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@POKEMON160: She just got one. Maybe you're saying she needs another?
@Gamegod018: Oh, I see. I had probably considered that, but it's been too long for me to remember. Also I never watched LotR but I know some of the references, mostly due to the fact that one does not simply walk into Mordor.
Somehow, Shelly, I think Peako would be very NOT happy if ANYONE did that.
Tony (that was the Riolu's name right?): Understandable have a nice day
@NeonUmbreon: They are beautiful solely because of how terribly bad they are. This is what puns were made for. Also ngl this is legit making me like Darkrai.
Thora best watch his mouth. I can think of three legends who wouldn't want him saying that and aren't nearly as forgiving as Moltres. One's dead tho.
Now that's what I call crowd surfing, twins. :D
Oh no, Reggie... It's not THEM you'll need to look out for...
@Angrybord: No, I think the claws are too dissimilar to be Kyurem. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm basically playing catch-up with the comic at this point, I joined pretty late in.
@SentryBeat: Jake? Presumably, yes. And presumably, that's why he came there. Suicune, I guess not, or else he probably would've done so by now.
@Gamegod018: we turned our backs for two seconds and a shenanigan happened