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Hi, i won't give you my name but alot or my friend call Bhambii or mystery, so i guess u call me that. I am a sucker for romance, adventure, and action web comics. i consider myself a hard core fujoshi.

My favorite color is any shade or tint of blue, my favorite food is strawberries, and i'm known for my brutally honest words which at times come off as harsh and/or offensive and being a total diabetic foodie because you can't ever go wrong with food....... (Most of the time) but a very sympathetic person because i can see both sides of any reason but apathetic for at time knowing about feelings and not caring for them at all what-so-ever. But thats besides the point just wanted to let u guys know me..... <3 <3 <3
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Yasssss HONTEY REPRESENT that genderfluid as a genderfluid myself I just say I'm excited
Kitty knows best .... >.<
.....consent is key in this story !!!! Ahhh consent.!!! 😆
@psicopat panda girl: omg same but sometimes the suspense be killing me
Df is going on ???
And then...... I gotta wait because authors like putting me through hell
Bitch where’s my knife cause I obviously have to cut of someone’s baby maker
Tbh I don’t understand why he so mad but again I never understand why anyone’s mad
Awe he can’t say sec that is cute he’s just sooo innocent
@Animerules!: don’t laugh at my pain and disappointment
Yes more competition indeed and this opponent is cute good luck with this one
Yea a picture of a doctor that we randomly came across online ...... very convincing
DAYUM She Roasted him without flaw or knowing how can I get on her Level
@GayerThanARainbow: Imma die.... Help me JESUS....... TURN ME INTO A BEAUTIFUL GAY RAINBOW <333
That Time... He was thinking about some S&M shiii >.<
what's a valid reason?..... Jealousy...... Yes very Valid reason indeed
Dayum he called you out and your cockblocking him 0.0 whatcha gonna do bro