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I like to read, write, draw, and all that good stuffs.

I've just recently begun posting stuff on here again, and updates will be when I get to them :) All other artish things otherwise are up on my deviantart page (I'm under sweets8).

Currently, I'm working on another kids book, but doing the short story Koshu to see how my tablet does with my illustrating before I put a lot of time doing my book with it.

Oh yeah, and I'm open for commissions if anyone is interested! Just pm me, or you can look me up on my dA page 8D
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March 31st, 2017
First in a series I plan on eventually making into a pop up book . . . thing :P

You can check it out here!
Aw, I care about z's eyes ;) and I promise I wouldnt stare goldfish eyed at him, even tho they r cool
you mean if that is what you wish?
I would love to see a close up of docs eyes :P
said the talking shadow man . . .
Just gotta be such a spoil sport dad, jeeeez
All in due time Charles, all in due time
bum bum buuuuuuuum
muahaha, yeis now you have regrets of your non-socialization >:P
all she's thinking . . stranger danger, stranger danger :C
Love his shirt, biteeey haha
So I'm guessing Dark is mute?
Horrible realization!!
It's 'where was I?'
So what is your native language?
Doesn't it though, doesn't it??
blooooood, lol
Yes, yes I always carry photos of my possessions around, don't you?
kid don't know nothin bout personal bubble
looks like his umbrella has seen better days