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I'm currently in college and majoring in English. I'm a writer and hopefully a soon-to-be author. I write and publish most of my work on I wish I could create a webcomic, but alas I am not super artistic. Maybe one day I can help co-create one? I love to read and have a ton of favorite books. I'm a huge fan of manga and graphic novels as well as epic fantasy series.
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You'll Do Great!
No worries! I hope you find passion and enjoyment wherever things take you next! Best of luck! ;)
Get her, Darkrai!
Hilarious... Poor Darkrai...*smirk*
Honestly, I'd probably do the same thing.
Not surprised
Called it! I KNEW Victini was gonna pop up again!
I'm still very suspicious of this whole thing...
How much yall wanna bet it's Victini? Remeber. she can shape-shift.
Dang... Toby is seriously a badass! I would not want to get on his bad side!

Oh hey, Toby, guess what? You're an uncle! (Just NOW realizing this.)
This... is going to be interesting.... XD
Woah. I saw it coming... but the shock factor is still there. Awesome!
Woah! This is beautiful!
Gengar that is a very wise decision...
@H0lyhandgrenade: Thank you. Sorry for the flip out.Love this story so far, btw.
*Double takes*

Err... did I miss something...? What!?

I am a tad confused... but who cares? This is still exciting!
Seeing Double
Way to go, Darkrai! Also, is it just me or does Darkrai look like he may be about to cry in one of those up close frames?
Anyway... this is so thrilling! I'm beyond impressed!
Get him sith dude!
Writer/Reader viewpoint
I love this latest page! Well done on raising up the ante. This is the type of intense situations that make my writer side laugh evilly and my reader side panicking into a tizzy.
Well... this is a classic boss Monster House. I'm quite curious to see how this goes down.