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I goof about and draw things. I don't have much to tell about myself.
I update comics a little randomly. Bear with me and my laziness.
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@M1mgaa: It depends on whether or not you can be patient for 5 seconds.
@GessHugh: I'M SORRY
@NewAgeTesla: That is because I wrote it. It's from a song I wrote last year for a different character called Embers.
@KiraMiko: Emil, not Emilio. Emil is his father. I'm not the one that named Emilio so that wasn't my decision.
@Quillpen: You are not, don't worry :)
@Dragongirl101: It's just a continuity error. I only had 5 minutes to colour the whole page and add text.
Sorry the updates are irregular. I'll get back to it.
@Guest: MMMMM~
@kiki chan <3: Tobias's father's name is Lucas.
@Lighten up: His mom is blonde.
@LightsCameraIzzy: Are you clicking "First" or "Previous"?
If you want to go back one page, you hit the second button. The first one on the left brings you to the first page.
@Mostly Mad Hatter: Except Tobias's problem IS when he sleeps, not the inability to sleep.
@Kaguaririe: Some people have settled on "Rudias".
@ZSnazzy: It was Rudy yanking his arm that reopened the wound a little.
@Raiu Tempesta: They speak Danish. Rudy moved from Denmark. BUT his dad- while not Scottish himself- lived in Scotland for a little while to improve his English among native English speakers before moving back to Denmark. So a lot of his English is Scottish-based.
@Quillpen: Eh, he'll probably throw batteries at me again. He's a chubby ten year old who cries and tries to hit people when they take away his Nintendo DS for a day because he fails to so much as look up from it when people are talking to him. One of my sisters took it away Sunday afternoon and he bit her boob. These days I don't say anything. I'm the kind of person who doesn't speak up until I'm out of patience. And when I'm out of patience, I still don't say anything to him. I just kick him in the stomach. But he says it feels good when I hit him- albeit I don't hit him hard because I don't feel like dealing with him crying about it. I'd yell but I'm not the yelling type. The angrier I am, the quieter my voice is. Raising my voice scares myself. It's a control issue and I don't want to let myself be legitimately angry. I don't know what'll happen.
BUT. He's also a bother and loves to caress and touch and feel my feet. I'm not weird about feet but he does it a little TOO much. It bothers me more than his other perverted habits.