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@ModeTheToad: thanks! me too tbh :D

please have this page until I figure out what's wrong with me.

thank you.
Hello! This is the same page from the last update BUT LONGER!
I didn't have time to write the script for the story yet and I still don't have it written down beyond this point :,) Idk if I'll make it to the next Sunday update! We'll see!
Thank you for being patient with me!

Awesome moody Jura and Herz drawing, showing their recent dynamic very well! SEE HERE!
@Fax: she doesn't!
@Guest: Hirn knocked her out with his monstermagicâ„¢
wow so much background coloring going on on the last 2 panels you can barely see the characters :D Pardon!
@Dulcifer: he does that during sex too
@Shae: yes
I missed last weeks updates so I could get back on track! My endless apologies!
Here's everyone's favorite boy :)
Sorry for the late update! I don't know if I'll finish the next page in time for Sunday but I'll try :,(
I can't draw action scenes, I confess, although you're probably knew that. Really REALLY struggled to finish this page in time!!! It's getting harder and harder for me to balance my art life with work! With this frustration fueling me I'm searching for cheapest Ipad Pro options so I could art on the go with a portable tablet...

In other news, do you think it's Jesus Christ who's helping Herz?
@Alister: I actually thought about it for a bit. Stage 4 of hemorrhagic shock, when a person becomes lethargic, starts at a blood loss greater than 40% of circulating volume, which would be about 2L. It does looks like he lost about that amount in the page. The question is, if the arm bleeds realistically. Idk about that :O
@Quadrant: yeah because I scheduled this page to update before uploading the last one :,) was away for holidays!
@sstogner1: he can't! that's the dramatic part about it :,(
@DaemonSineAnima: yes, his monster costume is inferior to Herzes, he can't cover everything with it so he decided to cover it like that :)
@Tenshi: that's not a tongue :)
@Mscraycraychick: no. that's an ugly piss baby grape.
@sstogner1: oh, it's morphed into his skin :)
@Brasstail: where?!