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Music and video game. Maybe too much of it
They’re a time traveler, things tend to get mixed up in that line of work
I can now see why the trainer has so many Eevee, LOOK AT TEH PRECIOUSE BABEHS
I’m sorry I was just watching the anime and I automatically assumed that team rocket is in the Bewear’s bag
Don’t worry it’s only, like 10 floors of rock/ground and fighting types, it’ll be fiiiineeeee
Please tell me she is gonna jump like 20 feet in the air like in those videos of cats being scared but cucumbers
He’s gonna get TM 15’d
Wait crap wrong page
“‘Used my badge’ they said, like that’s suppose to EXPLAIN GOING TO HYPERSPACE!!!”
“I mean, I wouldn’t call it a nightmare, but it definitely wasn’t a dream.”
That sip ally is so adorable. I wanna hug it
Oh, so the crash wasn’t plot. HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME TROPES!
Quick! Run towards the loud sound! It’ll further the plot!
Oh it’s PURPLE now is it?
RIP cuddle time. You will be missed (and/or forcibly put into your schedule)
Wait, I’m sorry, but chat or being a GOOD PERSON?

Oh wait he’ll probably chastise them next page
@Truefan108: “Perhaps” ok so it’s just an educated guess. Noted

Also just realized that earlier Leon said that when he opens the book it always shows him something he will need to know so…
“What are you? A cop?”
“No,” *leans in close* “I’m their boss’ boss”
@Truefan108: I’m talking about the cloths and staff, or is that always what it has?
Oh so the book is omniscient now huh? Otherwise I doubt it would know what Leon would look like when he’s older
You can just tell he’s just playing up the drama.