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Hello, my name is Amanda, also known as the artist Nyxish. I am a full time freelance illustrator. My hobbies include sports, fitness, and comic collecting. I mostly enjoy manga, but there are some artists I follow who are based all over the world and do western style comics.
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Thanks! I fixed it
September 24th, 2018
Gildo is the creature who had the powers that Ulii now ( supposedly) possesses. Since Ulii wasn't born with them they had to be transfered to him at some point, but he has no memory of this happening. Hope this answers your question :]
@KaiterSkate: Yeah I was having upload issues earlier. Its fixed now :]
Everything will be explined :] so far what i can say is ulii did not know he had the mark. Ermeme Gildo was the one who carried the Divine Fire title. Sebastian and Ermene know one another, and Sebastian had plans to meet with him years before, but that never happened.
He os sending sage to find him while he continues on with ulii.
There is a reason why sebastian cannot leave ulii at this point to search for ermene on his own, and why he was hiding out for years by himself.
I am a fan of the old Berserker anime and manga as well as Record of the Lodoss war, so for Ulii I sort of merged the two ideas of what a berserker is along with some research on historical/myths of "berserker".
Uliis first name is actually Úlfhéðnar which has to do with a group of warriors who relate back to berserkers. They are associated with wolves; hence Uliis lone wolf type personality.
Ah yes thank you. I was trying to find a font that would do so on the internet but everyone that i downloaded seemed to seperate it. Im going to see if i can use kerning to fix it.
Sooooo fatal
Thank you I try and keep things dynamic.
I love drawing them!
Thank you! I know my lettering isnt all too good but i do love drawing action pages 😀