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I exist. I like fantasy, reading, gaming, and repetitive labor. That's all you need to know.
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Hmmm... Imma guess something happened to the statue.
Well it's nice to know demons are a bit more common than I had previously thought. Also Rig needs to do a bit of introspection. She's clearly more bloodthirsty than she'd care to admit.
Bit captain obvious, but you just had a very busy day girl. It's also evening. Who wouldn't be tired in your position?
@akeara4: This brings up the ajin question. If you cut off his head does the head grow back, or the body? Though I suppose it can be sidestepped with the concept of a soul.
This guy. Lets see here... experimentation, forcibly made into an organ donor, people killing you for kicks...
She should take the shirt. Would be fun to watch it burn.
Of course it would be something if the herd watched as Rig was torn apart, regenerated, and drove off the pack. The herd would probably be split between "She's a monster.", and "She can protect us."
@gentlechaos: Or she's just done with this s**t.
I can just see a buck make a move to win over the herd only to get taken down by Rig instead of Helmir.
Rookie mistake. Always try to keep your feet on the ground. Grants you more maneuverability, and a more stable defense.
Gonna want to get that under control. Don't want your voice suddenly singing from the speakers of grocery stores.
@dmr11: Beat me to the punch. Was going to say the same thing.
December 1st, 2018
Bet: this will follow up with an "I volunteer as tribute!" moment.
Gotta love that cliche. Things slow done for just one second, and battle awareness is chucked out the window.
Seems like they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.
"My name is Sanatani. You killed my kin. Prepare to die."
November 27th, 2018
Getting some Lion King vibes.
She just can't win.
Typo 4th panel. " fix the futue." *future
I just realized this is an anime.