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No one deserves to disappear
-Connor Murphy
Dear Evan Hansen
Hello! I’m Shellypocalypse and welcome to my bio! Here you can find all the things you need to know about me!
Call me Shelly^^
Everyone needs some Thomas Jeffershiz in their life
I use the pronouns she/her
Michael makes an entrance
-Michael Mell
Be More Chill
I blame autocorrect
Things you should never say in my presence:
“Gays are gross”
“Connor Murphy deserved to die”
“MLP is gay”
“Hamilton sucks”
“Boys are better than girls”
“Girls are better than boys”
“Be More Chill is stupid”
I created the snek-pocalypse
-Smol Ham Man
Things that make me happy:
If you also like DEH/BMC/Hamilton and would like to talk to me about it
When friends are happy
When I get art requests
And that’s pretty much all you need to know at the moment. Feel free to ask any more questions :3
~Shelly out
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Thank you so much ^-^
Thank you!
Shinx x Zorua
Fused to protect other people and pokemon. Zinx has Zorua's ability to transform and Shinx's ability to glow when in danger. The glowing alerts nearby pokemon or humans of the threat while Zinx transforms into a more menacing appearance to keep the attacker in check while help arrives.
This particular boy is named Matt. He's a character in my own Fusion comic.
Hope you guys enjoy!
Yep! Those will be faster to get out, so I can get the comic back on track
Shinx and Zorua fusion

whOOPS the picture goes off the border
Actually the dumbest name ever but 'Slowduck' is even worse ;-;
Psypoke (Commonly known as simply 'Psy')
Found near freshwater lakes and ponds, males and females are quite different in appearance. Males provide food for the family. They have the smooth and waterproof skin of the Slowpoke and have adapted to not only fish with their tails but also swim to hunt. Females take care of the young. They have soft and downy feathers of the Psyduck that trap heat to incubate their eggs and to keep their young warm
I had to use a blue background since you wouldn't be able to see the other tooth if it were white. Sorry for blinding you guys.

Hope you enjoy!
I will never understand how you draw two traditional panels so similarly
I don't know whether to laugh or cry
First! This comic is amazing! Lot's of suspense, adventure, and humor mixed together. Truly my favorite comic ever
Hey friends! So I'd be really grateful if you took a look at this comic! I spent quite a bit of work on these comics. Thanks!
This is so amazing??? I can't???
Ooooooh. The broken glass really adds to the effect. The fact that she's smiling the entire time just gives me chills. Great job! I love it!
I love this XD
Ooooh, this is really cool, very creative^^
@HarrisonButterGem: Alright fine you caught me *deploys*
@WildfireK: I actually thought about that too haha
@HarrisonButterGem: I wish I had the power XD
@WiispNightmare: Oh haha
That's still pretty close