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I'm just here for the boy love comics .... Move along....nothing to see here
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Well after hearing he doesn't do just anyone that would keep me up too...get some answers Kyle 😡😡😳
Everyone needs that one person that can make their night ten times better and feel secure without feeling like it's gonna lead to sex ..... Male or female.... Quick trickin me Kimmy 😣😣
Gansta sooch😎"my pillow is yo chest fool"

Howie😡"....yes sir😳"
@Riaya: gyaaa I thought I was alone 😫
Charm the duck outta him Kylee 😣😣 Kimmy needs so much love right now😒
OMG like everyone speaks properly when there emotional come on guys and that's not a typo it fits perfectly and Howie is scared out his mind that if he really goes for it he'll just be rejected again and rejection twice from the same person can drive you in a dark hole
Consent is so sexy 🀀
Oh God brain is such a tease πŸ˜‹.... gonna gobble him up
Aww he was so worried... Too cute thank rah thoth as there....get it....never mind 😟
Id be laying around to after that 9 pound sack pounded me to oblivion
I like this style a bit more
Got him good 😣😣
😳 I'm blushing
πŸ˜‚ bake sale
Love me
Just love me the way you want....😭😭😭😭
That's what you can do for me HowieπŸ˜₯
Omg I'm gonna cry this boy love is getting so real right now😁😁
Where are you Howie 😭😭😭
January 3rd, 2018
Yes I want to see YouπŸ˜‚
@redmarielle: omg tank YOOOOOO I love this story and I hope you have merch that I can buy up too 😍😍 😍
Omg another cliff hanger 😭