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I exist. I like fantasy, reading, gaming, and repetitive labor. That's all you need to know.
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@MannyKat8x: I had forgotten cats grow so fast (looks like a 4 year old jumped to 14). By "cat time" I was referring to how time moves differently in the dream state. In the dream 5 months worth of time may have passed compared to earth time's one month.
So... how long would this be for a timeskip in cat time?
February 16th, 2019
Unable to operate doorknobs? Considering that cats and dogs learn how I'd suggest the space crew teach it in case it would need to use the skill later on.
Gotta wonder if there's some sort of department for understanding human culture/language/etc. would be funny to see all their misconceptions.
Perhaps the pikachu should assist? After all he's more familiar with her, and probably knows about the town just as well.
Well an important thing to remember is that not all powers require heroics. Technomancy is great in the modern world. You could be the ultimate mechanic or engineer. And who knows the potential of your other more dubious powers.
Still unaware of the hypocrisy? How would it feel if every rabbit it ever killed had kin hell bent on vengeance with the means to accomplish the goal.
February 8th, 2019
He's gone mad. Who'd blame him?
Looks like the tree will be enjoying wolf meat soon enough.
February 6th, 2019
Time to plan a rebellion.
So this is time travel cat from the current timeline? He's older than the other versions though... guess we know what to look forward to in the next chapter.
Just think of all the trouble she can get into...
Looks like the mon's gonna be adding this to the list.
Did I miss something, or did you just upload two entire chapters at once?
We now need a full list of dreamer expletives.
Aside from potential preggers looks like we've gone full circle.
Good Questions: Just how worried should I be about villains coming after my family? Are there established territories to prevent hero's coming into conflict while on the job? Is there a network that heroes can access to communicate, and if so how do i get access? Are there any organizations I can get in touch with that may assist me with my heroing? Are there any Hero Killers who I should be avoiding? Just how much am I allowed to work with the police? Any tips on how to optimize my patrolling?
January 27th, 2019
Someone needs to remind him that there isn't much choice in the matter once you've been chosen.
I mean you get no sympathy, but... ugh... what a bad way to go.
@Mars714: Well no it's not surprising in that way (give me a few years, and I'll probably be in the same boat). It's the fact that he's able to pass as a youngster despite being 26 years old.

Also: Giving away your age? It'll be even more surprising if he manages to keep his identity hidden for longer than a month.