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@Quadrant: I can always count on satisfying comments from Quadrant :3
FTD is back to updating on Sundays because I'm back to working u-u

More contest entries!
Two entries from askseleneandfriends HERE and HERE!
And a Vanilla from udachinadache which you can see HERE!
oops! Guess who forgot to update yesterday? :)

I hope you guys didn't miss the ART CONTEST!

We already have two entries by lol1lol, which you can see HERE and HERE!
@Excited Bean: can't wait for your submission ^^
@Guest: ok, I changed the info, no more confusion for the americans with their silly date formats.
It's a non-usa date format! The deadline is 9th of JANUARY!
Good luck, my dear friends!!!

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Save your good art energy in the upcoming days, readers, because a big FTD art contest is about to be announced for a chance to win all 4 bonus comics!

Another great piece of art from Juse! It's Jura with his female counterpart from the Halloween comic Julia! See it RIGHT HERE!
@notall2gether: Herz can't even kill a fly without crying about it the whole day, what are you saying?
@Hatter09: he actually explains it himself in this page :) but he does have a newer phone and sunlily explained why in the comment below
@WingFreak: Jura is an emoji shitlord and that's canon ;)
WOAH!!!! They are SO FLUFFY!!!
@Alister: cool! that's where that canal, connecting the oceans is, right? :) and where you make the hats?! I hope it'll get better soon! Do you have electricity though?!
I hope you can read the text in Jura's message.

Finished bonus comic
<img src="">
You can now purchase a digital copy of "Bitter Flavor" from the FTD shop! If you ever wanted a little bit more backstory of this asshole, this is the right thing for you :)
@Alister: oh my god! Where are you from?!
@Guest: pardon me! they would never buy, they'd adopt! Jura brought this cat from Russia with him, it has been in the comic since the first pages :)
Jura has mentioned this already in the old pages but when he's not around Herz overfeeds his cat and eats ramen noodles only.
Hey hey, I updated as promised *quick dab* next update on Sunday!
ok, not only does one of the main characters live in a house like mine but he also has a sister with the same name as me. I'm intrigued where this goes :)
You guys can expect 2 updates per week starting next week for some time, since I'm going on a vacation, during which expect to draw lots of pages :)

Herz dresses up p weirdly sometimes, doesn't he?
November 18th, 2018
I didn't expect that :D I almost forgot about these two cameoing in your comic! What a nice surprise :)