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Im scotty! Im a young comic artist and I hope you check out all of my comics! =D
I listen to rock. My favotite bands are Tool,Lacuna Coil, and 10 Years. My favorite show is Neon Genesis Evangelion and my movies are Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club and Jacobs Ladder. And I also really love the Silent Hill game series!!
I update my Comics every Friday so stay tuned k =D

Plus Check out my Deviantart or my Websites!
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@arswiss: I'm definitely gonna be reading this all night! UGH! X33 Thank you!!
Ooh~ Any Angelology books you'd highly recommend? @w@
How exciting! Can't wait to see what's in store <3
The crayon sketch came out amazing!!! <33
@KermitsGirl: Oops! Totally gotta write that somewhere lol!
It'll update every Tuesday/Thursday! So 2 pages per week. =3
Mark your calendars for December 1st and check out the new website at

<33333 I'M SO EXCITED!!!
November 5th, 2015
The page looks great! <33
Just like the picture says, Freakshow will start updating in October, and It'll be on it's own site too!

I'll be sure to post the link to the new site when it's ready, and don't worry, the old version of the comic (this one) won't be getting deleted. It'll stay here on smackjeeves! That's all for now, thanks for your patience and support!! <33
Congrats~ <3 And the new site looks amazing! (Now I gotta make u set up a Tumblr! >=P)
Like the title says, I'm redoing Freakshow!

I was attempting to work on Volume 3 but struggling super hard to get anything done. And sadly I hit a wall like when I worked on the old version of Nigh Heaven & Hell.

I was constantly trying to fix old ideas and fix problems and also force subtext and subtlety that just wasn't there from the start.

But now I'm older and a better artist and storyteller than when I first started. I wanna redo this and I wanna make this a better comic.

I hope you join me on this new rendition. I've already worked out the new timeline. It's streamlined and it's much more different than what you've read in the past.
And that's all I'll say for the story. The rest you'll have to see for yourself!

And last, I'm planning on making this a full color comic! What you see above is just a quick test. I'm redoing it so I might as well go all out!

There's no exact date for it at the moment. But I'm gonna pitch it somewhere soon so I'll see how that goes.

Thanks for all your support and patience on this series. I won't disappoint you guys!!! TwT
Come back December 5th for an announcement for Freakshow!
Going on Hiatus until December or January
Like I said Tuesday. I'm gonna go ahead and stop showing wips and sketches (cause I totally ran out of stuff to show XD)

And take October and November to really focus on the pages. I kept saying previously I'd be doing that but with the short stories (for Yaoi con & Filthy Figments) it consumed way more of my time daily than I thought it would.

So This comic will be going on Hiatus. October I'll be working on my pitch for Sparkler Monthly, but besides that I'm free to work on other things! I'm gonna do my best to pencil a lot and get them printed for inking.

Sorry I have to do this again, but know that I'm not gonna forget about this comic. It's one of my babies! I gotta finish it no matter what! XD Think of it as me giving my baby nap time for a while.

I'll see you guys on December 5th to update you on how things are going! <3

Thanks again for your love and patience.
This friday will be my last update for WIP and Sketches. I'm gonna take October/November to really focus on these pgs.

I've been busy with that short story, my pitch for Sparkler, and Yaoi Con. But now that the con is over and I'm halfway done with my short story. My schedule is open!

I'll aim for December but if I don't have enough I'll bump it to January for new pgs!

Thanks for all your patience. It's been a hectic couple of months XD
Yaoi Con is over but I'm still in San Francisco enjoying the city and hanging out with friends.

I'll be back on Wednesday and will have a lot to talk about on Fridays update! <3
Poor Christophe lol!

And I'm at Yaoi Con right now! I'll be at table 50 in the Artist Alley! See ya there!
In case you missed it on tumblr, I can finally talk about the project I've been working on!

I've got a short story up on Filthy Figments!

Learn more about my story from here: newest-artist-tonight

Or Here:

Reblog and spread the word! <3 If it gets enough support, you never know! It may end up being a longer series! @w@


OH! And I'll be in San Francisco for Yaoi Con this weekened! See ya there! <3
Not much to update on. But I'll have more to talk about next time X3
I managed to get some pages penciled out! @A@
Gonna take the next day or two to relax a bit and work on some Volume 3 pages! <3 I can't wait!
Here's a loose sketch of Christophe (around his late teens!)

I'm ahead of schedule on that short story. So I'm gonna use the rest of this month to work on Freakshow Vol.3 And the last of NHH Vol.2! X0 I'm determined to get some stuff done!