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Music and video game. Maybe too much of it
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I read the comments below figured we needed the title here somewhere

I also like how we all ignor the stuff on the table as the author is clearly saying “LOOK HERE ANS SPECULATE PEOPLE!”
@Shaede The Black Eevee: so duskull possesses them and gives them the red eye!
Oh he’s about to get his s*** pushes in so far it comes out his mouth! (Too descriptive?
@Meshoy: yeah I think this is the clearest shot of the armband we’ve had but you can see it in earlier pages
@Shaede The Black Eevee: So I’m going to clarify since the way you said it is kinda confusing:
Red eye’d Pokémon are Host
Faithful are parasites controlling them
The host and the faithful? What?
Chapter 1 page 10
Well in the games at least not so much in this story, remember the mightyena’s?
@Nekomata-chan: Good job on avoiding the “It was to protect you” cliché! Have a cookie
@Meshoy: and why dusknoir is bowing
I feel like Mewtwo just read everyone’s mind with that last comment… so now instead of saying that I’ll talk about Boss kitty!
@-FluorescentScales-: yeah ikr. The sad remorse stuff is what Pokémon Mystery dungeon is about! I haven’t played a single one that didn’t make me cry at one point
@Andrea Lamani : Why hail virizion? We got a comment section to fill!
“I just wasn’t ready!” Hypno will probably say something like “you won’t be ready in a dungeon” and if I were milos I would say “you literally attacked me out of nowhere and we were talking and you showed no signs of being pissed”
@Holy_Giratina: alright we are doing this now instead of star wars! Can it get any smaller? Find out on the next comment!
@soupedupd: it also sounds very rediculas at the same time
@Experiment04LLZ: Whenever it’s dusknoir I immediately think “ITS PRIMAL DIALGA” but I know it’s not ‘cuz the future isn’t screwed
@soupedupd: “Leon, I am your father”
I was starting to wonder…
@Giznuk has a point, if it IS mind control why is he in a cage? And has clearly been tortured