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Errr ummm... I may make a comic
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I really wish Abby was a gender neutral name. I wish to make it one one day. I wish I were named Abby
Hey. I just have personal questions for you (the author) about your comic
1. Who’s your favorite character? (Excluding the main characters. As in the 5 13 year olds)
2. Who’s your favorite of the main character
3. Who’s the favorite character to draw?
4. What inspired your story? Animes comics mangas books?
5. Are any of the main characters based off people in your school or something like that?

Thank you.
I am SOOO much like Rudy/Ruby. How about maybe Abby as Colette’s name.
So a hiatus or? I don’t know. Seems good if your updating the MW. Let me know if you need or want any help with anything
Umbreon got bullied by a joltic lol
I just thought Itd be more red
Jose’s facial expression doesn’t match her flame color. Why? Did you take the Mood Flame out? Nooooo I liked the Mood Flame.
I went home sick today. I missed another day. So I missed 6 days of school right at exam period. Plz help.

Have we ever seen Rudy’s back like that ever before? I don’t really remember. Sorry that’s so random but I wonder the most random things.
@LittleLynn84: hi umm I kind of need help. I missed a whole week of school because I was in the hospital. Now I’m super stressed and I have so much work to make up. And it’s right next to the exams. I have 5 quizzes/tests to make up and homework for every subject for 6 days. Please any advice? What would you do in my situation?
You got first. No fair. I was on an airplane
That’s amazing! Nice reply. I would have said “I was sick or something so I was going to bike home”
That oran berry tasted bad. Can I have another one that’s actually fresh?
Do you think she would do that? You like that idea? Noice :}
I still think Rudy reads Rain. Not Snow but Rain. LittleLynn84 please support my claim.
The truth is finally going to come out. Hopefully. Will Todd really be punished tho?
@LittleLynn84: hi. I kind of have a question that is probably impossible. What if Rain was turned into a kid again through like a dream or whatever and what if she met Ryan? How would they both react? Would they get along even? They are pretty much the same person kind of.
Or he reads the Se;ki webcomic! Lol
Rudy reads Rain!
Okay so Rain is supposed to update today. When do you think she will update? I’d say the 11 hour. Also. I have a question. Do the flashbacks take time in the timeline in the story. I don’t know how to ask that but like whenever there is a flashback, does any time elaps. I noticed that there is a different scene after a flashback.