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Ana H Bois
My name's Ana, and I've been reading webcomics for a while now, but I recently got inspiration to write my own.

I'm active on Quotev ( ) and deviantArt ( ), as I'm not sure yet how often I will be on Smack Jeeves.
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    Ana H Bois
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Awww that last panel is so cute
I don't know why I like Purple's expression in the first panel so much. And for some reason he looks really young
@Dawnbreak: Yes exactly!!
(Although most of the time I don't really obsess over relationships and stuff, for some reason, so I don't care about that aspect as much)
it's just amazing to see them opening up and finally realizing that they have nothing to not be friends over (if that makes sense?)
AWWWW! This is awesome
Except for that Purple is so wrong
and it's good that, although he still basically hates himself, at least he's saying it to someone
I don't know what to say about this
Yes seeing how dramatic he can be
I know
it's adorable
Not a meme, but here's a cropped screenshot:
I was NOT prepared for that
I love her reaction though
Yep, the tables have turned!
everyone else is crying or screaming
I don't even know how to react
Yep, basically
She's awesome, and this is smart too! Obviously he's helpful, but right now since he's feeling kind of useless, this is great because now he sort of feels like he has a reason to go back
That's my idea
It's fine Wallis, Assistant understood you, and so will everyone else. Come on, they're your friends.
Hmm... I feel it's one of two things: Assistant has noticed, but she realizes Wallis is already stressed out enough, so in order to spare his feelings she's not mentioning it until he's calmed down.
They haven't noticed it, simply because everything going on is so overwhelming.
That's my theory!