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December 4th, 2018
Just a 2 page update, starting here:
This sequence of story was one of those instances where I thought I was more or less settled on how this particular conversation between Andy and Gogo ended: on page 120, which was going to be the “end” of the first leg of the story. However, Levi pointed out that Andy hadn’t asked the rather obvious question about Pablo yet. Andy would certainly have gotten around to it—I’m sure he’s got PLENTY of questions for Gogo—but now it did seem strange that he’d save this one for later. So now we’ve popped THAT can of worms about “Papa”, hehe

It was also bugging me a little bit that we introduced the idea of Gogo “staying” with the Fishers somehow, but we didn’t really indicate where Gogo was going to be spending this particular night. The thought of Andy inviting Gogo into his apartment would definitely have been fun, but it also would’ve extended into more of a scene than I wanted to make of it, and I couldn’t easily see Andy taking on the hassle of explaining the situation to his mom, either. So I settled on the “sleeping out on the porch” idea as a simpler solution, safe in the knowledge that Gogo isn’t one to balk at sleeping outdoors, and setting the scene for this little bit of epilogue.

Of course, this all leads to one MORE question from Andy, and just a LITTLE more follow-up before we FINALLY move on. Stay tuned! (and sorry about the wait, hehe)

FINALLY! Sorry about the wait between updates!

- van
Originally, my intent was for this to be the final page of "Book One" of Bomango, before jumping into the next chapter. While it's possible that may still be the case, I may instead tack on a slight bit of epilogue ahead of officially declaring this "THE LAST PAGE".

Either way, this is no ending, because now that we're more or less all good and set up, it's time to finally get a little NUTS :D

- van
My apologies for the lull between updates! Between a short holiday out to Minnesota for a few days and the excitement of midterm elections, I've been adrift for a little bit there.


Things are getting a little more chummy-aggro here on the roof as the parameters of friendship begin to be explored!

- van
Gogo's being kind of nice about it, but Andy's got a point.

As you can see now, the entire point of this story is to present a scenario in which people from Wisconsin are interesting in any way that doesn't involve cheese or the Green Bay Packers. It turns out that in order to do that, you need to find a hybrid monster-human from another dimension who's never even heard of the place.

Now that's taken care of, and we can move on.

- van



Heartwarming sentiment, but not a nickname you really want to be stuck with.

- van
Things that make perfect sense in your head sometimes turn silly when you articulate them out loud, like "I escaped peril in another world by smashing my way to safety in another dimension as a massive kaiju", but Andy's pretty chill about it.

A good egg, that kid.

- van
...and that's how she got here.


VERY scientific.

- van
"Beyond these Stygian skies
Our fortress lies
Across the Rainbow Bridge!"

...what, me miss an Ayreon reference? Perish the thought!

- van
Let's finish up that flashback, shall we?
but Gogo owns up to it pretty well. We'll call it a moral tie game.
"Oh yeah...that stuff I did to scare you earlier..."

Accounting for one's behavior is always such a DRAG, man...hehe

- van
Gogo is BACK, and talkin' CRAZY!

Get on up there, kiddo!

Whew! Sorry about the lull there!

Back to the story we go (as Mom goes to bed)

- van
Thanks for your patience betwixt updates :)

This took some effort, but I really enjoyed putting it together. I hope it was worth the wait. I’d comment on what’s all going on and what’s all being introduced here, but...ahhh, we’ll just keep marching on.

Buckle up :)

Right, let’s get this out of the way:

100 pages! WOOOOOO!

I apologize if you were expecting any bells and whistles at the hundred page mark. It seemed a little on the nose to do so (though I am indeed proud of reaching the numerical milestone), but I personally find this pleasant enough: she’s a’comin’ BACK, kiddo. You’re not so bad.

As for Andy? She’s coming BACK. He’s IN on it now, whatever “it” is, and for all the answers this might lead to, and all the cuddly blue critters, the person at the center of it all seemed ready to bite his head off just a short while ago. It’s not the most comfortable position to be left in.

Lest you think we’ve reached 100 pages only to coast on that for awhile, buckle up...

This would be the “2” to go with the other “2” that Gogo’s been putting together.

I assure you that Andy’s a lot more unsettled and unnerved than he appears, but it’s hard to feel anything but the Warm and Fuzzies when you have been chosen as a “safe space” for little blue critters coping with uncertainty about cows.

- van
Some astute readers have correctly predicted this eventuality:
That somebody was gonna get licked by a cow.

If you’ve never had the privilege, here’s a way for you to try it out at home: Find yourself a nice bunch of newspaper (or a bunch of those junk mail ads or shopping circulars will do), wrap it into a nice, heavy roll, give it a good dunk in some Windex (or an ammonia-based household cleaner), and then slide the whole mess upside your face or head. Maybe take a whiff of the wastebasket while you do so, or a sniff of some compost.

I’ve personally found the experience to be neither pleasant nor especially unpleasant; like Pablo, it’s just unsettling in a peculiar way, and rather unlike being licked in the face by a dog (though cows do seem to enjoy the act of licking whatever wanders within range).

Oh, and cows also provide biological evidence that Gogo is not in Kans—-er, Oz, I guess—anymore.

Danged useful creatures, them cows.

- van