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I can't draw action scenes, I confess, although you're probably knew that. Really REALLY struggled to finish this page in time!!! It's getting harder and harder for me to balance my art life with work! With this frustration fueling me I'm searching for cheapest Ipad Pro options so I could art on the go with a portable tablet...

In other news, do you think it's Jesus Christ who's helping Herz?
@Alister: I actually thought about it for a bit. Stage 4 of hemorrhagic shock, when a person becomes lethargic, starts at a blood loss greater than 40% of circulating volume, which would be about 2L. It does looks like he lost about that amount in the page. The question is, if the arm bleeds realistically. Idk about that :O
@Quadrant: yeah because I scheduled this page to update before uploading the last one :,) was away for holidays!
@sstogner1: he can't! that's the dramatic part about it :,(
@DaemonSineAnima: yes, his monster costume is inferior to Herzes, he can't cover everything with it so he decided to cover it like that :)
@Tenshi: that's not a tongue :)
@Mscraycraychick: no. that's an ugly piss baby grape.
@sstogner1: oh, it's morphed into his skin :)
@Brasstail: where?!
Some time ago someone random said I glorify vore in my comic. That sounded absolutely preposterous to me back then but I've really been noticing some vore-like tendencies in my art. I don't like vore but don't I really?
Also Jura's obviously italian suddenly, look at the hand gestures he's making on the last panel, mama mia.
everyone wants a piece of that booty :)
@CuteMissyCat: whaaa!!! thank you for this incredibly kind and encouraging comment! It makes me want to work harder >:)
Are you guys on TEAM KITTY or TEAM JUNKIES?
@Soxry: i had to to google that! And I don't find the drugs to be THAT bad tbh :)
@Fax: this is going in a bad direction, obviously :) OMG THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! You've supported me a WHOLE TONE by buying my work! I really hope you enjoyed the comic!!! It was embarrassing drawing it >///>
@Quadrant: what?? really??? I'm not even a fan of dogs idk anything about them :(
Brooke made a correct comment, they are trying to eat the precious thing alive u_u

An AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS HH fanart from dreamoftheweekend RIGHT HERE!
Hey! Uploaded a video about how I make my pages, if someone's interested :)
You can watch it here, on Youtube.

I made this page in the last second today, just in time for the upload. I've been working on the weekends for 3 weeks now, I'm so tired.
Another beautiful piece of the 3 brothers by dreamoftheweekend HERE!