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A random idiot who likes drawing/sketching and tea.
I love reading anything that seems interesting
Im female but I act more Male...and my friends told me my male name would totally be Marc soooooo ...yup :3
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Sly dog haha.... e.e ima go bk to it when im sick .-.
I have enjoyed week :3 starting a week off with some gore
oooo o-o
ill be suprised if they dont kiss within the next 2 pages
February 7th, 2018
r those the faces of everyone we met o-o *spots familiar children.*
February 2nd, 2018
Hes too cute and innocent to be wanted by the foxes!!!!
why was ANYTHING emphasized? :3
that makes me really curious.
January 30th, 2018
Callipus is so he's so cute!!!! and he dont know what a dog is....time for some schooling xD
@StanleyComics: Oooo but hes a distraction right now, the kid should be smart and take the chance...
I LOVE THIS GUY HE MAKES JOKES ABOUT PARTIES HE WASNT INVITED TO! so how much longer til' they shoot ya bud?
January 26th, 2018
this child knows all about technology yet nothing about science-plant life
....its cute :3
@Dragongirl101: He was drinking water with em' that's for sure.xD yeah Kim might freak out.
@Dragongirl101: Well...Kim's the drunk one since Kylee was too young to drink he stuck with Kylee's completely sober unless he got drunk off the kiss at the bar XD
go trap a dream-thingy-creature they said.It'd be fun they said.
Well in Dragosh's defense they haven't seen him in 5 years...
when you see how easy it is for Taron to hate everyone but Arei
Excuse to get all touchy. I'm calling it! JK
though that might be 1% of it and dang Axel who knew you could massage ohh Axels eyes
oooo me like this full of surprises...but for how long will barging in last? even if you can blow up walls...
January 20th, 2018
ok so let me get this straight whenever Desrick, Helleyes, gets too well yeah...... his il mask starts disappearing?

an doooo i re-read haha yeah guiltly mee...and i found that those marks started when " I want him" was thought/said
EEEEEPPPP you don't throw bows around! that be bad!lol so cool and his face panel 3 XD
HAHA, I guess it pays off turning tracking device thingy off and then getting it cut out of you by perverts! am I the only one that remembers this? but dat hair doe