem ich habe keine Tickets für die Event selbst gekauft XD Keine Ahnung ob ich den bei Tageskasse kriegen könnte...Also, alles ist ganz kompliziert. Schade, wirklich, hätte gerne eine echte Deutsche Con erleben.
Comment on I page 82 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 19 Jul 2015 04:47 pm
woopsies, my bad!
Comment on I page 82 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 19 Jul 2015 04:29 pm
Ive made a FTD style/inspiration blog. It is dedicated to all of the characters but mostly to the main 3. You can ask any character from the comic a question via the menu on top or submit a related photo/text/drawing.



@JinxazuMarai: but thats supposed to be a serious scary mask ;,D

@arswiss: I really hope I helped you gain at least a few new readers! I think you really deserve more recognition! And pardon me for forgetting the "the" when writing the comic name

@Liliye: Im still not very sure about Animagic in Bonn though! Ill be there on Sunday only most likely :)

@rukuka: strawberry roll. too pure. UwU

@noidm: I link to all the fanart I get :,) dont be shy! Your awesome art must be shared!!!

@InkyMadness: thank you for informing me! I am in total confusion though because I can see all those pages on both computer and mobile ;( I reuploaded page 13 and page 17 did that help??? I really need somebodies help with this, telling me which pages arent shown and if they work after I reupload them @@
Comment on I page 81 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 16 Jul 2015 04:25 pm
Hi. A little ad from me. There is this comic I find really cool I want to recommend to everyone. Its a religious action-packed story about angels&demons all integrated into normal life of a few teens. Just the way I like it ;) check it out, if you can <h1>→→→AGE OF THE GRAY←←←


Three hot bros by noidm RIGHT HERE


@XxBellFrostxX: its not like its too hard to be the first commenter though on this comic :,D

@MoonByte:thank you for telling me the images are broken in the "freinds" page. Unfortunately I cant do anything about it right now.

@arswiss: lol omg sadly swen isnt as an important of a character to cosplay

@Takyume: NO oh my god I am extremely happy to hear this! Are you not tired of me and my stupid art yet?! :D thank you!!!! :***

@Merrsharr: I dont think you need any more porn in your life after reading your comments :,D

@SinisterChaos, Liliye: maybe well meet there then, at the convention :)
Comment on I page 80 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 12 Jul 2015 02:57 pm
For all the new fans out there
Dont forget you can still donate any ammount to the comic to gain access to the bonus wip porn comic, which I update from time to time.
<img src="https://40.media.tumblr.com/8972cb411e79eb03c8d62f302f0e5de3/tumblr_nre4m 36Vl01qaaix3o1_1280.png">
Comment on I page 80 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 12 Jul 2015 02:29 pm
Fast update again!
I want to explain the last panel a bit, in case anyone wonders - its gonna be shown in the animation how much of a badass fighter jura is with his super strong arms, all of the audience (who are mostly brutal criminals, since these fights are illegal) became juras number one fans UwU

Is anyone going to Animagic 2015 in Bonn this month by any chance?


@canime: good, spread the word of this stupid gay comic! I really appreciate that!!! Omg, eto, im glad i made you happy there :,)

@0cupcakes12: i cant believe you have that old boy lessons christmas drawing as your icon :,D

@PrincessPsychedelia: just as it was planned, bless indeed.
Comment on page 24 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 11 Jul 2015 04:51 am
@dreamingsketcher: all pages should be woking now, thanks for letting me know :)
Comment on I page 79 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 09 Jul 2015 04:02 pm
im so lazy 2 draw backgrounds im so sorry
Hey hey hey! I was so happy to receive all the nice comments on the last page I updated relatively fast :) My working schedule leaves time for comic making so all is well at the moment. Sorry for not putting any new bonus pages up, I will get right on that after I finish a few of normal pages.


@queensilian: i found that kinda hot u///u

@Nobuna: well, swen WILL be sacrificed for herz right now, on this ring but in a way you sacrifice everything for friendship u-u

@XxBellFrostxX: i am honored to have taken your smackjeeves comment virginity with my comic ;)

@natzan: thank you ^^ really glad to hear that!

@MegaAnimeFreak7:I know nothing u-u

@rukuka: oooo i thought the comic was too boring for a reread, glad to hear ^^

@Theaterlover124: swen is a nuisance for everyone atm, tru
Comment on I page 78 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 06 Jul 2015 03:55 pm
YEAH AGAIN HI sayin this just in case - yes, there is a tiny part of the story missing, this page comes out of nowhere just like that. This is all because everything is to be told in the animation, which will be completed in fall. ye.
Comment on I page 78 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 06 Jul 2015 03:48 pm
HERE I AM, FINALLY BACK, THROWING IN THE DRAMA RIGHT AWAY, HELLO! Ive finally settled down but I still need some time to get back into the drawing groove (havent done that in 2 months per se) so pardon my possibly sloppy artwork. I will try keeping the updates coming fast but alas Im gonna be working starting tomorrow here in Germany, dunno how my working hours will turn out to be. Well see.


A HOT NSFW HerzxJura by Vigesimate RIGHT HERE!

A compilation of sketches with bird moms, fem!FTD and Jura by eto-tan RIGHT HERE!

CUTEST PONY FTD by cant-touch-thishotstuff RIGHT HERE! AND HERE!

Nervous full monster suit baby by scotchtapeofficial RIGHT HERE!

Loveliest "so happy to see you" Jura bust by strobotic RIGHT HERE!

And last but not least, 16371370 cheering me up with daddy-medicine RIGHT HERE!

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