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Comics are pretty cool. I like them. Yup.
Est-ce que tu sais?
C'est: Très.
Avec un accent grave.

Je ne te comprend pas, ma petite soeur.
Est-ce que tu en classe de français?

Mais je ne sais pas bien français...
Ignorez-moi s’il vous plaît.
OH FINE, I'll scan them for you.
Your fans are guilt tripping me. :S
Cute cute CUUUUUTE! D:


C: I can't wait to see more.
Okay, so I pretty much love this comic to pieces.
Keep up the fantastic work. C:
I have a question,

what kind of markers do you use? ^^

I love the comic btw
Me: Are YOU scared of handpuppets?
My friend: Sadly...yes *Runs away crying*
lol I love this one! ^.^
Ha ha, she's like: Start explaining!
Then doesn't let him and orders him around. Don't you just love cats? ^.^
I think they used a pager! ^.^'
I <3 This comic! I read it front and back and when we go to school in the morning all my friends crowd around the computer to read it.
I have two friends who love world domination, cats and such so they simply love this comic and enjoy reading it whenever we have free blocks!
Keep up the fantastic work!
Beau Beau
Isn't beau mean handsome or somthing in French?
Le vash est tres beau...
Wait....vash is a cow >,<
So cute!
I love this comic! hmmm...mushy cat food or celery...
I'm going with the vegetables! ^.^
Did magicarp eat the CELL PHONE!!?!?
nooooo! hmmmm, you just gave me a cool idea for a comic....
omigosh I was tempted to see your comic so I did! LoL, your so random!
I love this comic so badly I might explode with overwhelming amounts of cuteness!
Eeeek I love impossible romances!
Cat and Sheep...hmmm
now there's a fresh new idea! ^.^
No eat bone!
ha ha. I love this! What happens when an alien wants more food? YOU GIVE HIM FOOD!
oooooo the suspense! ^.^
Whoa that's awesome! HE'S HER HERO!
-dramatic music-
eek that last panel scared me! He's all like: ARAG! I'm a demon!
-blue runs off screaming like a girl-
ha ha I love those first few panels!
I love the shading in this ^^
woooo I can feel the tension in the last comic!