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Welcome to my website and my comics! I am a comic creator based in Montreal, Canada.

I believe in women's strength, power and intelligence: my art celebrates all of this.

I believe that the world needs more lesbian voices: this is why all of my main characters are lesbians.

I believe in expressing myself honestly: although you will find very uncomfortable subjects in my comics, I can guarantee you that not a single page contains anything gratuitous.

Finally, I believe in reason and science. I am not religious, I am not spiritual, I don't give a damn. But if you are into these things, I'll probably talk to you.

Comment, subscribe, spread the infected word, have fun!
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@David: I am very happy and humbled by your comment. I always aim for realism, it's great you noticed and highlighted it :)
Dear readers, here is more bonus content for you! This time, it's all about Kemet-Ra. Don't worry, it won't be a boring history lesson, but an exciting insight into this controversial country and its peculiar justice system (quite important to fully appreciate the upcoming Chapter 2). Check it out:

Also, please notice that I can't help but make my hiatus longer - until 4 June. Unfortunately, I had health issues in my family and I also had to take care of commitments with a very sharp deadline, so I had no time to build up a buffer for Infected Blood. Thank you for your understanding and please continue enjoying my extra content in the meantime!
I guess that blood is making her stronger?
@Memoria Caelestie: Why do you hate this page?
Another hug ;)
Hahaha Bottles flying and broke noses! How can anyone be bored?
Maybe she needs more than that.
I guess Mephena was fine with that :)
I wonder if Mephena is okay with that or not. Can't exactly tell. Drasil is surely not very pleased!
What a mess!!!...
Way to go, you got yourself a child :D *shivers*
Hahaha The shame!
I didn't notice the topless at first, pretty cool <3
There you are! I completely lost track of your reboot :) Zafim is still my favorite!
As promised, I am releasing extra content during my hiatus! Check out the AIMS biology and history page at (the AIMS link in the menu above the image). While not absolutely necessary to follow the story, this extra content will surely enrich your reading experience, so I highly recommend to check them out :) More pages to be released almost every Monday until I'm back from hiatus (4 June). Enjoy!
@David: The whole thing is messed up - and it's about to get even more complicated!

It is a judge, indeed, wearing a mask that represents impartiality and fairness of judgement - ha!

Thanks a lot for your continuous support, David! If you look at original ancient Egyptian paintings and decorations, you will notice the prevalence of gold/dark yellow, red, blue and green. I am using those colors for Kemetian authority buildings and certain uniforms (military officers, powerful clergymen/women, judges, etc.) as they represent power and a strong legacy with ancient Egyptian culture. These people like wealth - their entire life is based upon that. Just so you know, the judge's mask is made of gold, jade, lapis lazuli and rubies. His robe is made of pure silk.
@David: The trial has rules that would be considered barbaric in most contemporary Western societies. Next page will show even more.

It's awesome you like those panels! I wanted a powerful setup, so I did my best :)