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Welcome to my website and my comics! I am a comic creator based in Montreal, Canada.

I believe in women's strength, power and intelligence: my art celebrates all of this.

I believe that the world needs more lesbian voices: this is why all of my main characters are lesbians.

I believe in expressing myself honestly: although you will find very uncomfortable subjects in my comics, I can guarantee you that not a single page contains anything gratuitous.

Finally, I believe in reason and science. I am not religious, I am not spiritual, I don't give a damn. But if you are into these things, I'll probably talk to you.

Comment, subscribe, spread the infected word, have fun!
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@KariK: Yes, and very bad memories.
@KariK: Such awful things happen in this prison, it almost hurts.

Thanks for the wishes! My hand is getting free from the pins in two weeks - and without anesthesia o_O
A quick recap: Alex is a sixteen-year old girl belonging to a species called AIMS, also disparagingly known as "infected blood". Falsely accused of murder, she is now serving a sentence of 35 years. On the very first day of prison, she is assaulted and reacts violently. She is now in isolation, where the situation is getting even tougher.
Nothing in Kemet-Ra is free!
Yes, he was awful to her and it's good to see him regret it. The question is, will he do something about it?
Alex's night continues with a nightmare.
I'm back with my wounded hand and a black and white page, but I'm still going strong! In a couple of days I'll have a follow-up visit and then hopefully I'll know when they'll get that pin outside my bone and when I'll be able to start rehab.

Today Alex learns even more about how things work in the Forge. Luckily her exhaustion interrupts her lesson. Next page, we'll see how the rest of the night goes for our inmate.
Back to Alex, we begin to see her life in isolation and what that entails - these voices don't seem to do any good to her!

In others news, almost two weeks ago I broke my hand in a stupid accident, and had surgery last Friday. Unfortunately, at the moment the pain is rather awful - not even Oxycodone helped much for the first couple of days, and I'm still feeling kind of miserable. Today (Sunday, 30 September), I tried to draw the next page. Although I was able to do okay with pencils and inks, I realized there is absolutely no way for me to do any coloring. So, the good news is that I am very likely to continue updating the comic regularly, but you will see zero colors until my hand has fully recovered. But hey, that's much better than no updates, right? :) See you next Monday!
Gordon's problems with his neighbors increase.

Not exactly happy with this page, as I was aiming for a stronger effect, but I will have to live with it.
As soon as Gordon and Linda find a way to get closer to Alex, Doug's call ruins everything!

You may have noticed I started experimenting with patterns: for the moment, it's just the sidewalk and the building's floor. I think the results are decent, although I'm not 100% sure about that. Any thoughts on it, dear readers?
Montreal has been so hot this summer, it's insane! So, straight from the heat, here's a little preview of next page. I took inspiration from the Toronto metro trains and gave them a bit of a Kemetian flavor. The writing stands for "Waset Metro System", ha, not much of an imagination there :) I'll try to drop another preview before returning on 10 September. Stay cool!
We're back! I hope you're having an awesome summer. Montreal has been very hot, with several heat warnings, so there has been an abundance of sweaty days and nights... This happened right after one of the coldest winters ever, so all hail extreme temperatures! We're talking about -50 C in the winter to +46 C this summer.

But even at these crazy temperatures I continued drawing my comic, so here it is for your viewing pleasure :) If you wondered what Alex's "parents" were up to, well, at least Gordon is very sorry about how he treated Alex, so maybe there's an inkling of hope for them to recuperate a bit of a father/daughter relationship. See you next Monday!
@Meow: Not so sure that this guy's concern will change any time soon, unfortunately!...

That expression is very cryptic, but it means a whole lot to Da Silva, you'll see :)
@Meow: Yes, Richardson is very fastidious about that, and he will remark it again!

Minor spoiler about the hurting part of Alex's skill: that's something very unique to her! There will be an explanation, although it won't be right away ;)
@Meow: Very true, although what else could have she done? She has to show her power to new inmates and, in the case of someone so big like Alex, she had to try to overwhelm her. Remember, Alex is only 16, so she's very young, whereas Harding is clearly in her twenties, maybe early thirties. When you exude authority and talk like that to a youngin while putting a knife to her throat, the idea and the hope is that you'll just scare the shit out of her.
@Meow: Very much so! Even if you can get outside those electrified walls, you still have to jump 5 km down... Hijacking a shuttle may be a better way, although that's also very risky.
Quick, Richardson, before your dinner gets cold! Meanwhile, what is Da Silva doing? The plot thickens!

With this page, as previously announced in my newsletter, I am taking my usual summer break to rest, regroup, and come back even stronger! Thank you so much for following me this far, see you on 10 September.
Where Alex nearly gives poor Da Silva a heart attack.
I can't unsee that hand opening wide o_O