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Errr ummm... I may make a comic
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Wait so why are you restarting? And also is potato a girl? The pronouns in the old version are a little confusing.
Is that a gen 7 pkmn I see there?
LOL I ship Rudy and Holly! Oh yeah. I kind of do need help. I want to start my own Webcomic but I suck at drawing. Any help or recommendations?
New Webcomic
Hey guys umm so I am planning to start a new webcomic.
I feel like this will be pretty good as long as I can find a good artist. anyone out there?
Thanks for reading!
@12AbbyRainbow: the doggie badger is texting?
Umm what happened exactly?
sorry for asking this and this may already be answered but are you going to make it slightly different or are you going to make it the exact same? you will at least update new pkmn right? are you starting totally over from scratch or are you using the exact same panels and stuff?
this one is so good! when did you get the idea of the storyline? why does it only have like 9 favorites? there should be a lot more! its too good to have that little...
Best Dain Delay ever!
I really did feel horrible about Rain being with Emily Because I was afraid Emily would just use Rain. but now that I actually got to know her and stuff she seems amazing. I just care about her now. I for some reason have this feeling that Chase is going to change a lot and become a good person. Lol ik that’s never going to happen.
December 1st, 2017
First. Lol welcome back! Ik it’s kind of late but welcome back. I missed you
November 30th, 2017
Is chase supposed to look like the devil?