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I goof about and draw things. I don't have much to tell about myself.
I update comics a little randomly. Bear with me and my laziness.
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(It's not clear on this page and I'm sorry but Adam is the one dissing her)
@Scribeteller: A mix of it's easier, I kind of want to keep these pages together on other sites, and in celebration of getting a desk last night.
@M1mgaa: Why did you edit your comment with a question? In answer to it, it seems everyone forgets their lives these days while not even being close to adulthood yet and it's boggling at this point. I personally think it has to do with internet influence. 13 year olds being unable to remember things from before 2-4 years ago is suddenly becoming so very common. It's like an epidemic for only young teens and preteens. And whether your case is serious or not, I am not devaluing it. I am just answering your question.
The reason I sound "offended" is the noticeable way you tried to emphasize it by including the fact that you don't remember what you sounded like as if it's a completely separate part of your childhood in a way that makes you seem almost proud of it. Like you're proud something went wrong.
Now it's none of my business and I don't wish to start an argument. What you decide to do or not do is on your time. I'm giving you my reasoning. Take it or leave it.
@M1mgaa: MOST people forget that. You wouldn't know a child's voice was yours unless someone pointed it out or you saw yourself speaking with it in a recording. Unless your voice was particularly strange, memorable, or out of place, that's not out of the ordinary at all.
@M1mgaa: If it means you've forgotten the entirety of your childhood in which you had yet to grow above the height of others much older. Unless you're Paul Bunyan and you were just born massive, that is.
And supposing you have forgotten your childhood, you needn't explain it to me.
@Scribeteller: Depends on where in Pennsylvania you live. I didn't really see those in the town this is loosely based off of. And only Tobias is native to Pennsylvania here. You don't really make the jokes unless you've lived somewhere long enough, you know? I should know. I've never lived in one place longer than 2 years.
(I also don't want it to come off as offensive somehow. I respect the Amish.)
(totally not being petty)
I'm just toying with styles: don't mind me.
@Scribeteller: It's an old one. There weren't friend codes in 2008. You had to be like... physically next to someone to have a connection.
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Emilio is also significantly taller.
@lessjamsthanjimin: Accidents still happen.
Sorry I didn't update yesterday- I was unexpectedly away for the majority of the day and didn't get home until 9 pm
Don't mind me
just a Tobias pic passing through
Sorry if that ending seems a little ABRUPT-
@DaddyMars;): That works. If he admits he's gay, he'll get sacrificed.
@Guest: It IS King :D
@DaddyMars;): That's specific to one episode. As a series it's Christian. They even close each episode with "And remember, God made you special and he loves you VERY much!"
@DaddyMars;): So you mean he's a Christian? Because... Veggie Tales is a Christian show.
@That Awkward Water Master: That's because that's his cousin. If his mom is called "auntie" that implies that she is the aunt of the one calling her that.