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hi if im not here just kick me and I’ll wake up ok? Ok.
yo u we re on,, ar t fi g h t Al l t his ti me , ,,,
@WiispNightmare: I don't know I just checked in and there was 5 billion notifications for me I'm scared too
@WiispNightmare: oh,,,,yes please
Hi pals, I’m sorry if updates will come a bit later then usual, I’m kind of burnt out right now and trying to take time to rest, it’ll be fine, just trying to take my time so that the next ten pages won’t look like it was drawn with my left foot.
Thank you for having the patience to deal with the hell that is my schedule. I’m going to do my best with getting back on track.
I’m grateful for the kind comments you leave me, I don’t know how to reply to them properly now, because I looked back on what I said back on the earlier pages of this comic and realised how dumb I sounded and now want to die a little bit. But I just wanted you to know I do appreciate them even if I don’t respond to them.

On another less important note I thought the panels looked cramped so I did this and ok bye
I’d die for her.
oh my god it updated
hey it’s your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man here i spent the entire day trying to do the page for kalvins story of crappy edge but it didn’t work so i tried to do a full strip of this but howdeedoo my program crashed and i lost the strip hahahaaaa i just cant bring myself to draw it again im sorry but yet have this
@WiispNightmare: does that mean your children also consists of two parents and an uncle
so many children
tttthank you-
He appreciates the compliment thank you
You're already doing great thanks
time spent well jeez that's real good
@BearFangs: we stan for the vee
have karrae
st ri ke a pose
good to know thanks
glad to know we’re both allergic to waking up early 👌👌👌

also i know this had been said so many times before but youve improved so much. Keep bein amazing k