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Lightreaver team
Hey everyone, me and a couple of good friends just started the production of very special webcomic project. It's a story based in Alternative Future in Warcraft Universe, even if you know nothing about WoW or a huge lore junky, you'll enjoy it ether way!)

For some extra information about the comic and access to new pages before they are out for the general public feel free to check our Patreon at

new pages are out every week!
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@Mystical Dreams: ture) say, what's your theory regarding her?)
got sick
20/03 Hey everyone, wanted to address the situation with later pages: all of the the black and white and line art just now been completed up to the chapter finale, but our colourist has been very ill over the past week, hopefully, she'll recover very soon. Again, sorry for lack of new pages.
@Nelth: Cheers mate) we doing our best when it comes to the story, even though the beginning might be a bit slow, but trust me, its gonna get up to eleven)
@MarioKong: right after this mate walks in to the picture )
@MarioKong: Get ready to say it twice )
Man, this artstyle is the titts! its rough, its curvy, its soft all at the same time, Its bloody amazing, and i got quite a boner for a good neon.

The only problem is this font, its reaaaly stands out and takes you out of the experience. i would recommend to draw it by hand or download some from here: most of them are free.