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Welcome to my website and my comics! I am a comic creator based in Montreal, Canada.

I believe in women's strength, power and intelligence: my art celebrates all of this.

I believe that the world needs more lesbian voices: this is why all of my main characters are lesbians.

I believe in expressing myself honestly: although you will find very uncomfortable subjects in my comics, I can guarantee you that not a single page contains anything gratuitous.

Finally, I believe in reason and science. I am not religious, I am not spiritual, I don't give a damn. But if you are into these things, I'll probably talk to you.

Comment, subscribe, spread the infected word, have fun!
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Where the coffee break takes unexpected turns.
A man pays a visit to his ex wife. Coffee time.
A non-speciesist girl's can be very tough when she is still living with her very speciesist parents.
Welcome back! I hope your holidays were great and you got all the junk food you were anxiously hoping for. Time for Infected Blood, now!

Stephanie is back home and her parents are "barely" concerned about the news...
My hiatus ends on 15 January. I understand it's a bit longer than usual (I always take some time off at the end of the year), but this is necessary. I have to build up a good buffer and redo my website. I am very grateful for your understanding, and I promise that it will be very worth the wait! Here's something from the next pages to tickle your curiosity: you can expect a deeper look into Stephanie's life and a rather tumultuous introduction to Alex's family.

In the meantime, why not check The Green-Eyed Sniper and the rest of the glorious content I am slowly but surely reuploading? You can find all links at the top right corner of my site, right under the banner :)

Thank you so very much for following Infected Blood so far and see you very soon!
As “unbiased” news of Alex's arrest pour all over the media, what will the reactions be like?
With Stephanie disowning Alex (and an ambulance finally coming), we are leaving this school behind. Get ready to see more of Kemet-Ra's society, I promise it will be a real blast!
If you were wondering how Steph would react to Alex getting in trouble, there's your answer. Like it?
I have news for you: I created this page entirely on my PC! Yes, I got myself a drawing tablet and now I'm going fully digital!

As anticipated, KeReS means business and they are as speciesists as Reverend Jones, who finally gets what he deserves.
Alex gets herself literally tangled up in a huge mess and Jones lands a hit, but the confrontation is about to end. Check back next week for the conclusion!
Ma'at High Security debuts without much success, but keep an eye out for KeReS, because they do mean business, as you will see soon…
Professor Russell has the best comment! Meanwhile, Alexandra continues to show an excellent self-control in this tragedy.
Today's page makes me sick to my stomach, so I won't even comment.
The story so far: Alex is a 16-year old girl who hangs out with a group of juvenile delinquents. She is also an AIMS, a special species created by humans centuries ago for purposes not yet fully revealed. She also has a tendency to never keep her mouth shut, which obviously gets her in trouble, but this time the consequences seem to be very risky for her. Professor Russell, her chemistry teacher, ends up tasing Alex after she snaps at Reverend Jones, a newly-appointed counselor to her class with a clear hatred for AIMS. Alex reacts by grabbing the teacher by his collar and lifting him up…

On today's page, more people intervene to help, but whose side are they on?
Russell has gone a little overboard with this, but fear can make you do very stupid things. Yes, he's scared to death by Alex, worried about what she may do, and now he'll have to face the consequences!…

When I was 13, a classmate of mine pushed to the ground and punched a professor for taking his handheld videogame away, saying she would give it to her own children. She was not a loved teacher, and she was way out of line, of course, but when the confrontation escalated, I felt bad for her. I can still see him making her trip, her flying up in the air, her skirt going all the way up to her chest and those awful white underpants with little hearts and flowers… He got a 2-month suspension and she stopped wearing skirts in class.
How could this NOT happen? But don't worry: Russell is coming to the “rescue”…
After sharing so many “reassuring” thoughts about AIMS, what could Jones possibly say to humiliate Alex ever further? Well, plenty more. Personally, I wouldn't be able to stand such a crap show, but there are many reasons why she's holding back (including partly agreeing with Jones).
I love how ineffective, callous and slimy Jones is and how enthusiastic Russell is about it. We also finally learn a bit about AIMS (the species to which Alex belongs), although from the most negative perspective ever. Jones is part of the mainstream doctrine within the Sacred Eye, according to which AIMS are an abomination that will create more distance between humans and their god, the Beholder.

All cultures have groups for hateful “entertainment” and often religious organizations spearhead the “fun”.
It looks like our reverend isn't getting through to these kids. Is he trying too hard or maybe not hard enough? One thing for sure is that neither Mark nor Ryan seem worried about getting community service and a criminal record…
Reverend Jones is clearly in love with his fellow human beings and he just wants the best for them. As for what this best is, well, it's a matter of religious beliefs, of course (which I personally find it to be very questionable and dangerous).
The Beholder is the god worshiped by Jones and the majority of Kemetians. You will learn more about him and the belief system around him soon.