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Ana H Bois
My name's Ana, and I've been reading webcomics for a while now, but I recently got inspiration to write my own.

I'm active on Quotev ( ) and deviantArt ( ), as I'm not sure yet how often I will be on Smack Jeeves.
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    Ana H Bois
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Now Careless Whisper is playing in my head and I can't get it to stop
Ah okay, I read the prologue comic and now I get this. The last time he connected with someone, it ended badly, and now he is hesitant to have feelings for another person.
@Guest: I hope they do though, because I want Rylie and Cirrus and Nim to be having dinner together and the queen seeing her for the first time with her own people
This must be a prank... right??
@Guest: wait, is that canon about Harold? Or are you just assuming that because of how he acts?
@Nua: Whoa yeah that would be SO awesome!!
@KiraMiko: Oooh I didn't catch the fae thing, thanks!
@Quadrant: No, it's just closer to the camera!
@Brent : He doesn't have this, because he can't do magic right now. Otherwise he would be able to just as easily as in the map scene
You did the expression perfectly!
I love how confused he looks so much
She looks so intense!
Why is Purple surprised though? He said he knew where this was going
I really love that panel
Aww, this is adorable!!
Ahh I love Purple so much
Awww this is adorable
Ana H Bois
January 27th, 2019
The cover for Oath! I had to neglect adding two of the main characters, and if I redraw this I will make sure to add them.
Well now it's DEFINITELY favouritism and not just taking care of a sick child.
I'm glad that at least his father cares about him, though.