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That Awkward Water Master
Hey. I like making comics and stuff. I love water type Pokémon along with ice, dragon, steel, dark, and flying. However I am at my best with Water, Flying, Electric, and Dragon.

My main comic that I'll be working on here is [X] PMD: The Ultimate Adventure! [X] which will be going on for a long time, and here's a thing about that comic's organization system. Each “Volume” is 3 “books”, and each “book” is 10 “chapters”, and then there are the seasons. Each “season” is four “volumes” so yeah.
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I wonder what they’ll name their team? Maybe team Trouble? Since they always seem to be getting into trouble~
This story needs more appreciation
Ooh... I see that little detail there on Rhett... Very clever Wandit... Very clever...
Jarad and Rhett... AKA my new OTP... AKA Jhett
Oops that wasn’t meant to be a reply, sorry
All I want is Toby and Alex on a team. I love the riolu guy, I apologize for forgetting his name, but Toby and Alex are my favorites.
@Leon_and_Vagus: that’s ma job, to make sense of stuff
@Leon_and_Vagus: I thought the same thing, but I think he’s with slowking dude
I’ll be excited to see the new comic, and am happy for you furthering your career, but I’ll greatly miss Rodney and Avis...
No one acknowledges the fact that it says Rudy's mom is his "Auntie" and this troubles me.
...I want to draw fanart for this but I feel like my art would be so bad it would be insulting...

And I can't edit comments.
I'm sorry, I'm weird. But right now I ship Kelvin and Travis.