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Virtual Wombat
Hi, I'm Aaron and above you'll see me with my main character, Virtual Wombat. I draw comics and cartoons about animals in weird and very human situations and I also blog about creating, games, tech, entertainment and whatever nonsense is brewing in my head.

I'm an engineer by night, fixing things in remote locations by moonlight and do my drawing between sleeps. My ambition is to reduce my work hours and put more time into comic creation eventually. Wouldn't we all love that though?

I also enjoy the odd spell of gaming, though I don't tend to find much time for it these days.
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The 12 Puns of Christmas
On this wombaty Christmas my true love gave to me:
12 hummers humming,
11 vipers vaping,
10 Nords a-peeping,
9 waiting wombats,
8 llamas leaping,
7 swans a-swimming,
6 bees a-laying,
5 cold things,
4 calling birds,
3 French hens,
2 turtle doves,
Alan Partridge in a pear tree!!

Here's the last comic before the holiday break. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend and then having all the family over to ours on Monday.

Merry Christmas everyone, I'll see you on 27th for the next update!
@ChammyIRL: Thanks Chammy! Love live the humble biscuit.
When wombat's out shopping for eats,
He has a habit of buying treats,
Promising himself he'll have just one,
Most of the time that's what he's done.

But there's one biscuit I should mention,
Nobhobs, a sweet Rooty invention,
That plough through even the strongest will,
Even when you think you've had your fill.

You dunk and eat and pick ten more,
Till you're a mess plonked on the floor.

I arrived back from Lancaster late yesterday. What a trip. It took me over three hours to do less than 70 miles in each direction, a frustrating exercise in dealing with traffic and suicidal drivers.

I almost can't wait for the driverless revolution to get underway. I long for the time when I can just sit back and read while the car deals with all the commotion.

Anyway, this is the start of my Christmas and New Year break. I've been looking forward to it for ages and intend to enjoy every second of it!
The Sinkhole
The plains shook like an earthquake,
The ground began to rumble,
A gaping chasm tore the earth,
Wombat's wife? She took a tumble.

And now he finds he's staring,
Into this tectonic crease,
And not particularly caring,
As he finally has some peace.

Ok, I'll admit this one might be a tiny, little, micro bit evil. I'm not sorry though.

I just finished my last proper shift before Christmas. I have 2 days training to go on in Lancaster Monday and Tuesday and then that's me for 2 weeks. I'm really looking forward to the break.

It's not Christmas, it's not the family, or presents. I just want a REST. Please won't somebody let me have a rest?
For this knight of the realm things don't look good, his situation dire,
His prey, a mighty dragon, destroying everything with fire,
But beyond the plumes of smoke it seems this huge and fearsome lizard,
May not quite be all he seems, just an imagination wizard!

I had fun drawing this. I decided to go for something a bit different with the dragon and knight, with the black silhouettes and white detailing. I was going for a sort of old medieval etched look. Pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Anyway, must get this posted for you all, need to get off and visit besties new baby who just arrived. See you Friday!
@Mark: I'm glad you enjoyed it Mark. I've no idea if a wombat derives any benefit from pooping in cubes, save for having no fear of it rolling away. I might get the old wikipedia out...
@Sam: Most of the bigger companies do seem to get it right I'll admit. There are a few notorious ones over here though where the drivers are paid per delivery, so for them a wet parcel in a bush seems to count! Thanks for the comment Sam.
Home Deliveries
Be careful when you order goods for home delivery,
Your box might not end up where you expected it to be,
I've had parcels dropped on grass or letters hidden down a lane,
And valuables left in bushes getting sodden in the rain.

We even had a driver upon finding we weren't in,
Drop a nice clean parcel to the bottom of our bin,
So if you are a driver heading out to do your round,
Please hear the pleas of all of us and stop messing around.

Leave it with a neighbour just a few short feet away,
Or keep the box, I'll contact you and wait another day.

What an unusually productive weekend I had. All three comics for this week (including this one) got done in good time, despite suffering from a really heavy cold and a distracting earache. Anyway, thankfully feeling better this morning as I'm at work from 9pm tonight.
Only six more shifts to go and then I'm off for Christmas and New Year... Yaaaay!!
I love how your panels are laid out, I could learn a bit from that myself. Try to make them more dynamic.
Christmas Decorations
Terry's heart was filled up with glee,
At the thought of a lit Christmas tree,
But the lights were so tangled,
His legs got all mangled,
And now he can't get himself free.

As we're now well into December I award myself official licence to post something Christmas related. See. Even a Giraffe can be Christmassy if you tie him up in lights and slap a bauble in his gob...

This is the last of the comics being moved from my old website. So expect two or three a week from here on. Usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday depending on time.
Building Blocks
Wombats are simply wonderful in everything they do,
But did you know these animals have perfect cubic poo?
Imagine Wombat's sheer surprise when with no plans or mortar,
He'd built a mini poop fortress that towered from the water.

I was a little worried about whether people would get this one. I guess the poem helps but until you get down this end of the page it kind of relies on you knowing about angular wombat droppings. Oh well. How often do you get the chance to draw a castle constructed from turd blocks?

This is my first time.
Winter Hibernation
Efficient hoarding was Barry's ambition,
But he's now in a hopeless position,
Because just for the kicks,
His friends said that bricks,
Were walnuts of ample nutrition.

It's been a busy week here in wombat world, I finished my last shift of the week at 4:30am this morning so I'm looking forward to relaxing and getting ahead with a few comics, I hope. This weekend is one of those where I don't feel like going anywhere. I'm going to plant myself in a comfy chair and stay there for the next three days.

Sort of a mini hibernation all of it's own I suppose.
Nelson's Robbery
The gang had made a plan to get the money they all need,
But were caught by a detective, unexpectedly indeed,
Wombat sprung to action like a martial artist monk,
Knocked him out and bound him and said "Hide him in the trunk!"

Poor Nelson got confused and now he needs to make amends,
He made this mistake before but with a different group of friends,
It wouldn't be so bad except this pesky police rogue is,
Now stuck inside an elephant and covered in his bogies.

This is an alternate version of the Nelson's Booty cartoon already on this site (you can find it in the archive). I toyed with each idea, drew one but in the end decided this was just as much fun and made it too!

I can't help but feel sorry for the old elephant though...
The Evolution of Wombat
He started as a microbe but soon became a fish,
He ventured onto dry land to fulfil a walking wish,
Stood side by side with dinosaurs and managed to survive,
He faced so many dangers it's a wonder he's still alive.

He hunted as a sabretooth and used his fangs to manage,
Although due to his tiny size he didn't do much damage,
But now wombat is happy digging up his favourite roots,
Carving out plenty of holes to hide his cubic poops.

It's a wonder I managed to get this finished. I spent most of the weekend getting jobs done and then helping my Dad build a load of new furniture. I hate flatpack. I hate it with a passion.

Don't forget to share this if you enjoyed it!
No Need to Rush
If you have a special hobby that helps you pass the time,
Bob Moss won't have you rushing, to him this is a crime,
His paintings take forever but his key to satisfaction,
Is using what he loves to find genuine relaxation.

There's a lesson in this for me somewhere. I often find myself rushing to get the finishing touches done on a picture to meet a schedule that I set for myself. When that happens you lose some of the pleasure inherent in doing what you love. I'm sure there's many creators out there who can sympathise.

This is a reminder to myself to keep the joy of what I do at the forefront.

(By the way - I was working on this before that Deadpool trailer came out - weird bloody coincidence...)
Fears and Phobias
Spiders are so creepy that I'd rather keep them out,
There's something really sinister in the way they get about,
I don't see how a creature needs eight legs to walk around,
We humans have just two but have no problems on the ground.

And feet are just too ugly not to fill my mind with dread,
The cheesy toes and crusty skin sound warnings in my head,
It's much worse to imagine someone putting hands on mine,
Just the thought of touching them sends shivers down my spine.

The only thing more terrible than these two things I know,
Would be a giant spider with its foul toes out on show,
The sight would cause an overload and fry my poor old brain,
The sad truth is I'd probably never be seen again.

Don't worry, Virtual Wombat is fine. A cup of strong tea and a hug had him right back on his feet again. Perhaps I'd better make his next adventure a little less taxing on the nerves...

I seem to have managed to fall into a pretty decent schedule for releases now, so you can expect at least two new comics or cartoons a week. The plan is Monday and Friday, plus something on Wednesday with time permitting.
Bunny Plums
Talking of the details of pregnancy prevention,
There's one procedure blokes like I are unlikely to mention,
Here's whats so important, the key thing is this lads,
There's no prospect so worrying as slicing off your 'nads.

The upsides are aplenty, I can't make that too clear,
No pills to take, no plans to make or sheathes to tip your spear.
But, here's whats so imperative, the key thing is this chums,
There's nothing quite so permanent as severing your plums.

I hope the combination of poem and comic today get a few people laughing. I think Pam the flight attendant may be my favourite thing ever... Oh and in case anyone wonders where the name "Fluffula" comes from, it was the name of my old pet rabbit, Count Fluffula.

Best bunny name ever, right?
Survival of the Piggest
He's a master of the wilderness, a picture of survival,
A vision of impressiveness, an adventurer revival,
A paragon of bravery with stunning outdoor skills,
The swine who fears no hardship, our very own Boar Grylls.

Say hello to Boar Grylls, a character I've had a lot of fun drawing. Thanks to Michael for planting this idea in my head!

Anybody got any awesome camping plans for this weekend? (I hate camping...)
Movember Moustaches
If ever you have enough cash,
To add some fine roots to your stash,
Moosetafar is your man,
We promise they can,
Add plenty of heft to your 'tache.

(For context: This comic was originally posted at the beginning of November on my old website!)

Are you taking part in Movember this year? I've decided to stay away from the razor and see what happens.

If you've never heard of Movember, it's a great cause dedicated to men's health. All you have to do is get your mates to sponsor your ridiculous lip growth. Easy right?

If you're sporting your own moustache for the month, good on you!
Remember, Remember
Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot,
So if your conversation gets lost in translation,
Your excuse for a sparkler will not.

(For context: Originally posted on old website on 5th of November 2017)

Ah, bonfire night! Toffee apples, blankets, cosy fires and them bloody annoying fireworks! I'm not doing anything this year, had far too much to get on with this weekend and I'm back at work tomorrow!

Still, if you're heading out have fun and gloat below...