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A random idiot who likes drawing/sketching and tea.
hmm, let's see I'm also a very blank person in my opinion, but I can make a good joke every once in a while.
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and........................something bad goin to happen to the smol bean
"Mom" reminds me of a zombie that jumpscares you in zombie games...
"I dont have any experience with men but i always want to try." oml this child
when you forget who's who xD I still know who Taavi is just everyone else XD
Kim cant say anything cause it looks to me he's trying to get under Kylee's I say fair play for Kylee.
DONT.DROP.THAT.TOWEL. like seriously don't, we don't need the children flustered out in the open.
I can't help but think of Gollum from The Hobbit XD but oml he hurt the child!
Would big-sister approve of their *cough cough* activities?
January 11th, 2018
ok lets retry his morales first he distrusts them ect then he fights with them then he fights against him and then he does that with them...were those fights the first two dates?
I love how he's so flustered! :D
while people wish for a saving kiss I'm wishing for Arei to just fricken wake-up....then kiss :3
my question is...where are axels clothes?
ok one of you need to break the ice and talk about that kiss (it take awkward talks to break awkward situations :3)
hmmmmmm calli tell him so you stop sweating xD
Dragosh's face ok all their faces they are amazing...can't help but laugh.
now is Kim still drunk or does he want a steamy shower? xD
I only see one error with their never go into a river/creek when the water has broken over banks/flooded undercurrents are dangerous and even ankle deep (if strong enough) can wipe one off their feet (the same goes for vehicles on flooded roads even just a few inches and strong enough current can move the vehicle)the page is still really good though :3
no one can be mad at that child not even brand XD
the problem with society summed up in this page... btw the story and art seem really good so far keep it up
January 2nd, 2018
A true friend... :P