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I exist. I like fantasy, reading, gaming, and repetitive labor. That's all you need to know.
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Seems a bit harsh. At the very most I'd give a set time (maybe a year, half a year. its iffy cause different mons probably age at different rates, and that's not even taking training into account) before they'd be allowed to reapply. Perma ban is just begging for them to work outside the system.
I'm not too sure, but I do believe becoming a demon was not mentioned in the job description.
I mean I can't really blame it for keeping silent. I'd be pretty peeved if my murder plan failed, and then was slowly starved to death by the one I tried to kill.
Ah yes. The scariest area in Kanto. Lost two pokemon in a FireRed nuzlocke when I went through. Honestly they make such a big deal over Explosion, but Arena Trap and it's ilk are the real killers.
I suppose this brings up the question of how their speech works. To be specific while they have their own language how many more teeth would Stewie have to lose before he's unable to say some words fluently. I guess its a question of how delicate the language is?
She pressed B.
Planning on starving Deadwood to death? Not a bad plan, but it'll probably take a while.
I don't suppose you could have said that before someone died.
Objection! Skeleboy only has that ability because Starguy created the ability, and gave it to him. It is a distinction without a difference, and clearly a violation of the spirit of the law. Additionally Starguy is Skeleboy's superior and thus responsible for his actions. Skeleboy doesn't bare responsibility since he is not away of his actions, but Starguy is. Even if Starguy is not considered the true culprit of the crime he has a responsibility to stop Skeleboy, and is thus guilty of genocidal negligence as he will not try.

Off course none of this matters as no one can exactly hold Starguy accountable. One of the annoying parts of dealing with someone who's all powerful.
The good thing about not dying is that she has her whole life ahead of her to find a reason to live.
So Power 1: Return from Death (+Regeneration), Power 2: ...? Likely options: Return Others from Death (+Regeneration), Identify Other Abnormals, Absorb [Memories, DNA Code, ???] from Deceased Humans.

Any other ideas?
I appreciate that Eevee isn't caving in so easily like other "responsible" characters in these kind of stories.
@zatzcuatch: Beat me to the punch.
Well this cannot end well, but I'm sure everyone figured that out a while ago.
So taking into account that this guy could be another immortal death by suicide bomb isn't the worst idea ever, though perhaps not to smart as the authorities should be on the scene by the time he regenerates. Additionally considering he's caused so much damage at such a close range he might not even have clothing left, and he may have to regrow from even a small piece. Both would be way too conspicuous even if he can regenerate before authorities arrive if he intends to disguise himself among the survivors.
She's been Alien'd!
Tried to figure out a pun for bringing her work home with her. Failed.
Truly the best way to introduce an important character, or ruin the protagonist's day.
Goal: Defeat the opponent.

Methods: A: Render opponent unable to continue. B: Convince Sponsor to revoke opponent's boon granted by Sponsor.

Method A-1: Regeneration is limited. Damage brain to cause long lasting damage. Repeat until opponent is unable to continue.

Method B-1: Regeneration takes time. Disable opponent repeatedly, and/or continue to inflict damage after opponent has been disabled to prevent recovery. Sponsor will revoke boon when it is clear opponent has no chance of victory.
You'd think they'd expect this kind of thing. I've always considered fishing to be one of the most hardcore professions in these kind of worlds.