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Lol in the last two panels,I also talk to my self and have no shame
@Ralend: I totally agree with you,it is too big of a change
Plan S.T.: SLEEP TOGETHER,btw I love that song ;-;
XD I like how Nate doesn't even care what he's saying but only focuses on Li 😏
@Nixnight: YES! Everyone attends that reads this comic 😏
They should totally get married tomorrow even if Nate is gonna get a massive hangover who cares right? Right
I've never been so happy in my life :) New years for all
Aww Li is so shocked but I know he enjoyed it 😏
Yes my children,be mad so you can be happy again.Go out there and go crazy with the shots.
I forgot how they got into that position-oh never mind *wink wink* XD
Next day,massive hangover
Cup of coffee here I come!+they are both dorks with an equal amount of dorky.
Ok first of all, I will eat a burger for the children.Second,he's being extremely difficult.
No stay there with your poor wasted friend.Btw ballet is awesome who wouldn't be happy to take lessons.
Sorry I'm late
SORRY I'm late, he to do some stuff but anyways this story is to die for! Must take some time to make the background
At least
At least he even showed up, I just noticed there's two people kissing in the background. 😐 panel 5
I made my mark *dab*
Seems like a good comic,btw I'm New here so *dab*