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Purple lizard boy
I don't live up to my name now ;-; but that's ok cause I feel pretty good about myself right now >:3
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DANG that's a lot of fans you better sign their autographs Nate, or there gonna start ripping off clothes
Eli's haircut is 10/10
Wow dana, just wow
I am back ^^ probably missed alot of pages so im reading through them (so good to be back though)
im not going to be able to comment for 5 weeks so :P but I will most certainly try to keep reading this for those 5 weeks
Eli's smile.....AHHH BEUTIFUL
Amazing uncle :D
Hilariously awesome page 🤣
At least there getting along :/
Why have pride month when you can have pride year!
Dillon and Smithson......Wtf!???!
Those eyes though!
I feel bad for eli, lots of things rushing through his head
Looked like they were seriously about to kiss.😅
Going at each others throats like wild tigers XD
This is literally the most amazing conversation to have
So beautiful, im so excited to go back to the present !!
OK, after thinking, im going to join this comic, and so far its really good,keep up the good work!