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Anomalous Paradigm
I am a YouTuber and the creator of Disney Versus Battles: a web series focusing on characters from the Disney universe, analyzing their combat skills and abilities in a side by side comparison to determine who would win in a hypothetical battle. with a misanthropic view of life, a love for art cultural clothing, and knowledge. In the future I plan to make comics for girls in minorities looking for an alternative to the ones that cater to the men more than women. I'm also the creator of The Chronicles of Nubia: a comic strip series that chronicles the life of a radical feminist, activist; Nubia Nyota as she struggles to save the masses from their own stupidity and survive her senior year of high school.
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    Kwarmaine Council
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Had to fix two errors, but everything is cool now.
@Guest: lol I'm glad I could present a different perspective for you to think about.
Had to edit this a few minutes ago since I remembered at the last minute that most of the incidents involving Pastors I was referring to involved both boys and girls.
Had to fix the image; thought it looked blurry, but it seems to be fine now.
lol that was hilarious. "I think she's still alive because I saw her twitching". Glad I found this comic.