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Meh, easy to figure out, I think Hoopa just preferred to have a world to be freed into to spread mayhem.
Do not worry! If The dead zone reached your spot by the morning, MewTwo would've said so. He calculated it's expension rate right after all.
Yeah, IRL, depression can do that to you, make you feel like those caring for you don't.
Anyone Can Die
Be careful with plot armors, sometimes you end up finding out that anyone can die...

But yeah, it's PMD, at worst death will be a slap on the wrist.
Well, I think Gengar just tempted Murphy, did he not?
The final stretch
Or is it? You might've kinda spoiled yourself earlier, showing us that Dark Arceus...

And anyway, saving the world is one thing. We still need to stop Victini, cure her and Drakai. The most likely stop Hoopa. Then we can safely have an epilogue. And imagine they will all live happyly ever after.
Operation "Save Boss Kitty" is a go!
*cue theme song*
Well, it's been established that Gengar used to be from medieval Japan (or whatever it is called in this world), so him making a Kiaii while making a martial art move make sense. A Kiaii is supposed to help you focus when executing a "technique". It's still a pretty common pratice in karate, judo/jujitsu, aikibudo and kobudo.
How are they going to pass that crossfire?
The team's tank is already down.
No more "next" button?
I just discovered Victory fire this weekend and I instantly fell in love with it, devouring in one trait the whole 600 pages. In fact, I registered to Smackjeeves just to add it to my favorites and
-1 spread the good word by adding one more « favorite » to your total
-2 make it easier for me to find it back.
A naïve part of me kinda hoped that it was completed or almost so and that I would get a full story, but o the other hand, it mean I still got to enjoy this for a little while. It is probably better like this.

The first thing that hooked me in was definitively the art style. I really like that kind of drawing and even when I feel nitpicky and start looking at the lesser panel, I can’t really fault your work: it’s gorgeous and detailed. ‘Grats.

Then there is the story. It did not take long to see that hey! It won’t be just another fan made sequel to PMD explorer but really a cool darker and hedgier story that could almost stand on its own.
I really liked how you torn to shred the usual opening of the series: Main character is amnesiac (they only remember their name and the fact that they use to be human) and find a friend right from the go that guide them through their first moments. Jen remember everything and Gengar don’t show up for a while and is not so helpful and only reluctantly.

Speaking of Gengar, you managed to mesh the two game’s scenario (and your own) in a wonderful manner here. I liked that Gengar got is chance at redemption, something that was only hinted at in the first game but never really expended upon. Same with Darkrai, I always felt a bit ambivalent with Time/Darkness/Sky’s ending; the villain is just gone and who know what really happened to him. Mixing it with the Colosseum series was a nice touch too.

Although, I am slightly concerned about adding the anime series into the mix; the anime’s world building often lean into spotty and/or cringe worthy territory, particularly in its beginning. But you’ve kept it low key and Mewtwo ended up being one of your greatest characters.

While he could've been a lazy deus-ex-machina, you not only gave a realistic and interesting personality, but you also avoided the trap of "smart equal no mistake". He makes all sorts of mistakes, from tactical to relational ones. You also counter-balanced him nicely with a powerful dark Victiny as an opponents and the crippling need to protect his weaker companions.

I also touched the subject of Gengar, but I really think it should be underscored: you really fleshed him out well and his development thorough the adventure was nicely done. He also counter-balances a much nicer and likeable Jen and Kekcleon. That trio was a delight to follow. The rest of your cast is also well written and you can easily imagine them being real alive character. As real as pokemons can be anyway. You are also able to distinguish between pokemons and human mind really well, something that is not often seen.

So yes of course, it is not high literature with prodigiously deep characters and profound reflexion on the nature of something or another, but it is a very well made webcomic from a technical point of view and a very engaging story to read, regardless of the format.

I also think that not naming nor showing the game's main characters was a good choice, that way we can imagine it is our rescue/exploration team that was there.

My only regrets are the absence of the mystery dungeons it selves and the spoiler-heavy chapter cover.