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Hi, i won't give you my name but alot or my friend call Bhambii or mystery, so i guess u call me that. I am a sucker for romance, adventure, and action web comics. i consider myself a hard core fujoshi.

My favorite color is any shade or tint of blue, my favorite food is strawberries, and i'm known for my brutally honest words which at times come off as harsh and/or offensive and being a total diabetic foodie because you can't ever go wrong with food....... (Most of the time) but a very sympathetic person because i can see both sides of any reason but apathetic for at time knowing about feelings and not caring for them at all what-so-ever. But thats besides the point just wanted to let u guys know me..... <3 <3 <3
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Don't worry about the page so much. Get better 1st. It's all about your well being and we all can wait for some updates. there is no use rushing anything. <3
-_- RIP to those freaking keys....
Are you sure...? Beth I need to know if Virginity can grow back and if it does how long does it take...? or does ya asshole/vagina just get tighter over time...?
~snuggles up in front of the fire plays and cries~ AWWWWWWWE >~<
He sneaks, He creeps, He listens
I'm Telling you; the longer the wait; The tighter the hole gets..... fuck he gonna have a hard time fitting his dick in if he don't soon.
....... DF how you get here.....
,,,,,*Sips Tea* mhmm 4 month.... welp we gonna have to get some soon or you gone die from a lack of vitamin Dick
XDDDDD Joked out ....... It be like that cuz ya know us gays just be too gay to realize things about the other gender XDDDDD
...... DF are you "Cassie" ..... IDK no "Cassie"
..... Ay, Okay I see you tryna be a good Person/Friend(Maybe).... I see you
Gimme,Gimme More. Gimme More! Gimme, Gimme More! A center of Attention. (Can you feel them?). Even when we're up against the wall. You got me in a crazy position, Yeah! If you're on a mission. You got my PERMISSION.-Britney Spears: Gimme More-
At one point I was sitting here like "Awwee mi babies are so fucking ADORABLE; I think I'm dying," and now I'm thinking 'Df is this kinky ass conversation; I was enjoying the adorableness and then the KINK BEAST come join the convo like DAAAAAMMMMMNNNN'
.... Ummmm me and Satan finna have a little talk because I told Satan I wanted all Hell Hounds to train in the Abyss before the war and this is how he treats my request welp guess what I'll be making sure Satan dies soon * PLease Ignore my Non-Sense talk*
...... yea Girl you say.... Girl MY ASS. CHOKE ON A DILDO AND DIE ......
......*Cries* I think I might go rethink about life down in the Abyss and Rot a little.... call me back up to earth when things are looking a little better.
....*Slurps down a cup of Acid* I Hope you pay a lil visit to my Purgatory center to think upon your actions before I invite you to the Abyss to Rot.....
..... I feel as if my father is smiling and thanking you for this for it is comfort to others and goodbyes to those who have passed.