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Comment on I page 66 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 26 Feb 2015 12:23 pm
So much text....
Because you guys are totally kawaii I decided to update quickly one more time! Your comments give me strength. Don't miss the previous Tuesday update! I am so pathetic trying to fit important dialogues into like 2 pages and making the least important fight scenes last like 10 pages...*sigh*

@Liliye: lol omg, that would really be super comfortable! I want to have that too, I hate dressing up in the mornings! That's why I sometimes keep my clothes on the radiator so that they'd be warm in the morning 8D

@MoonByte: That's what I'm here for UuU I can imagine those notes containing a million "u suck" messages.

@rye_: I love the term "special snowflake". I use it everywhere I can!

@Anonym: He's an asshole...with hirn?! Hirn is an asshole too???

@Quadrant: He doesn't really have a choice there :D

@Schwee31038: thank you for your comments :,DD they totally made my day!
Comment on I page 65 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 24 Feb 2015 07:32 am
Am I updating too often? I want to have this event-less part finished quick.

@MoonByte: I'll make it for you then - CUM! CUM ALL OVER HIS BODY 8OOOO

@CuteMissyCat: thank you :**

@xen: I wish it was an anime too XD someone give me 1 million $ to order it in Japan, quick!

@vcrocky:hello! Thank you :) Yes you can! FTD and BL are both independent stories but with same characters.
Comment on I page 64 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 22 Feb 2015 01:16 pm
@vcrocky: hello! Thank you :) Yes you can! FTD and BL are both independent stories but with same characters.
Comment on I page 64 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 21 Feb 2015 11:41 am
This, by far, must be the weirdest page in the entire comic! YET!

@CattyD: It was the monsters heart :) Herz must take out every monsters heart out and send in back where it came from! Maybe you've missed the flash page in which it was portrayed :) animated Intro Page 31

@roka: I was hoping for Hirn too ;; I really want to put him in this comic as soon as I can ><

@xX-Ghost-Xx: Yeah but knowing Lunge this isn't the most pleasant rescue ever either :D

@Quadrant: :D too many hearts!
Comment on I page 63 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 17 Feb 2015 10:54 am
@Latnii: I'm as disappointed as you are on this one *sigh*
Comment on I page 63 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 17 Feb 2015 09:36 am
Next pages are gonna have quite some text, that's what you get after textless action pages, gomen u.u
+++Don't forget to follow FTD on Twitter+++

@MoonByte: aw, that was a good idea actually :((( too bad they're related, so he really doesn't care.

@Ighon: well, I've had him being introduced in this comic already in mind :)
Comment on I page 62 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 14 Feb 2015 06:08 am
Relatively new character on the next page :O Sorry I didn't draw anything for the valentine's again this year :/ I had no idea what to draw.

@PeachCoke: well, yeah :D how else would I write it?

@BrokenWingsX: oooO! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it ^^ So making a bizarre banner was a good idea after all >:)

@takeAguess: it's ok, it's a good exprerinece for him, actually :3 and you totally don't have to save him! Someone did it already ;)
Comment on I page 61 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 07 Feb 2015 09:14 am
He died! The end! Comic is over LOL
I'd rather have written the whole text in German but like I'd want everyone to get the idea here :D
Oh! And I completely forgot valentine's day is coming! Anyone has any wishes/suggestions on what filler they would like to see? :3

So embarrassing of me, I forgot to post fanart from Anna I received a week ago! I AM SO SORRY!!!
Mutilated Herz and some Jura as well as JuraxVanilla HERE!

@PureSnowBird: because I am evil uwu

@Canta: I had an inner battle weather I should put the rain in or not!!! The rain technically wasn't over but the previous page had small panels that fitted a lot of details in them, the rain effect would make everything harder to see! But I also thought nobody notices the rain anyway BUT HERE YOU ARE NOTICING IT I CAN NOT FOOL ANYONE, CAN I?

@Alybee271@gmail.com: yeeeee I have to admit I like it too, torturing my ocs to death literally 8} someone has to come to the rescue, of course!

@InkySkies: thank you ^^ I am so glad I've managed to achieve the right mood! This is so important for me 8O

@arswiss: Thanks! ^^ and 8OOO what a compliment!!!!!

@kymyit: Thank you!!! I thought it was pretty obvious that his dying was caused by the hit in his heart O: but it'll be explained a lil bit more in the upcoming pages :3
Comment on I page 60 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 03 Feb 2015 10:16 am
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Comment on I page 59 of Friends till Death
*milk+assassin*, 31 Jan 2015 11:56 am
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Million thanks to those who has already bought the keychains! You guys are are a great help <3 There are still a few left! Click on the image for more info!
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@vicy: you mean the winter holiday one? :D welp, christmas and the new year are over! Thank you :)

@Wolfina: thank you :)

@Kkessu: glad to hear that! thank you very much :*

@annastern: you are too kind, as always! Thank you u*u

@Ighon: yeah, I like how this back came out looking too! It's really feminine though but I couldn't resist ;o;

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