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@Alister: I'd give a 6 for the adorableness of Vanilla's pouty face.
@Daemonsineanima: what makes you think that he's not? :o
@Becky: lol I doubt I'll update before you get back
Hey hey! Since the temporary site design doesn't allow me to, I'll be putting the names of my top Patrons in the author's comment.

Bailey Rae
@sstogner1: thanks! good luck to your daughter :)
@eh Macarena: thanks! good luck following your dream ;)
@Alister: that was the plan!
@Koakuma: thanks! yes, the only motivation in life.
@Quadrant: Yep. I do have the alternative but I don't have the files. Glad to hear :)
No, I'm a medical doctor :) just like Hirn but less hairy.
@AutumnWolf20: hello! Unfortunately you'll need a computer (not a tablet/phone) with Java support to view the page :( sorry for the inconvenience!
SHOCKING NEW PAGE LAYOUT!!! I apologize 100 times, the website, hosting my website buttons, doesn't show them anymore and I had the buttons saved on my other computer. That other computer will arrive to me in 2 months, so we'll have to do with what we have for 2 months. I really hope you'll enjoy the upcoming updates nevertheless :)

Btw, dunno if you've heard. FTD is now officially drawn by a real-life doctor! I'm scared of the thought of doctors drawing cheesy teenage love stories with obviously illegal perverted topics and disgraceful fetishes too!!! You may never know!
@ladugard: woah woah woah! Thank you SO MUCH for telling me about this!!! Without your comment I wouldn't even know about this :,( the pages are fixed now!
Exactly! Hold that thought and wait for the next page ;)
So happy you like ♡♥♡♥
omg I just realized it looks like Jura's the one saying the text on that last panel but it's Vanilla's lines!
Back to these dorks.
The read-head cutie belongs to the Deity Patron Ray u*u (https://sly-silver859.tumblr.com/)
@Noiz Bunny Cube: yeah :,D they would ALL look to similar if Herz had his hair down :)
omg YES I relate so much. Cats are natural born trollers.
Thank you Genericguest for all the comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the comic enough to leave a few nice remarks ❤❤❤
@Guest: OMG!! So sorry for the mixup >>"