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Yes!! I've been waiting in anticipation of this!
That must be the mother. I won't judge based on appearance, but it sorta makes me wonder.
Yes that's the one!
Fish. He......

That's just hilarious H0ly.
By the way I've been meaning to ask for a long time. Is your username a Monty Python reference?
What a waste! That was food, woman, food!
That's mean on a whole new level.
Just stumbled upon this comic. OMG. The art, the plot, the characters! The Truck! Wait... Truck... Oh no...
This Friz guy is clearly a rebel. I'm enjoying the art so far, and I hope this story keeps going. I want to know more about this guy.
January 10th, 2018
This art style is refreshing. Looking forward to updates!
Atty. Rat is not "just fine." his ear is missing, and he's seen things. Terrible things. That being said, rob em.
On the bright side she found her motivation, but on the dark side she's probably the last Highcliffe.
I truly wonder how Atty expects to pull this off.
At least you can make a window to your soul with the sand!
Caldwell's planning skills are phenomenal.
December 29th, 2017
Beautiful action scene. Shades!
Man the art is pretty awesome. Just read up till this page, and I can't wait to see more. The characters seem to have thoughtful backgrounds, so keep up the good work LotMinx!
Atty looks like a train wreck. Poor guy has been through so much this chapter already, and now he's gonna have to socialize before stealing these Pokemon.
December 23rd, 2017
Or alternatively הפשגא.
December 23rd, 2017
Rothschild the 2nd.
December 23rd, 2017
Mustache man thinks he is charming, but he's kind of creepy.