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I'm black that enough to describe what I look like, I like playing games and don't have an occupation at the moment and pretty much bored these days.
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July 3rd, 2018
WTF am I currently reading?
Is it just me or did Izzy get smaller and yea I can understand if it's from Darcy's workout but what happened to Darcy she ain't super buff no more.
@Billy the Fish: Dead from a stingray last time I checked.
@TheOneEnnui: He's gonna lose his shit about something serious soon tho like the asteroid.
Yep calling it here, Izzy's gonna adopt the kid and this guy's gonna get a double headshot.
@OmegaVortex: So basically the ball is in the park here and theres a good chance its gonna stay there
That Crow has swag and lots of it too.
March 31st, 2018
Something tells me creep guy in the last panel is the killer and Izzy might adopt her.
March 20th, 2018
@TheOneEnnui: Which reminds me it's been a while since Noah lost his shit huh?
March 18th, 2018
@TheOneEnnui: They knew Izzy is rich and eccentric yet they thought her nephew is gonna be a normal kid, that just poor reconnaissance on their part.
Anyone else watched all the dance arc pages again while listening to Fall Out Boy - Death Valley.
I guess its the blond kids turn to do something for miss swirly eyes.
@metanight78: You know now that I think about it Max and Zone would be perfect for each other.
Good on Max for not stopping but why can I see myself doing this.
If he shows up to the dance with a cougar pelt that's gonna be awesome.
@Dragongirl101: That or Asher.
March 1st, 2018
@TheOneEnnui: Nope I have a feeling their gonna wonder why the kidnappers weren't better equipped.
February 28th, 2018
If Izzy and rest of the group turned up as he's committing murder what would they say?
@✠ᗫeus℣ult!!!✠: Didn't notice the pun until just now.
Oh well just hope Max doesn't snap.