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Eevee power
I dunno what to put here...
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I really like this comic! I like the art, the characters and it’s very funny! Only thing I would point out it’s that the face expressions seem kinda bland sometimes, not that they don’t express emotion but that they don’t express enough emotion per say. Maybe it’s just personal taste but exaggerated face expressions when appropriate are 10/10. Everything else is great though
Optionnnnnnn 4
I’ll temporarily continue drawing pages for this again until sol gets back home.
Anyways, have a new page!
To the author: are you from Mexico too?
Now that you know how to private a comic, will you still delete it?
I feel like I’ve seen this raichu somewhere
@Pinkeevee222: why is the comic name that appears in here the comic number instead of the comic name like usual?
Wait a second...
@Kittenwishstar Is that Piper? Like, Piper Piper? Y’know, the Piper from [redacted]
Ok! I now know how to make so mobile readers can read the glitchy pages
Go to my comics and go to jet’s black nuzlocke then click manage webcomic. Now go to Smack Jeeves Mobile and click mobile settings. Now select no in enable smack jeeves mobile and you should be done!
Hope it could help!
I already saw these pages in discord, but I still love it a lot
Glad you posted the comic in here, toge
@Kittenwishstar: Actually, in all games of gens 4, 5, 6 and 7 excluding the let’s go games, it learns it at level 1.
@Kittenwishstar: it depends on the game. In let’s go it’s at lv 99 but in sun and moon it’s at level 1 according to bulbapedia
Eevee power
April 18th, 2019
It’s bacccc!
And oml I love this page