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Music and video game. Maybe too much of it
@Snapety McSnap: no wonder he has a face of utter disbelief
Runes looking kinda awkward when Malachi brings up her family and friends

Edit: this was suppose to be a reply… nailed it
@Truefan108: You got the ship then you got the ship-in-a-bottle on said ship, you decide wich is wich
…seriously? Cliffhanger?
I don’t have the grip to hold on like this [insert hyperbole here]
I wonder if Malachi will bring up how she wrights in a different language…
Oooh so that crystal Fabius (dusknoir) are was Dio… hopefully he’s been digested by now… maybe, depends on if he comes out a feces or Fabius gets his power
So it’s eother
A) they’re actually doing it
B) it’s not sexual at all
Or C) we don’t see it and Toby moves on
@42Meep: favorite? He’s the most terrifying! Do you see the jokes he’s making?
@Guest: WELL, and here I was thinking Blizz was a girl...
I feel stupid now.
Imaging if she froze Vay
Tess’ mind
“Oh, so he’s not actually here? Ok ima yell at him since he won’t be able to hurt me and I have a lot of choice words for him.”
No wonder he has all the money…
Realizing he evolved in 3… 2…
@Shaede The Black Eevee: yeah that definitly could have a better execution
Maybe that kiss will make it better :D
Well then…
Guess THATS a thing now…
“…Oof that’s rough, buddy”
(S)he sais to the one who’s been dead for 100+ Years
@VelvetRainbow: I’ll be honest… I didn’t see the knife until you brought it up…

Good thing I’m going for my eye exam today!