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this comic is both predictable with setup but fucking unknown for execution. what im trying to say is we need a clown car feeding into an execution platform. Why? fuck'd if i know. maybe they collectively pissed in izzy's cereal and only just told her.
Out loud when i read "ill get the costumes" i yelped "OH GOD" and my grandmother ran in. showed her that. and she echo'd me.
YEEEEZUSH just the bubble alone makes him feel like that guy that pops kids balloons while walking through the circus with a "we're all dust anyway" t-shirt.
that nightmares...
that banana was made to haunt birthdays not celebrate them.
@dmr11: it has been established that at most the people around him can maybe feel its presence and a vague direction of where it is.
well coulda saw that coming from a mile away >///>;;
March 19th, 2018
still cant belive how well you argued that gun's existance in a magical era story. like damn dude. even set up some upgrades and new powers you can find. seriously awesome. guess that's just the perks of developing a loose hard magic system(hard/soft as in how understood not difficulty but i guess it could also be that to...gonna end this before i regurgitate everything ive ever read)
blah potato
March 14th, 2018
fish was a nice touch. gg
i feel dread building...maybe its cause i have the sneaking suspicion someone's gonna snap at him >_>;; maybe ive read to many comics and this looks to similar a scene <_<;;
@metanight78: in it's own Ennui Go way.
God i hate quick time events >_>;;
Wump dun dum dum
@Guest: asking me not to be useless
@Guest: Note to all young kids. you are now adults. to have witnessed this and still read the comments in a sane manner has steeled your nerves. welcome to hell.
@Guest: I'd buy that for a dollar.
Lol love the straight forward smacks of logic XD
loving the eevee floof on wider shots to the sharp side views and snarls