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Just an average guy loving gay romances
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September 9th, 2019
The shoes are just...

February 25th, 2019
Nuuuu dont do something you could regret later
February 22nd, 2019
@Guest: Toggy's been referred as "they/them", up to now, so they're probably neither.
February 21st, 2019
Yesssssssssss this is beautifullll
Omg I love everything about this
August 23rd, 2018
This is so funny, random and cute lol.
I love it.
Darned I'm loving this comic omg
Art looks nice. Can't wait to see more.
He is totes gonna see the violent marks on his back.
July 16th, 2018
@YaoiGirl09: On tapas for sure! Here's the link.
OH SHIT This is getting SPICY
@woolysox123: I have absolutely nothing against religions myself- everyone is allowed to believe what they want and I don't even care. If someone wants to believe that in 2080 zombies are gonna come back to life, I won't believe them, but I won't care or try to meddle with it. It's your own thing, you do you.

What I am mentioning is not about practice, interpretations or anything of the sorts. This is not about 'your' god or 'the one mentioned here', it's religion's essence in believing in an omnipotent God with... magical powers? I am an ex-religious, and I left when my logic outran my faith. I have studied it for years and I still find no reasonable explanation as to why I should believe any of them. Lots of religions have paradoxes, illogical bearing, misinterpretations and other things that make them unperfect to my eyes. The interdiction of homosexuality is one of the biggest thing I've studied in my time and the most illogical thing I've ever seen. And that's not the only thing there's been that bothered me, and I've developed a lot of arguments to show why I will not believe in any god.

Most of my researches concluded to one point- a God coming from any of these books can only be sadistic. This is why I prefer to simply believe there are none.

But that's my own point, and you don't need to let it affect you. I have nothing against religions, as I said, and even less against believers. My only problem comes within people acting with violence in the name of religion- only time I get truly triggered. Other than that, I love everyone else <3
Holy fucking shit. This one little guy summed up PERFECTLY what I think of religions.
Women's Robes... 50% off.

The same one Lokhtarr is wearing. Lmfao
69 hahahhahaahaa (we're so mature)
@Heathcliff791: That sounds wise.

Not to mention you have pretty great art.
I like that despite similar panels, you didn't just copypaste faces.
God I love this Link.