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Music and video game. Maybe too much of it
@comercole: If you read the stories on the creators deviantart is tells you that Marvin was their guardian who took in Vagus and Mycaelis after their parent where killed

Sorry if you already gleamed all that from the previous page, I wasn’t sure with how you worded it :P
So I think we can now agree that the reason that Celebi was so sadistic is that he is simply bored. Go figure
“Why are you so fat” he said to his other head
@dmr11: Or a side effect of being immortal (if Celebi is immortal)
Yeah, that definitely makes more sense. The games always make a big thing of the Mystery dungeon dangers, but mechanically they aren’t really
[referring to scroll over text] I agree, of course he’s trustworthy! He’s just some random middle-aged man helping a couple of kids find there missing item!

How many other red flags can I set off in one sentence hmmmm… where’s a white van with ‘free candy’ spray painted on it in red?
Appropriate reaction
@SentryBeat: It MELTED and I’m still PISSED
Poor blizz. I think we can all relate to wanting to sleep, but being to exited too - “I can’t wait for tomorrow, but I can’t fall sleep”
The moment you realize Milos but the Emboar
I like how he’s so pissed he expression is just stuck as “mildly annoyed” with a bit of indifference, at their attempts to stop him.
“… Or I’ve finally lost it” seeing the use of the word ‘finally’ in combination with the fact that this is day 3, I think your a little late on that realization buddy.
Daily(?) Death count: 3
*The final boss*
Replying to the over-over text, knowing Miku, insanity
Still not sure if Celebi is an evil maniac, or just wants to see the bad guys burn/likes creeping people out…
Blizz: *slides dusk 200P*
Here comes the question of can you kill the god of death? Because they are the reason for death so can they be killed? Yveltal’s “I think” is basically him wondering if him dying is possible.
Hindsight is 20/20 Toby, hindsight is 20/20