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Eevee power
I dunno what to put here...
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This comic gave me pink lasagna flashbacks lmao
Also I’m glad the hurricane turned away from your state ^^
gASP so the last page was foreshadowing for the discord all along!! :00
See ya soon! ^^
GASP, sempai’s being a meanie
She a cutie tho~
Mmm yes, legz
Chatot: you can’t defeat me
Main characters: I know, but he can
Plot armor:
I’m not too sure why, but the angle on the last panel looks really cool and I really like it!! Gj dude!
Weedle (I forgot if they had a name :V) should’ve said: “Hi victorious, I’m dad”
Dad jokes are an ultimate weapon that kill anyone they’re used upon, everyone knows that
Ok but why is no one mentioning how beautiful panel 3 is
And howcome you haven’t evolved to a toucannon yet, dORiS
Eevee power
August 7th, 2019
He should get a pointier hat. I’ve heard that there’s always a pointy hat store next to every the store; when they finish there they should go to the pointy hat store, I heard they have very pointy hats
That chatot is going to haunt me in my dreams
Everything that goes up goes down, moustache doggo
The comedy in this comic still cracks me up XD
Oh hey, it’s the “hero”’s badge, so that means Claire DID convince some people into that huh
Also, I know it’s pretty unlikely because there’s a huge gap between the events but then again we don’t really know the time gap between pmd rescue team and pmd explorers but, are those the marill siblings from pmd explorers? Azurill having become a marill??
Oh crap, sad moments are coming aren’t they? I don’t know if my body is ready, I love these characters so much I feel their emotions oof
@MR.Zoet: Ikr!! That happens to me a lot as well!
I usually try to bring a lot of knifes with me but sometimes you just can’t help it and it’s sooo frustrating!