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I exist. I like fantasy, reading, gaming, and repetitive labor. That's all you need to know.
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Oh boy. Is she the one who inherited the crazy gene?
It’s good she can heal, but probably shouldn’t push her luck. Also is she biting him?
Honestly he should have expected this. Now we’ll either go full immersion, or jump cut to the end of the session (might not be the planned end, but the end nonetheless).
October 13th, 2018
Wait if they ditch the transport are they gonna have the robot carry the seal? It’s not like they packed a wagon... right?
She’s still got that red eye. Ekhart better figure quick that he’s not dealing with the average Rig.
Just found and binge read your comic today. P.S. She is... the cosmos.
Ah the carrot and stick. Always a good way to ensure obedience.
So... could you explain the disability tied to A: Manic’s scarf (thought it was related to his Autism, but that gets a different power for each individual, and another character also has a scarf). B: Manic’s glasses (or: why Manic has glasses and others have literally four eyes). C: Manic’s fur (could be an artistic choice, but I saw another furred character so thought it would be better not to assume).
October 11th, 2018
Ah. So it is a cycle of sorts. Hopefully now we'll be shown the grander scheme of things.
It'll actually be interesting if he keeps his word.
This sight could use a dedicated character page now that there are multiple characters of the same species.
Wait... Fridge Logic: If psychics can't read dark types how does Mewtwo's telepathy work with them? Wouldn't he be like... unable to establish a connection?
Well Rig and the demon have been nice to Fen so far. I'm sure they've earned enough goodwill to be allowed to explain themselves.
Talk about overleveled! I guess betting zero deaths was probably the right way to go.
Wait... how does that thing fit in the helmet?
Is it me, or lately have all of Rig's conversations with Fen been including hope speeches?
That look on her face. That’s the glare of death.
He could literally destroy it just by being close and concentrating. Unless that thing has some ranged weaponry this won’t take too long. Ah, but of course! This is the super hero genre. Wouldn’t be a fight unless Manic got knocked around a little.
Dark monologue is fine. Heck in some situations it’s preferable. Now that we know this we can understand just how bad Manic thinks his life is. It adds a whole new perspective that we just wouldn’t know as is. Thanks for giving the insight by the way.