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Music and video game. Maybe too much of it
I can’t be the only one who though that
Uhm. Not sure how I should feel about that *aheam* LAST pannel
Have fun sleeping tonight.
Lovrina has a very dark, and bare future ahead…
@Randompeep: aaand now we’ve gone into conspiracy territory
“Ptff it wasn’t TORTURE”
“It was torture”
Well this is going to end well
“(With some exeptions)” good call, especially with the addition of the skitty/wailord breeding being crosses out
*see’s meinshao run*
*Naruto theme plays in the background*
@Randompeep: Oh fuck…
@Evanturous: eh only 2 villains come to mind: Cyrus and Lysander
@WildfireK: it might just blast you
@troblsomtwins829: “get ready, ima hand your ass to ya this time!”
-an enthusiastic dusknoir who plays PTCG
Last pannel
thank you Mycaelis for pointing out the flaw with hostages. Once you kill them, your Shit outta luck
@Clan: you’re a time traveler that read my mind
That escalated quickly
What I want to know is why Darkrai insists on “Miss” Lovrina
@Kittenwishstar: OK in that case, no, it isn't bad that you ship them
@Kittenwishstar: two questions
1 ship who?
And 2. Is the Diglet a part of the ship?
@rni (Guest): actually they were team meanies in the games too. Go-Getters is definitly the worst name I’ve seen, right next to poké-pals (in the anime and default name for explores)
@Koren: now I need to see artwork of Garatina as a fish