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September 7th, 2018
Hey there!

This latest update is a mass upload of pages. Start here:
Thanks for your patience betwixt updates :)

This took some effort, but I really enjoyed putting it together. I hope it was worth the wait. I’d comment on what’s all going on and what’s all being introduced here, but...ahhh, we’ll just keep marching on.

Buckle up :)

Right, let’s get this out of the way:

100 pages! WOOOOOO!

I apologize if you were expecting any bells and whistles at the hundred page mark. It seemed a little on the nose to do so (though I am indeed proud of reaching the numerical milestone), but I personally find this pleasant enough: she’s a’comin’ BACK, kiddo. You’re not so bad.

As for Andy? She’s coming BACK. He’s IN on it now, whatever “it” is, and for all the answers this might lead to, and all the cuddly blue critters, the person at the center of it all seemed ready to bite his head off just a short while ago. It’s not the most comfortable position to be left in.

Lest you think we’ve reached 100 pages only to coast on that for awhile, buckle up...

This would be the “2” to go with the other “2” that Gogo’s been putting together.

I assure you that Andy’s a lot more unsettled and unnerved than he appears, but it’s hard to feel anything but the Warm and Fuzzies when you have been chosen as a “safe space” for little blue critters coping with uncertainty about cows.

- van
Some astute readers have correctly predicted this eventuality:
That somebody was gonna get licked by a cow.

If you’ve never had the privilege, here’s a way for you to try it out at home: Find yourself a nice bunch of newspaper (or a bunch of those junk mail ads or shopping circulars will do), wrap it into a nice, heavy roll, give it a good dunk in some Windex (or an ammonia-based household cleaner), and then slide the whole mess upside your face or head. Maybe take a whiff of the wastebasket while you do so, or a sniff of some compost.

I’ve personally found the experience to be neither pleasant nor especially unpleasant; like Pablo, it’s just unsettling in a peculiar way, and rather unlike being licked in the face by a dog (though cows do seem to enjoy the act of licking whatever wanders within range).

Oh, and cows also provide biological evidence that Gogo is not in Kans—-er, Oz, I guess—anymore.

Danged useful creatures, them cows.

- van
There are puns, and then there are puns festooned with neon lights, bells, whistles, sirens, pipe organs and circus clowns, and “udder” puns are one of them. Get your fill, because you don’t need MY help with that.

Potential pun-ography aside (hyuk hyuk), the biology of cattle is NOT weird, but it is, but it ISN’T, but it most certainly IS, which is why the presence of wang-teated crotch-boobs (and cows themselves) has completely arrested the progress of the inquisition that was about to take place earlier, and this is probably for the best.

You might (quite reasonably) be rolling your eyes at the prospect of things taking a narrative detour to look at cows. I promise this is going somewhere, trust me. I can also tell you that I’ve been working hard not only on the next few pages, but that the story close ahead gets...kinda wild. It’s taken some doing, and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me here, but I hope you enjoy the results.

When you stare into the cow, the cow also stares into you.

...double shot!

As anyone living in or near livestock country can tell you, when the breeze is just right, the pungent aroma of manure wafts ever so gently into town and your nostrils. If you live there, you might not notice it so much, but if you’re a stranger to the land of fertilizer, livestock droppings, and “holding ponds”, the scent can come at you rather noticeably, even knocking you off your interrogation game at times.

Such is the case here. Not only does the cow-stank arrest Gogo’s increasingly heated momentum, it presents a (potentially limb/life saving) diversion for Andy: “real beefs” means “real cattle”, and apparently that revelation is enough to put a stop to whatever ugly place this situation was headed.


As you’ll soon find out, this week’s update was somewhat delayed for the sake of “presentation”. I felt a little worn out with pages ending on ominous cliffhangers or...seriousness. So much SERIOUSNESS.

So while Gogo IS laying down some (confusing) exposition here, breaking some ice (and walls, and very nearly a face), and getting to the heart of what’s eatin’ her, it seemed to me that letting this hang for a week wouldn’t do.

Stay tuned :)

On plenty of occasions, I’ve gritted my teeth and posted a page that feels like I’m testing the audience’s patience even more than usual. The voice in the back of my head barging towards the front and going “get ON WITH IT, already! Don’t just let ANOTHER page of buildup SIT there for a week! AAAGH!”

This is another one of those occasions. I wanted to point that out in case any readers feel the same way, because by gosh it’s frustrating at times.

But this is also heading towards a rarer occasion in which the characters and the story and myself are in sync with “GET ON WITH IT!”, and the frustration with getting things going finds some release and, consequently, changes into something else.

The point at which you can’t dance around it any longer, make a big noise, break something, pound your chest, pound the table, and see what happens.

Getting there. Inch by inch.


Prior to this moment, it’s possible that Andy ignored (willfully or otherwise) the implications of dumpster-tipping, high-jumping, and (to a lesser extent) some slick juking and leaping. But if there were any lingering doubt in his mind that this peculiar gal is a step or two beyond the average model of human (“monster” or not), pushing over a nice, big hunk of rusted metal tower ought to clue our boy to the idea, no?

- van
We rejoin Andy’s chase, which has come to a stop in the pastoral settings of a disused old industrial lot. For those of you playing along at home, this is the sort of hemmed-in, isolated location in which you typically do NOT wish to find yourself if the hunter/hunted question isn’t settled in your game of pursuit.

When I was younger, there were a few locations similar to this one in my own hometown. Despite being a small rural-suburban community, there were a handful of industrial sites in various stages of use. Most of them have since been torn down and replaced with apartments or businesses, since, admittedly, abandoned factories and stuff can be eyesores. But here in Andy’s town, a few such places still stand.

...for now...

Unfortunately for Hector, the pilot episode of “HECTORA MAYHEM: TROPICAL HEAT” is temporarily delayed by the would-be co-star, but hope springs eternal in the heart of the optimist. Besides, sooner or later Andy’s bound to remember he has a phone, and then this investigation can begin in earnest! What better way for two old pals to reconnect than putting their heads together and solving a fun monster mystery? (Of course, Andy will play the skeptic; he’s probably not gonna buy this monster stuff. I bet he’s already forgotten it even happened.)

...oh wait...

- van
Sorry about the delay, folks. Took Memorial Day weekend off, and couldn't manage to get the new update pushed through earlier this week but HERE WE GO, back to the comic! heh

I do like me some conspiratorial Hector :)

- van
This is why I usually hate answering the phone. It might turn into a whole...thing...*sigh*

- van
After posting the previous page, a commenter on deviantart (you know who you are) asked why I didn’t just go ahead and use blue skies?

That might ultimately be just a little aesthetic thing, and maybe you didn’t even notice, either, but it made me wonder why, in fact, I didn’t. Turns out, I rather liked it. Thanks for the suggestion!

If you recognize who’s checking the mail, you probably know where we’re headed next while Gogo goes aerial.

In addition to many and varied intonations of “Hams”, Pablo IS capable of other noises, of course, in the same way your dog barks, but also growls, whines, howls, etc. It’s all a matter of situation.
In this particular situation, there is an assertion by another party that demands and in-kind retort, which Pablo does with practiced eloquence.
“Such LANGUAGE...”

Rules? In a chase? FOOL! I MOCK YOU.
Pablo just saved dude's Jeep, really.


- van
April 16th, 2018
Not a lot of plot to unpack here, just some movement.

“Just”, heh...

I don’t have a lot of action scenes in my comics, at least not much that immediately comes to mind. There must be a few, but generally speaking, I wouldn’t describe my work as a whole having a lot of dynamic movement. It certainly FEELS like less familiar territory. Like detailed backgrounds, cars, and crowd scenes, choreographed action is one of those subjects in creating comics that’s exciting to imagine, but that might not come as easy (or well) in the execution. Even so, this page—and the next few—are pretty fun, and they feel a little different, too.

You have to walk before you can run, and run before you can execute flippy jumps, and execute flippy jumps before...ah well, baby steps...