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Purple lizard boy
I met a boy in 5th grade... he asked me to call him Purple lizard boy. I asked why and he told me that when he turned 18, he was going to help people out, going by the name of Purple lizard boy. kind of like a superhero! I told him.. " Well, keep it up.. I'll always have faith in you" and here I am now. With the name of Purple lizard boy, in faith of my friend.( haven't talked to him since we graduated)
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Yes you definitely need to talk about this 😄
Sounds interesting 😏(happy Valentine's day)
For Eli and Nate: if you were to have the chance to be any other member in the comic, who would you be and why?
there's always that one moment when things like this don't happen 😢 I bet his girlfriend is going to walk in or something XD
...S-so close.. Just a little closer PLEASE!!!😍 ( Im literally screaming inside)
The way they act towards each other.. * deeply breathes in and then chokes* 😤
Woah tiger! Get it 👌
Wow! I'm learning new things every day 👍
And happy New year!
Merry Christmas everybody! I love this comic so much, this is probably my favorite! 👌❤
@Seve: there own comic?! Definitely reading that 👌
Ooh those are their brothers....
Yep, definitely going to get confused later on and forget who is who 🤣
Wow, I love how it goes from romance time with Nate and Eli, to the 2 goofs curt and Dean talking about how their brothers are having sex 😂😂😂
Ok 1st. Just kiss him!
And 2nd. I feel like Eli isn't the most comfortable person in the world right now
Edit: and 3rd. The 5th panel, Nate's eyes look demonized 😮
You know it's on when they put their hair down 😲😲😲
10/10 would dance again 😃
Yes, go with the flow as much as you can to get your feelings out!
@Seve: Of course it isn't yet! my heart can't take this X-X