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Great work so far!
I agree. New cover rocks!
This is remarkable art work. The thumping sounds are great too.
Haha I wonder how many days it will take her to open that, hopefully, but unlikely to be, edible object.
It's probably just a....
Ah... Rabbit? Big toe?
Yeah he gonna die.
Woah. All of chapter two 0_o I'm super out of it lol.
Can't believe I didn't even notice her red arms...
Giant dolls are far more important. Let's be real here.
It's only easy until your body starts to literally eat itself out of hunger Maria!
Is the kid... Eating his finger?

Loving the art and dialects by the way. Never considered that the different regions would have different dialects.
Absolutely loving this so far.
I completely agree with your statement.
Omg... Lol. That's hilarious. You just earned a fan.
Could be anything...
I just got hit by a wave of nostalgia and pity for Atty. Not sure why this particular page caused this, but it was probably those eyes.
Quick! Put on something more survival-ish, and build a fire so that you can tell him he's been in a coma for weeks! Reputation is everything!!!