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i liked the older style more but this one is nice
I loved this comic while it lasted thankes for the great read <3
Yay new page wow she is MAD!
they being shipped by their friends!!!
that is just adorable
I'm just happy your back
this is one of my favorite
PMD comics keep up the good work.;3
so cute!!!!!!!!!
love the comic also can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!
Blizz is gona die:3
cue the music
best page yet for laughs!!!
tell me why by three days grace is the perfect song for this part.
love your work cant wait form the next installment!!!!
new page wont load for me :(
keep up the good work I love this comic, great art by the way.
love the original takes on the Pokemon designs
they look fantastic
Please don't hurt your-self for the sake of us fans I would feel horrible if that was the case!