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Gay man in my 50s. Cartoonist in my spare time.
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@secant1: Oh, so it's a way to show a silence. thanks!
You used a symbol that has evolved to be common, that I don't know exactly what it stand for. What does the three dots "..." a symbol mean?
Judging from his wings, he's feeling very calm and relaxed.
January 15th, 2018
Poor guy, hoping he might be but not knowing if Alex IS gay, so he can't risk the awkwardness of hitting on a clueless straight guy if he misread the signals.
That was unexpected. Nice plot twist. He gets more complex.
January 8th, 2018
An art choice question. Why did you choose not to draw the dark pupils of your character eyes? I keep thinking they are blind or have bad glaucoma.
January 8th, 2018
Nice appreciative side eye. Well done.
You are such a tease, with the placement of that knee.
Well, that was unexpected! Hubba Hubba!
Could his eyes get any larger in panel 1?
January 3rd, 2018
My husband's idea of camping was a hotel without room service.
You are such a tease!
Was that his wings going down because he was getting spooled up?
Kid's got issues! Must have been burned badly in his past.
Reminds me of 5th element.
Aww That's just mean! Stupid Spatula.
Not sure about the symbols but maybe theo has a crush on him. Nice use of a wall of talking to depicting theo droning on.
Really like panel 3. Sensual pose, with wings. Nicely done.
December 25th, 2017
The plot thickens!
Well done showing him work it out in his head. and reaching the point of "Oh SH**! what do I do now!" And Alex looks like a satisfied cat that ate a canary.
Gotta start some!
Gotta love a group of buddies who intuitively know just how to push buttons. I expect Red & Marielle are writing this so at some level, they know he's gay and just needs a push. Or they know that a kiss will annoy Kimrock the most of any in the booth. Either way, fun.
Just Arrived.
Stumbled onto your comic. Very much enjoying it. Glad you are making it.
They broke the social contract. This is not going to end well.