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Briarlight's Wish
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"Why dont you just exile him?" lmao
"Oh! You're approaching me?"
"I can't kick your ass without getting closer"
I cant wait till they get back to camp and Perfectpaw has ascended to another plane
Humans? I havent seen any.
*Instantly gets shot*
@Guest: oh i dint see the blood
a charmander dying from fire?
How dark with this comic be?
Will anyone of the main characters ever get captured/corrupted?
Dominant: Shapeshift
Reccesive: Elastic
Cat Breed: Sphinx
Fur Color: Magenta
What will be the tone of the comic? (Dark, silly, etc?)
For Sasha
In a alternate universe do you think you could be a serial killer?
BROCK is confused
BROCK hurt himself in confusion
I really like the story so far but the dots are so big, its hard to see the images
Wow Im already invested
@Mystic Fire: Omanyte and Kabutops
THIS ART IS SO GOOD! Such detail on every page!
Pretty lit fam