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I have 0 knowledge of anything ice-skating related, I didn't even watch the gays on ice anime but I figured that gays on ice are popular!
Remember when FTD readers made a FTD cosplay on ice? well it was for this reason :D
@Maris: so glad to hear ^^ i bet it's super easy to forget everything that was happening in the past though because of the rare updates :(
Herz is my favorite depressed goth.
Not a very exciting page but hey, I uploaded it on Sunday :))) Next update - next Sunday!
I will upload all of the images unedited to my tumblr soon, in case you wanted to see them clearer.

Ok, I will try to update Sundays from now on. I don't want to announce scheduled updates just yet, before trying it out.

Another Vanilla with her beautiful self by Sedeie RIGHT HERE!
@Eyrist: weather he washed his hands on popular demand or not will forever remain a mystery.
@sousisay: thank you for the kind words, it means a lot :)
@arswiss: I've cut a little bit off from the previous page! A longer version was uploaded to Patreon but it was scrapped.
Done with Part II!
Hey guys! Back to Japan, ready to post new pages :)
This page isn't an April Fool's page obviously :D Sorry I didn't draw anything, I just really wanted to upload normally already!
We have 1 more page left and we're done with Part II btw!

A gorgeous Vanilla by Sedgeie RIGHT HERE!
@PinkNebula: yes...i even made a very dramatic twitter post about these pages
@Sedge-butt: what were you up to this whole time? :)
@Sedge-butt: I was wondering where you went :)
The last page wasn't a joke page!!!
I am leaving you for 2 weeks because I'm flying to Japan on Sunday.
Sayonara you weaboos.

When I get back I'll try to introduce you to scheduled updates. Something this comic really needs.
@Eyrist: webcomic theories is what keeps me going, because that's how I know people pay attention to the comic❤️
YOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Really excited to see their reunion in the next page!!! But now I'm wondering (or maybe I forgot something) what was the point of Simon and mom coming here then? If Andrea could teleport back alive???
I wanted to wait a little longer before the last update don't miss yesterday's update btw! but what the heck! I torture you guys with slow updates anyway.
Happy late Valentine's day ❤ I love you all
My lovely patrons know exactly what's gonna happen next! Is it GOOD or is it BAD?
Stay tuned to find out! *rolls into abyss*

OH! Btw if you never saw page 31 because it was a flash animation about how Herz disposes of the hearts, I've broken it down into frames RIGHT HERE!
Am I the only one who feels bad for the poor monster? 😢

I received amazing brotherly fanart of all of the three Wolfram brothers from caraah! Please check it out RIGHT HERE!
And a handsome Lunge in his monster attire by cosmosnek RIGHT HERE!
@ZSoj: I am so honestly sorry about this >>" that's why there are so many paywall bonus comics I drew :,D
Jura was exceptionally eco-unfriendly in this page, how come I didn't realize that sooner?!