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All Things Fair In Love and War
I agree with Gavin here. Hell, half the time, I don't know how to talk to or about my non-CIS friends and the terminology can be baffling for any straight guy. But I still think of of the gay, lesbian, trans, genderfluid, pan, bi, and queer (and any others I may have missed) as people.
I think this lesson may sink into Drew's brain. I certainly sounds like he doesn't want to repeat the errors of his ways.
But I don't know if Ky and Drew should be a thing. Drew needs a Hell of a lot of work before he could ever consider dating Ky again. He's welcome to try, though, once he's sufficiently matured. And here's hoping he finds that special someone, someday. He and Ky both.
Not So Much a Catfish
Rob must have thought Kylie was "The Canadian Girlfriend." Evidently, he's been inoculated against such things…
@Kalciphoz: What's to say they haven't? Maybe that's part of the reason why he's acting the fool.
Pot, Meet Kettle
@Chrissy: I think this is most plausible explain for Todd's behavior. We know that he's been rumored to be "gay" by the guys in his class because he was seen/acknowledged to be crushing on someone who was not heteronormative. He may be overcompensating or trying to convince everyone else, but specifically himself, that he "flies straight." I don't know who he thinks he's fooling, though.
Hello, Darkness, my old friend…
Ohdeboi… Todd is up to his old (and tired) tricks again. Maybe it's just me, but everytime I see him in the comic, his behavior reminds me of the Abusive Person Checklist. I'll need to find it again to be sure, but point one of The Checklist is, 1.) Unable to find fault within oneself. I feel very sorry for whomever can stand him long enough to date him. He's the kind of "guy" who gives men a bad name. (As if we don't enough of that ourselves…!)
@LittleLynn84: Oh, right, text has no tone to infer context. Solid copy. The least he could have done there is put in some emojis or J/k somewhere in the message.
(Reminds me of my early BBS days. The [/sarcasm] tag was only way you could tell somebody was pulling your leg.)
That was- different.
Silly Blair! You have to have sex for the chance for a pregnancy to occur! Well, at least he's honest about his concerns.
Wild Card
(Yeah, I know, what a Dad joke, the comment title!)
Given what little we know of Blair, I honestly don't know what to make of him. Coming back into Emi's life after all this time, after going through whatever Hells Chase put her through and is currently making her wade in, it sounds to me like Blair might be having a fit of White Knight Syndrome. But, admittedly, I know so little Blair (I have a much easier picture of Chase and the parts of me that aren't seething in a rage would laugh gleefully as he is strung up by his thumbs!) but I do have to question that boy's motives. Time and tide will tell.
Emily's Modern Strife
I'm glad to see that Emily has at least recognized that her relationships with Chase and her mom are toxic. Also good to see she's finally made it to the point where she's all "IDGAF" on these two horrific actors in her life. Here's hoping neither happen to make it back into her life again…