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@PenelopeTheDragon Only took you a month and me telling you.
@PenelopeTheDragon Darkrai. Rage. Darkrai's hyper mode bursts will be more violent and easy to trigger than ever. Darkraige.
It logged me out, sorry.
@PenelopeTheDragon, I think you mean Darkraige.
I love how Darkrai's just like, "I'm helpful too, guys," in panel 4.
@Black Spiderman You see it in the 2nd panel.
Really, what's going to happen is all this build up annnnnd... DREAM SEQUENCE FROM DARKRAI!!!
@That One Guy, and @spudwalt, if you played coliseum, it would be hyper mode. Sadly, that's pretty much exactly what this is.
@CyberNinetails, I dunno, I PERSONAlly think "Time to Make History" would be more fitting.
Darkrai's emotions rose to a fever-pitch!
It entered hyper mode!
@Gen, I think that's actually ya boi Guzma.
Oh, yeah, that little problem...
The numbers not matching up makes my OCD go nutso whenever I see it.
Omigosh, the best joke for panel 7...
Looks hot too, right Jen?
@Guest, the best part about your comment is, taunt is a dark-type move. So, if it were to deal damage, it really would be super effective.
N's face in that last panel...
He's just like, "I'm so ****ing done."