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Aww baby it’ll be okay
Wallis I can’t spell
From the creators of invisaline comes invisalimb worn by your favorite magician Wallace Gloom get it now
Oh boy he went there
Best conversation topic ever
They’re having so much fun
It’s so pretty, can’t wait to see the chapter
No my boy
No don’t leave him again
Okay protect this child
Wow I can spell
Hey, this is Olivia reading from Alyssa’s phone. So far so good! I’ll keep reading and let’s hope I remember to keep reading anyways, lol.
SHIP shipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshi pshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipshipsh ip SHIP
This boi is racist that is obviously a box, a boy fox.
I like the lettering a lot more the squares looked awkward