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@MouseWithADinosaurTail: Okay. I knew that was the problem here, I'll be more careful. Sorry.
What a Mysterious Figure (Sorry Terra).
Hello there, Kai. Good to finally see you.
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: I know, I was just messin'! >:) I do really like the comic, and of course the author, and wouldn't want to rush her. But I couldn't miss the opportunity to just poke a little fun at the lady Lu~. ;)
It really is hard to believe, especially with the point we're at in the story. A full year and we haven't finished chapter one...?
Did you watch Toy Story 4, by chance? No reason.
@DreamHorrendous: No, that was someone else. You can tell because the arm is yellow and not orange.
@SentryBeat: Some message about comic updates, and a shoutout. That's basically the gist of it. Not to undermine this Bill or anything, kudos to you, sir, but the story part is what I was mostly interested in.
@SentryBeat: I think I know what most of the
story-important part says;

-- one becomes guardian of shadows, they must be sure to have an invaluable friend by their side. Their presence will yield unbelievable power. If not, despair will overwhelm them.

The power of fill-in-the-blanks.
@Lady Lu-san: I don't really keep up with the anime or movies.
@CrypticNmad: Oh yeah, Rade's eyes in his Mew form match the relic symbol.

EDIT: Just saw it in panel 4. Can't believe I missed it.
@Weaselcheez: Marshtomps have only one spike on each of their cheeks and an orange belly. This Mudkip has three spikes on each of his cheeks and a white belly. Furthermore, Marshtomp has two tails and a darker-blue head fin. The only way the bully resembles a Marshtomp is the fact that he's bipedal.
Noticed a typo in panel 1. "Eletric" should be "electric".
@Lady Lu-san: The only mystery dungeon I've played is SMD.
I just love the look on his face as Flavia rushes in, just "Oh dear Arceus I have made a mistake"