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Pokemon amino name:Bandit-BOSS-

"socialising",what's that?All I know is food and the constant fear of misjudgement.ahaha
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“I’ve forgotten how to sleep,what is sleep,I want to sleep but I don’t want to sleep,did I ever even sleep.”
Mr.Ross: The sky’s green because it’s the colour of the giant blanket from the space invaders that is used to let us,the hamsters,feel more comfortable in our new environment.Yes, we are all actually hamsters in a giant cage that happens to be circular.
Don’t worry that wasn’t sarcasm :)
The near-chibi glaceon is greaaaate
“When I see,the way you act.”
My sister texted me the entire bee movie script a few moments a phone and like

I'm literally sitting right next to you and please stop you didn't get a phone for this how old are you
At least you drew her something in return,and I'm sure the glaceon was MAJESTIC LIKE EVERY THING ELSE YOU DRAWWWW :D
you shall not bet be sad child
Yes I know it's 10 pm,at least where I live,hahaha suffer with me.
Just kidding take care of yourselves love ya.
Know what though

That is the question
“I could even learn how to love”
Hahahaha I spelt it right this time
Ah I misspelled the title

Story of my life.
I looked through my old and cringy art from two years ago and found a 4-paged comic I made and abandoned.
It was about a guildmaster persian who used to be an outlaw

I redrew it digitally
Eh don’feel bad,not many people have the name Jarad:)


Nothing bads happened yet