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Eevee power
I dunno what to put here...
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Hi! I’m one of this comic’s co authors. I’ll try to post one “filler???” page weekly. These pages usually won’t follow what’s happening in the actual comic unless a very important event is happening. Hope you enjoyed this page lol, I definitely did enjoy making it
Of you want I can help you remembering some stuff =<=
Is this comic gonna be directly based off of the rp? Like, scrolling up to the beginning and changing some stuff here and there?
Probably a very very very bad prank
*nod nod*
I agree with you a 100%
3.14 *gets shot*
Idk, We don’t know much about Saturn yet so... *shrugz*

Oh also, I wanna give a quote for Uranus (well it isn’t exactly a quote but idk what word to use to describe it .-.) “Steven: Dad! I’ve lost something precious!! Greg (Steven’s dad): *le gasp* You’ve lost your innocence?!?!!!?” So, yeah, Uranus, being naive and innocent is precious, so don’t say that naiveness is bad ever again, please :)
*sobs* I-I’m not crying! My eyes are just sweating...

Jokes aside, great pmv Tina! You did a great job UwU
They are so cute!!! >w<
Can’t wait! OwO
Wait does that mean that the tree in page 3 chapter 1 will go to the distortion world? o<o

And Ok Mia, it’s good to take a break from time to time~ UwU
Rip sol’s Gift 2018-2018 rest in spaghetti never forgetti
The good ol references =w=
Tbh I don’t know why some people criticize things that have barely started, it just doesn’t make sense to me =<=
Oh and, that face in panel 3 is priceless, as well as the face of the last comic
Eevee power
August 21st, 2018
No Charlie! Don’t listen to those voices! The only thing you’ll get by doing so is crippling depression!