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Hello all, i am an artist in every sense of the word and it is my ambition to be a self sustaining artist and an inspiration to others who want to follow the same path.
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Nothing like a late upload to start the new year with. Some stuff came up with school that I had to take care of. Not planning to make a habit of that this year tho. As always thanks for reading!
I'm really stumbling to the finish line, but i'm determined to keep regular uploads going. Just gotta work on some time management stuff in my personal life.. I'm sorry guys. Thanks for reading!
I'm having some real trouble staying on schedule. But i'm working on it i swear. Thanks for sticking around guys
I'm off my bullshit and back to posting. Next update this Sunday like usual!
Technical issues
Sorry for getting it up a day late, my internet was out all day yesterday :/ fixed it though
No upload next week
Off to vacation tomorrow. No episode next week, but after that back to normal uploads!
Sorry for the late upload. Should be the last one for awhile now that school is gonna be out!
I am going on vacation the week of june 3rd tho. so no page that week. but aside from that we all on track!
New upload day
Small announcement! due to repeated scheduling issues, upload day is gonna be on Saturday now.
Friday just isn't working with what i have going on right now. Thanks for reading!
Had to upload late in the day, but here it is! Chapter two les go!
Behind the scenes update
I gotta apologize for missing another upload, but i'm happy to say there's a silver lining. After some self reflection I've been able to pin point and address the issues i'm having that lead to me uploading late and uploading lower quality pages. I've developed a new schedule that is helping me stay on track and keep my pages looking beautiful. This first chapter has been a learning experience and I want to assure my readers I am learning.
I've also come to the realization that I really should open myself up to constructive critisim. So if you wanna help the comic get better be sure to send a message or drop a comment about what i'm doing right, what i'm doing wrong, and any suggestions you think would be helpful. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated :)
Missing update
My apologies for missing last weeks update. i'm in the middle of moving, but i'm gonna be back on schedule now.
Don't know what was up with that first upload attempt, but i know to watch out for that now. Sorry for the delay!
Welcome and thanks for reading!
I relate to page 42 too much :U