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@Fax: not that he's going to be phased in any way, they've seen each other naked dozens of time already :)
@Let gasp: exhibitionists till death
I managed to dish out a page in time for the Sunday update!!! Will I succeed again next week?! Stay tuned!
I enjoyed drawing this page a whole lot. Herz melted his clothes off btw, he does that.
@Ana H Bois: thanks! although he looks more dumb to me, rather than confused :,)
Sorry for the late update! Got back from amazing holidays! Idk if I'll be able to update next Sunday, I'll try my best :(

Meanwhile check out the FANART
Really cute FTD character collection by starfazers HERE
And I discovered this AMAZING fic wip, which is sadly only in Russian, check it out RIGHT HERE
@Guest: ah man, I forgot about April Fools :( and when I remembered I was on holidays without a laptop to draw something on :(((
@Kite.Hack: I hope you enjoyed...yourself! :)
Hello! This is a scheduled update as Milky, yours truly, is on her way to Austrian Alps.
Two deity patron cameos on this page - Jesseca's OC and Rita Brady herself!
Jura is inviting Herz to that party Swen specifically said not to invite him to :)
There's a cameo in this page, which you've already see in the comic! The demon lady belongs to the top supporter Fynx-mirideon.

Super cute boy heads by luri which you can see HERE!
@Charley50: thanks?! I can't draw animals at all to tell the truth!
@Dev Kat: no, it isn't :,D
While Travis is hungry these two other nutjobs are back at their usual dynamical interaction.
@ZombieShadow13: wow thanks! you've been reading my work for a mighty long time then!!! What a compliment :) thank you for sticking with me!
@RachaelS: omg! glad to hear! i was somehow afraid you didnt notice him :,)
a YEAR break?! Do you mean an annual break or a break for a whole year?!
And we're back to this lovable oaf, Travis!
Look at the fancy flare effect I've added in photoshop!
There are two cameos here, who belong to Deity Tier supporters on Patreon - Rachael and CoolGuy :)
@Fax: it is! Those pills are thought to be Herzes antidperessants :)
Please don't be confused by the pussy! Explanation in the next page!
Still working hard on TRYING to update 2 times a week but it's hard :3(
@Ighon: no, that's just a random collection of monster Hirn has for the experiments and the ingredients :)
Almost forgot to update! Wonder what Hirn needs all that stuff for :,)