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My name's Ana, and I've been reading webcomics for a while now, but I recently got inspiration to write my own.

I'm active on Quotev ( ) and deviantArt ( ), as I'm not sure yet how often I will be on Smack Jeeves.
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Yay, I finally did chapter 1! I'm not sure why I procrastinated so long on this last page, it took like 5 minutes.
I can't wait for chapter 4, my personal favourite of the ones I've written out so far!
Anyway, on to chapter 2!
Okay Wallis is asexual and biromantic. Still don't know about Purple though.
@Guest: Yup, I knew they were a couple, I just didn't know Wallis was asexual, and I think that's really cool!
Wow, I can't believe I never noticed that! That's so cool!
Don't quote me though I may be wrong about their sexualities.
@Parry: Yes an actual couple. I believe Wallis is asexual but he's obviously either homoromantic, biromantic, or panromantic, Idk which. And I THINK Purple is just homosexual.
Wallis' expression in this is so hard to read... he might look nervous, or mad, or sad!
Oh this as a movie would be AMAZING
@Skeletonwarrior: I actually didn't know that, but cool!
I don't think so but if it is OH THAT WOULD BE SO COOL
Wait I'm dumb Purple already knows about that
I hope Wallis mentions his hands. Although, he should probably tell Harold about that first.
@Skeletonwarrior: I HOPE SO
@HamVerse: Oh okay, so Red, Blue, Purple, Indigo, Green and Orange: that's already over 5, so I guess there are more servants than mancers.
So many theories! I'm also wondering how this descendant thing will work - maybe the power is just randomly assigned when a mancer dies or something? Or is one of Assistant's relatives a mancer so they passed it down to her? Was she adopted?
@MorgiTheCorgi: Yeah, I was thinking that too! If she's a mancer, so she is powerful, that would explain why the Dark Lord is so interested in her!
Idk maybe, but since she's had conflicts with the Prince who is around Nim and Purple a lot. I'm not sure, but that leads me to believe that she would not be helping Purple.
@The_mad_one: That is actually a pretty good theory, but I don't think so. Just because all of the colours changed their skin and hair colour too, whereas Assistant's hair is still as colourful as ever. Of course, that COULD be because Wallis permanently dyed it, but I'm not sure.
And reading some of the other comments, maybe Madam President is the other mancer! People have pointed out that she has rainbow hair too, AND Purple is her 'servant' to some extent.
@J: Well, we've got Red, Blue, Purple, and Indigo. My theory is since those are only colours on one side of the spectrum, not the whole rainbow, that there are more servants than mancers. But maybe there are 5 servants too. Who knows?