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I exist. I like fantasy, reading, gaming, and repetitive labor. That's all you need to know.
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@Mars714: For the record: No, I stick to Smackjeeves. All predictions are purely the results of my own logic.
You'd think he could just use his power to disarm him. Even if he wasn't strong enough to pull it from his grip he could literally dismantle the gun as he used it.
Machoke used Sucker Punch! Syn Fainted!
Said the person who's killed monsters over twice her size. Like seriously you'd think at least after seeing skeleboi in action she'd understand that size doesn't matter.
Am I the only one who just... discovered(?) the protagonist is a female? Surely it was shown before, but must have missed it.
Seems like this one is desperate for someone to take care of it, but is too proud to admit it.
Gurl, you fell into the wrong neck of the woods.
I think it'll have a hard time interpreting you if you say "No.", but comply anyways.
How bout your pryomancy instead? Do as Laurentius did.
Hmmm... pretty sure the effects of Estus were exclusive to undead. More evidence towards her merely hiding her curse.
Jeez... when put in game terms this guy is ridiculously powerful.
How foolish. Surely as the sole practitioner she has a duty to instruct others in her craft.
Hmmm... I suspect a Ring of Soul/Life protection being used under those gloves.
This deal's getting worse all the time.
Thank you friends. Goodbye fallen. And to all the Nuzlocke Victors: Congratulations.
Whenever a character asks that a small part of me always expects things to turn into an energy drink commercial.
And when next we see him he'll no doubt be on the dark path. Such is the fate of a rival brother in search of power.
No sidequests, and you're going by boat? I suppose they don't have analogue of Odysseus in this universe.
Hopefully wherever they end up has a bath (considering this is the apocalypse I better specify "a working one").
Is it just me, or in the last panel does Ripa look like she'd be creeping up on someone to spook them?

...either that or Jazz Hands.