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Karma Kay
I want to live long enough to finish writing down my memories in that journal of mine.

And maybe find another reason to live.
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    Karma Kay Alter
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huh, Rudyyyyyy, das a lot >.>
why do i find this so fascinating? o-o

who DAT

oh..........have fun with that >.>
darn noodles i caught up >.<
Karma Kay
February 21st, 2018
yee, love te flashback land

oh no

that is


aww, dats adorable O.O
oh hi there o-o

lovely >.>
o-o i don't know what his face is in the third panel....
gluttony gets out a lot >.> was right?
o-o slow da fuck down >.<
awkward boi is awkward
@MrCircusPapa: Good reply.

I don't really think it's a good thing. It's more good when the reason behind it is not that the person is simply trying to annoy or bother someone.

he just realized


-i shall never tell-
@MrCircusPapa: the type of annoying that comes from people calling u annoying just cus yer different or weird is the good kind >.>