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Eevee power
I dunno what to put here...
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@Kittenwishstar: Actually, in all games of gens 4, 5, 6 and 7 excluding the let’s go games, it learns it at level 1.
@Kittenwishstar: it depends on the game. In let’s go it’s at lv 99 but in sun and moon it’s at level 1 according to bulbapedia
Eevee power
April 18th, 2019
It’s bacccc!
And oml I love this page
Ohh, ok ok
Ah I love this nidoran
Btw lil’ grammar correction if you don’t mind
She says “little sister” but then she refers to her as “he”, so, either you have to change sister for brother or he for she
I bet a the it’s Mister Z’s weedle companion (which I forgot their name of)
Wohoo! It’s back!!
One of my top favorite chars makes his appearance!! Ahh I love good ol Bottles, he’s the best drillbur
The face expressions are hilarious
Oh my anon, Tina
I love this page art-wise and storytelling-wise
The visuals are so dang gooood hhh
I might as well get sai 2 when I get a computer hmm
Keep up the good work Tina, this page looks and is amazing
Ps: eevee Blizz is the most adorable thing to touch this world and no one can change my mind
Oh boy
@Pinkeevee222: O
For how many days?
@woostertherooster: as far as I know, at the moment the background eevee submissions are closed, when the current chapter of ssec ends they will be probably opened again.
@NoobyEevee: If I’m not incorrect, you need to have an eevee on the master eevee list, the corresponding number’s in there
Name: Atlas Stripe Martínez
Eevee Number: 125
Grades: 3rd 4th or 5th grade
Paragraph: Atlas is a troublesome vee. He HATES bullies and he goes in an outrage instead of being calmed. He’s quite close-minded (like any kid would tbh lol) and doesn’t believe that a bully can change, although, he will not bother bullies while he doesn’t see them bully anyone. He gets frustrated somewhat easily when he can’t seem to do something, that doesn’t mean he gives up tho, he’s highly stubborn. He likes playing tag and similar games with the boys and he’s very good at Math. His dad’s a cop who’s an arcanine and his mom’s a latinoamerican espeon who’s an astronomer.


Name: Sun Shire Mocha
Eevee Number: 126
Grades: 3rd grade
Paragraph: Sun’s kind of a late bloomer. He’s definitely the most oblivious and naive out of his class, he believes in any kind of tale someone tells him, because, why would they lie to him? He will ignore anyone that tells him that Santa Delibird isn’t real, same goes for the tooth ribombee and the Easter scorbunny. His grades are ok except for English, he’s horrible at spelling and reading out loud for a third grader. He loves playing in the playground with his friends (which is anyone tbh, he’s super friendly) and he enjoys reading (short) fantasy books, he even proclaimed himself to be “the floof king” due to him having a lot of fluff compared to an average eevee his age. His mom’s a Flareon, his dad’s a stoutland and his big bro (who’s somewhere in eon high) is a vaporeon.
@Guest: The event was Dawn’s secret, it’s in the comment section of Eve’s and Oliver’s secret if you wanna look it up
The event consisted of people asking Dawn about one character, and then Dawn would tell them what she knows/thinks of them
Sounds good to me
Oh hey I didn’t knew you had another comic!
I love Milo’s from home and this one looks promising as well! Keep up the good work!
Also, idk but that last line suddenly made my brain remind me of the new Carmen San Diego intro song lol
@JolteonIsDaBest: wait what happens when he gets out of the closet- *wink wink*
What are Umber, Lav and Sol thinking you say??? (Ik you’re probably not asking that but moving on-)
Umber: I feel happy about my life decisions
Lav: Man, Sol looks hot when scared
Sol: oh no-