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Purple lizard boy
I don't live up to my name now ;-; but that's ok cause I feel pretty good about myself right now >:3
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Im crying;-; (he had it coming) HE DOESNT DESERVE SUCH TREATMENT
YEA TAKE CHARGE,(and then be a coward a little)THEN BITCH SLAP HIM AND SAY"yo me and mom are leaving you,bye biotch" take all your stuff including dads beer and LEAVE.
His mother is soooo cute,he better not hurt her or nate!
I ship it ;-;
They havent been spending time together lately and I'm glad I know a little more about the past for them two.
Well atleast they stood up for each other.
@Seve: im trying ;-; I can't afford to lose my soul
I understand,I understand that this is slowly killing me from the inside out thank you.
IM CRYING,I missed you so much,and your comics,I hope your feeling and doing better
For me its 3 years lol
They both liked it wink wink,oh god his eyes in the 5th panel had me like(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ
Also I hope your doing ok I suffered through some anxiety for some of my life but im sure its not as bad as what your going through ;-;.btw when you start updating on 26,27 would be my birthday so,happy birthday to me,HOPE YOU FEEEEL SOOOO BETTER WHEN YOU GET BACK
His face,so precious
Your art has become a lot different now.and I'm saying that is a good improvement
@Seve: it's ok,sorry if I sounding rushing
Totally worth the wait,so many answered questions like
-he should totally go through with marrying
-dinosaurs are worth it if Eli is there
-love that raptor tattoo
-im gonna cry never been first before
-without this comic I'd don't know what to do with my life
Still waiting.i will wait until it comes out.
Now I'm going to sit here and wait.
Me:"looks at seve" it's about to go down.
Eli no you should talk to him about what happened RIGHT NOW MISTER
@Seve: ok cool I've been wondering for a while :)