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Pokemon amino name:also ultrawandit.

allow me to apologise in advance when ill probably eventually make you upset
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oh my god it updated
hey it’s your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man here i spent the entire day trying to do the page for kalvins story of crappy edge but it didn’t work so i tried to do a full strip of this but howdeedoo my program crashed and i lost the strip hahahaaaa i just cant bring myself to draw it again im sorry but yet have this
@WiispNightmare: does that mean your children also consists of two parents and an uncle
so many children
tttthank you-
He appreciates the compliment thank you
You're already doing great thanks
time spent well jeez that's real good
Dang dude that's great
@BearFangs: we stan for the vee
have karrae
st ri ke a pose
good to know thanks
glad to know we’re both allergic to waking up early 👌👌👌

also i know this had been said so many times before but youve improved so much. Keep bein amazing k
this gave me eternal joy thank you
sorry im not that active ive been unreasonably tired. idk why.
Hi, I’m sorry for the lack of updates for the last few weeks. I would provide a reason but no I was just procrastinating-
@HollyTheFluffyCat: the doors actually open but I've chained myself to a wall of denial