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Ana H Bois
My name's Ana, and I've been reading webcomics for a while now, but I recently got inspiration to write my own.

I'm active on Quotev ( ) and deviantArt ( ), as I'm not sure yet how often I will be on Smack Jeeves.
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    Ana H Bois
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Seaweed's torso is invisible :/
I JUST noticed Amadeus? and Petunia sitting together
So glad people are calling her her name now
I love how childish this is
So fluffy!!
That is what I am hoping for too!
Me too...
I think she's going to ask Virga to convince Assistant (should I be calling her something else now? I'm so not used to a name!) to come with her, maybe so Yellow can meet her?
Maybe, I never thought of that! Probably because her parents look pretty similar to her
Ooh yeah probably
That's how I found this! And I'm glad I did, this is such a cool comic!
@Triforce Fandom: 99% sure it's a guy
I really like Yellow already
@Nua: Are those not the mancers?
I don't remember fully
but she does look exactly like the criminal
Both of these children are absolutely adorable... and I love the second panel so much too! Virga's expression is great, and Nimbus looks adorable, and plus Yellow's expecting smile is great too
Yellow is here! And I don't know why the second time I read this page, I didn't see the "Ama-"
now that I see it, it worries me
well not this page
but okay, that makes sense that you know then
I don't even think I saw the yellow text!
But as for the flower, yes, definitely yellow
wait but how do you know
my first thought was that she's an ecoversian (although it's probably improbable)
just because the skin tone is so green
but people are probably right that it's yellow, I guess