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Hiya! I’m RubyDaAwesomeDragon, or Ruby. I love drawing dragons and cannot do humans -.-
My hobbies are: drawing, playing Minecraft, playing other video games, and eating my mom’s super yummy food.
I am usually doing schoolwork, but I try to get it done asap.


I am currently working on a comic with dinosaurs in it, but haven’t got around to writing yet. Lazy me!


Enjoy all of my good and bad art!
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His Face
Looks so hilarious!
In the refrence(the LT cover) his face looked so grumpy, so I did this.
OMG! I just noticed that the picture is crooked! Uggg -.-
Art Requests Are Open!
I don’t know what to draw, so make me draw something! Just comment below, and I may draw it!

Want to see a triceratops dancin* on a cactus? I can manage.
Want to see a beetle lift a house? Sure!
Want to see a rhino with butterfly wings? Uh...ok?

2. No inappropriate things (WHY would you even do that, I have no idea)
3. Please go easy on me! Don’t ask me do a real-ish cat!
4. Please no Pokémon, because I have no idea-ish what it is and I’m too lazy to go and look it up.
5. Uh... please don’t spam me with 100 million things to draw!

1st Post Of 2018!
This is what happens when I get bored. Really bored.
Don’t worry, it’s supposed to be really tiny, it’s 20 pixels by 20 pixels XD
<——— good characters bad characters————->
I’m still alive!
Sorry I haven’t been active very lately. I have been very busy with schoolwork. I know, YES I DO DO WORK ON BREAKS!
This Is a background I drew for my laptop. It’s from the game called Dragon’s Blade: Heroes of Larkwood.
Oh yeah, FEAR ME BEACUSE I HAVE LEARNED THAT RED LINES MEAN ANGRY! I was pretty exited when I learned that XD
Pardon the armor, I can’t really draw it too good.
XD I love Ruby’s face in this. That is exactly what she looked like in rp.
Happy Holidays!
And merry Christmas, to all who celebrate it!
Consider this a small present from me to you 4 people who read my stuff XD
It includes 5 characters the are to come in future comics I’m developing, and hope to draw soon. And the human is (You guessed it) Dr. Hairless. XD
To meeeeeeeeeee~ !
Even if it’s not my official birthday, it’s close enough XD
This is my Dog! Or family pet more like. He does have a name, but I’m not posting it for safety reasons.
HE IS THE CUTEST PIE EVER. It’s really funny, because his face is everywhere, even on his kibble. He is also a fatty patty. XD
And that’s only one of her “special powers”.... I think I’ll reveal the rest later, when I feel like it. >:)
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Ruby can change her scale color at will, to any color
Well,well,well, what do we have here?
Be happy that I at least spared your scarf.. for now, wafflepire
OMG XD I almost peed, it was so funny!
Their eyes are HALARIOUS
Why does my head have a circle on it? I do not want to be known as a ring-head....
My angry expression is amazing!
Oh, it’s perfect
This is one of my friend’s OCs, in my mind’s eye.
His name is Thunder, and he is a baby lizard-dragon, which (I guess?) don’t have wings
I expect WiFi to find this within 30 of being posted.
This is a scene from Me and Fluor’s role-playing.
What happened was Ruby got mad at Felix, so she is trying to catch him to get revenge,by burning his precious bow tie.(mind you, she’s already bunt another of his and didn’t even notice)
Ruby thinks that, since he is liquid, like water, a cup will keep him contained. Oh, Ruby......
Felix is very smart, and is currently sinking/escaping through the floorboards.