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That Awkward Water Master
Hey. I like making comics and stuff. I love water type Pokémon along with ice, dragon, steel, dark, and flying. However I am at my best with Water, Flying, Electric, and Dragon.

My main comic that I'll be working on here is [X] PMD: The Ultimate Adventure! [X] which will be going on for a long time, and here's a thing about that comic's organization system. Each “Volume” is 3 “books”, and each “book” is 10 “chapters”, and then there are the seasons. Each “season” is four “volumes” so yeah.
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Multiple things went wrong when making this... I was supposed to be doing this comic in 4 months... but since I decided to do it early, I have to wait 3 weeks for my paint kit to arrive, not to mention I don’t have a page scanner, and if the content isn’t the best now, there’s no way anyone will support my patreon...
I... oh god this nuzlocke will be the death of me... it’s so cute that any death will destroy me! ;^;
Ramble x Kid = Kambells chicken noodle soup
Well I’m making a new comic so I would go there, first page comes out tonight actually
@Morzone: maybe they mean like, loose change for their pockets, and their destiny is to rich

And yes, I know full well this is not truly the case, ‘‘tis But a joke
Smiles why? This is going to destroy poor kid...
I figured that I might as well have a Teaser for THE MAIN CHARACTER, because, y’know, that’s a bit important.
I hope Y’all are ready!
Thee comic comes out Feb, 18, 2018! So tomorrow if you read 5is the day this comes out...
They are so bloody, find a river and wash off
My inner meme: THAT’S RACIST
I like this turn of events
The pages won’t load ;n;
MILO NO! MA HEART! He’s so lonely
I think it’s hilarious how Milo is eyeing Marill after the berry
I can understand if there’s motivation issues, that’s part of why I’ve scrapped the ideas for 137 comics I’ve thought up, but if you want, you could be co-author to a comic with me? I’ve found that it helps motivation to have a team project
It’s official, Snotty the Snow Queen is a badass.
I caught that, but I figured since it was about HENRY saying he was HARDCORE I thought I would most definitely not have to point that out to anyone, but I’ll be sure to point out any references I catch now
No one is going to see this.
In it’s place will be a traditionally drawn comic featuring... THE LOONATICS! Yeah, hate me if you want, but it will not be REPLACING this comic, the LU comic is going to be a comic I also do.