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I still can't comprehend how they had to fly all the way to Africa to save their relative!!! Like this feels so weird because this is a supernatural comic but yet they did such a normal humanly thing, I feel this so much on my own level!!!
Should I let Herz have this hair permanently by popular demand? :D

I got cute winter boyfriends by cabeese RIGHT HERE!
@LuminalAvian: well they are brothers after all :)
@WingFreak: you can spell it both ways :)
@Gingerdesu: because they can
Herz: *jura you piece of shit friend you small lying overpowered bafoon*
this looks SO COOOOOOL!!!!!
@Guest: jura is actually lying though :O
FTD is now being uploaded from the beginning on WebToons as well. It's going to be a while until I reach current pages but maybe uploading there will help gain some new readers :)

Got AMAZING art from caraah! Vanerz at it's fines HERE! you can also check her cool comic out < href="">HERE!
@WingFreak: yeah man, good times :)
@Shamormo: he bought that car for 800$ and never bothered paying for the insurance, he just couldn't afford it.
@MoxMox: I don't know in which way you wanted this comment to sound but i laughed so hard right now, oh MAN X,,,D
Herz is telling that to Jura, not to the monster. You'll see in the next page :)
Someone on 4chan commented very precisely about these pages: "The end of evangelion intensifies".
that's some kick-ass perspective on the last panel, Roberta!!!
I can't believe you guys thought this soft space alien boy would do something as close as kicking someone's ass! 😢 He was just absorbing the whole dark energy of the situation. It's the space monster crystal that took care of everyone.

I wish every catholic out there to have a safe Xmas! I didn't manage to draw anything for the occasion, maybe I'll do that before the New Year. I don't have a lot of ideas for the drawing either...
@Wall_Spider: 8D that's terrifying!
@Guest: me too, Guest, me too
@Sobereign: lmao I've found the blindfold to be really comedic :,D
Got his cutest Jura bust fanart! Which is a redraw of a last year's fanart :) by lionheadrabbit115 HERE!
And the Russians drew my gentle boy too HERE!