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    Lily Silvershade
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I am under so much stress
I love that stage when someone cares about you so much that they can see right past the bullshit *-*
Someone teach this woman how to make friends
He about to disappear
Kindly remove yourself from the premises Eve
December 20th, 2018
Honestly I've done this before and it feels so baaaaaad. Howie save the day for the love of God I'll die
September 13th, 2018
Dad please stop you're making our introverted guest incredibly uncomfortable
That's a little creepy... Watching them while they sleep...
Easily distracted I see....
Look at this sweetheart trying to make small talk on things he doesn't care about just to spend time with Kimmy. I luv
I mean can you blame him
Is she a she???
I would’ve proceeded to look up
Aw how come you decided to change the shadowhunter storyline? I was excited for some shadowhunter/downworlder lovin’
Well that's a walk of shame if I've ever seen one
Envious little bitch... pardon my French.
Dead Lord this is so awkward. You can cut the tension with a butter knife