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Hi, i won't give you my name but alot or my friend call Bhambii or mystery, so i guess u call me that. I am a sucker for romance, adventure, and action web comics. i consider myself a hard core fujoshi.

My favorite color is any shade or tint of blue, my favorite food is strawberries, and i'm known for my brutally honest words which at times come off as harsh and/or offensive and being a total diabetic foodie because you can't ever go wrong with food....... (Most of the time) but a very sympathetic person because i can see both sides of any reason but apathetic for at time knowing about feelings and not caring for them at all what-so-ever. But thats besides the point just wanted to let u guys know me..... <3 <3 <3
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No it's not you... Something is up.
..... Cass was it... Umm... Imma need you need stand 5 feet apart from him cuz he's NOT STRAIGHT... :D understand
YES... He was having A GREAT FREAKING DREAM like you just don't know how GREAT it was
MOOD. u give me free candy; you're an angel.
Give me free Food; I think ur Godly
Give me free things; I swear to Gawd I think I made a Deal with the devil cuz....
DOn't loOK at ME minding my own BUSINESS...
FACTZ, I say too much tho, I always send them back crying and I get in trouble but uk, The feeling makes it all worth it.
... I think you need a new pare of glasses or a better mirror or even both to not realize how fucking cute you are.
Nightmare, NO....... More like a very Lewd and Wet dream..... Fantasy even, but nightmare..... NEVER
..... I feel Ya, I hate People in general but I still feel ya
..... zamn that would be hella sexy, just imagine "can a Please mark you," or maybe I'm just hella kinky.
Someone who doesn't like the doctor or just Doctors in general.... Oh mi oh my..... This is a total surprise.
AWE mi baby in his feeling
MOOD: that's me tryna be on my best behavior.
O O F~ ummmm... what that gotta do with the free candy.... Does he get or not.
...=I O H M Y ~
@MadMims: That best be it cuz if that's not is Imma cry me a 6 ft deep hole of water and drown in it.
WeT dReAmS, The best but the saddest type of dreams to have