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I goof about and draw things. I don't have much to tell about myself.
I update comics a little randomly. Bear with me and my laziness.
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He looks so cute when he's pretending to be innocent.
Nice save, dude-
They aren't identical twins if one is a boy and one is a girl. Those are fraternal twins. Even if they look very similar, they aren't identical twins since identical twins share the exact same DNA as they are a mutation of a single fertilized egg that's split into two people during development. They'd have to be the same gender then.
Other than that, this is cool so far and sorry if my correction bugged you. I just had to get that out there.
Redoing James pages.
Guess what's back and finally has an official art style.
@Guest: They're not going to kick their daughters out for a week. There's your answer.
@NameIWontRegret: Yes, but he said they call Dwayne skunk, not Iggy.
@Guest: Harmony is NOT the only girl who could get it. There are 3 girls who are 15 and no one is 16. It was already mentioned that Tobias and 7 of his siblings were born within the same day. Not to mention a woman can get her period as early as 9 meaning there are about 8 girls who could have it.
@Guest: They literally live in the church. Are they supposed to be homeless for an entire week every month? Also, why are you mentioning this rule I've never heard any normal person follow on a page that has nothing to do with the church? And why specifically HARMONY?
@Curious: What does that have to do with ADDICTION and recreational drinking, though?
@Cookie Monsterz: I imagine the same person kind of person who brings a guitar.
@Naokii Fires: Luther's not a kid. There's not a single panel in which Carmelo drinks. And Dwayne having one drink does not mean he has an addiction. I don't drink either.
@Naokii Fires: Who's the other one? Besides Tobias that ONE time.
@Puppies&Art: I understand that. It was more exciting when the project was new. But at this point it gets emotionally harder to motivate myself enough to keep up with the updates and I'm afraid pride or contentment will subconsciously cause myself to decide I've done enough for now and I haven't. I need to keep the goals broad. 100 pages in part 3.5 is not good enough when the whole of season 1 was supposed to be done by now. I'm behind and while it's a sweet gesture it feels more frustrating to me like being congratulated on completing my late assignments. I can be happy about the progress I've made but pride rests on final products. When part 3.5 at least is done I can allow myself a little pride. But right now I'm not good enough. Do you get that feeling?
@Puppies&Art: Milestone? This comic altogether is over 900 pages. This is the 9th milestone and each one is less significant than the last. The next actual milestone is 1,000 pages.
@O.O: You are exactly correct.
@Foxey: I know he looks feminine but he has been called a HE this entire time.
Hi, guys, I was sick.
@K: what WERE you expecting just out of curiosity
@XRed-moon: I actually have 2 errors in the past two pages purely to see if anyone would notice. Since most people just look at the pictures and not the words, I wanted to see if they even look at the pictures enough to process anything. The answer is no. Only 2 people pointed out the ears.