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Eevee power
I dunno what to put here...
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I feel like this is going to become big, keep up the good work :D
Also I love your art style (Mostly because of the shades and the eyes (I love sparkles =w=))
And even harder on Mondays
Uff alguien que habla español, pocas veces me encuentro a alguien que hable español por aquí
Dat digglet
Lol yeah, for the first time I’m first xD
Come to think of it... since they in the principal chapters usually called each other by their specie name (jolteon,espeon,sylveon...), did jolteon used his fake name, AKA Alan, or he used his real name, AKA speedy?
Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead... What am I saying? She’s dead ;-;
Advertisement: the following pun is a very bad pun, read this just if you want to
Leafy: Yeah I found something rEVOLUTIONary
@Pinkeevee222 used google images
It’s super effective~
Sparkles!!! Yay! =D
Why I feel that something bad is going to happen next...
That moment when you remember that pinkeevee made a YouTube video with the song “keep marching on”
These children nowadays, they’re just little eevees and the know what corn is...