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Wahh food!~ <(*p*<)

A bit of a late update due to my busy schedule.
If you like my works, consider following me and supporting me on my social media and Ko-Fi (
@WindowMaker: Haha thanks for your comment! Yeah maybe!
So is the paranormal conspiracy a joke or no....?
I'll be off next week so there won't be an update then. Stay tuned until I get back! And thanks for your ever support~
Lunar New Years coming up so for those celebrating have fun!~ And even for those that don't have fun as well! And rest well everyone~

Thank you for your patience and support!~
Oh~ Who's this?
Happy New Years everyone!!~
Hope you guys had a great holidays~~

What's everyone's new years resolutions or goals? I'm hoping to draw more and make better comics!
Let's all do our best for the new year!!
@p0indexterous: Happy New Year!~ Thanks so much for liking my comic so much~~
Hello readers!~

Thank you so much for following along Reina and her daimo adventures~

With the holidays coming, i’ll be taking a two week break. Remember, rest well and enjoy!
Stay tuned!~
Trying to add more panels and content! So updates might be slow, apologies in advance!

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Visited animenyc and it was so fun~
But back to work!
I have a new job now so updates will be slow but I'll try my best!~
Thanks for understanding~~

If you like my work, please consider supporting me on my Ko-fi!~
Actions have consequences.

Also bless you high school architecture classes for giving me power to pull through these bgs now lol tho they're still a pain to work with =w="
*runs in, runs out*
A bit late, but here it is!~
September 24th, 2018
Phew! That background took took quite a while for me haha.

Life's getting hectic again so updates will prob be a bit slow. Thanks for understanding~
September 11th, 2018
Hey guys!
Sorry for the late update, I've been really busy lately. (=n=)

Poor Reina... Anyone ever get recurring bad dreams? How'd you cope?
Lemme kno in the comments below!
It was a struggle getting the crystal to look right but at least I had fun with the sparkle brush haha!~

Also for those of you starting school soon, I wish y'all good luck and fighting spirit on your upcoming studies!
Follow the light...
Just finished Flame Con over the weekend! Now it's back to comic work haha

Hmm wonder what she's thinking?..... What do you guys think?