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i go by the name baryltdf, just call me baryl.

I make custom sprite work of anything i like! check my other works at my deviantArt page

send me a pm if you want to talk or if you need anything! i'll do my best to help.
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I'm sorry for this unannounced hiatus, it's been a busy month but at least I made a lot of money.
or Radon if you want, you weeabo.
giant man giant man
does whatever a giant can
done with one hand
hope there's a S2
test start,test page uploaded,test over.
Wily is small time compared to Anetta.
Doc Light was so good at pointing at things that Scilab made a statue.
Dusk used Fly to move to another city then used it again to come back to the DenDome to surprise Raika. He's a ninja so he's just that fast.
Edge of Tripp-verse!
doesn't it need a glass dome or Wily can breathe underwater?
the chest is waay too small. make it bigger, adjust the star piece and the left arm so it doesn't cover his leg. I think you wanted to make him look hunched over and that's pretty good work but the rest of the body doesn't match the legs. darn good Star Man btw.
well aren't you all being salty.
November 17th, 2014
the answer to Coco's shirt is boobs.
something that never happened
These are sprites I made for an old game project in Sprites INC.

The new banner made by Alienoid stays, if you wanted to know that.
New Banner
Testing Alienoid's banner. we'll know if it stays by the end of the day.
Use IceStage or SeaSeed.
is it time... for the final exam?
@Super Video Game Man: add a black outline to the Mega Man text and we'll use it.