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I goof about and draw things. I don't have much to tell about myself.
I update comics a little randomly. Bear with me and my laziness.
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    Nonnie Lovelace
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@GessHugh: You read it perfectly~
@SSJ Rose Nova: "Mace" is a pepper spray. It's unlikely she has a medieval weapon.
@W.Wpickledeggs: Is there an email I can send it to? I don't really have social media and I'm not sure if Smackjeeves is able to send images even in private messages.
I haven't read this comic (yet) but I've been debating it for months-
It looks extremely promising. MightReadItTonightMaybe.
I always get too excited to actually do something because I don't want the novelty of the excitement to wear off-
If I draw fan art, where could I sent it to?
It's supposed to span over 2 pages so I'll just stick them together
@Tobiasfawn: He was not wearing a pastor's robe. If you look at page 107 you can clearly see it's not a robe. It's a clergy shirt that anyone can buy online. And no you may not have context on that. Yet.
@Tobiasfawn: No one said he was a pastor.
@neko13-san: You're thinking of Carmelo during the play audition.
@CallieMeetCallie: Ghost Eyes is an AU of Cards. So what goes on in Cards has nothing to do with Ghost Eyes except the characters. In Cards Tobias never went to a public school.
ok break over. I'll finish the joke some other time.
I'm just taking a short break but have this comic of a stupid joke I made like... a month or two ago
@Dragongirl101: you could make the same argument as to how anyone could feel lonely when they go to school with hundreds of other kids.
@HopelessSpirit: If you're referring to the area around the panels, it's not animated :D
@HopelessSpirit: I really want to go to bed right now ;v;
But I also want to have part 3 done this month.
So power through. Make as many pages as I can for tonight until I crash.
@samdied: I like your sarcastic theorizing but Holly has less to do with Lucas and more to do with Luther.
@samdied: You're thinking of Charlotte. And Luther just said there weren't signs of sexual assault.
@Eeveeisthebest: Same. With one of my sisters, anyway.
@K: You're right. Neither of them have anything to do with Mr. Edburt.