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Welcome to my website and my comics! I am a comic creator based in Montreal, Canada.

I believe in women's strength, power and intelligence: my art celebrates all of this.

I believe that the world needs more lesbian voices: this is why all of my main characters are lesbians.

I believe in expressing myself honestly: although you will find very uncomfortable subjects in my comics, I can guarantee you that not a single page contains anything gratuitous.

Finally, I believe in reason and science. I am not religious, I am not spiritual, I don't give a damn. But if you are into these things, I'll probably talk to you.

Comment, subscribe, spread the infected word, have fun!
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Alex's paranoia won't stop there! Meanwhile, we learn where she got those infamous pills from...

Still going strong - We're at almost 90 boxes and finally counting down the days to our move, but I'm still managing to keep up with my updates! Yay!
@Dolphin safe: Thanks a lot for your comment! Really happy you are enjoying my comic :) I'm trying my best to keep up with the schedule, so far it's looking good (70 boxes done, still able to draw one page per week). Plenty of more content to come, I promise!
Alex wins first prize for being a douche!

Meanwhile, I am still able to stick to the schedule, which is awesome. If I can manage to keep it up until the very first week of May, I shouldn't take any hiatus. Things are looking good so far, so my hopes are high.
Alex's lack of sleep's consequences are revealed, and another inmate is feeling the impact!

About our move, we're down to over 50 boxes! It's mostly books and CDs. Drawing materials is taking less than three boxes, which reminds me what a great idea was to go fully digital - I would have at least 8 boxes worth of drawings, pens, pencils, you name it. For this week, hiatus is still averted. Marching on!
@KariK: I missed them! :)
Alex is getting some love from her "family", but that doesn't seem to be enough...

In other news, I am moving out of my apartment, and this is taking a big toll on my time and energy. I will do my best to keep up with the updates, but be forewarned that I may to go on a forced hiatus :( I will keep you posted.
Thanks a lot for your questions! Not these many, but good enough, for the first time :)

Next week, we are back with the new page.
Where are you, Gordon? Why are you abandoning your child again?
@KariK: Two shifts, earlier release! No catch, right? ;)
@KariK: Oh yes, in time, she will meet them both, but who knows if she will serve...
@KariK: As you will see soon, Alex is not that impressed ;)
@KariK: Alex is walking a fine line, here. Who knows if these three have anything in mind...
@KariK: At least they have much better manners, so far :)
@KariK: Silence is gold, especially when your mind needs quiet!

That "almost decent" makes me laugh, too :)
Readers of The Green-Eyed Sniper will finally recognize a certain character ;)
Colors are back! Not these many, on this page, but they are back :)

Meanwhile, Alex finds Betty's proposal convincing enough and gets ready for her double shifts - at one condition, though! What will it be?

Did you ask your question to any of my characters? Not yet??? What are you waiting for? Use the box at the top of the page! You have until 2 March! (As a reminder, if you are on a mobile device you may not see the box. Please, switch to your desktop view, so you can take it.)
Welcome back! I hope you are enjoying this preview, as these two are among my favorite characters. Their father/daughter relationship is much more positive than Alex's and Gordon's, although there are underlying tensions that will emerge in the coming chapters.

Next week, I'll be back with a regular page :)
Is Alex getting in trouble?

It's time to ask a question to my characters! Or more than one question, why not :) Enter your question/s in the box at the top of the page by 2 March. (Warning: if you are on a mobile device, you may not visualize the box. Make sure to switch to your desktop view)
Alex doesn't know what to think about her new status of "goddess", but her new cellmates seem pretty positive about it!

Meanwhile, the people have spoken! My poll is closed, the votes are in, and the winning extra content is the character preview, closely followed by asking questions to my characters. Be patient, I will honor both requests :)

So - next Monday, I will release a preview of two characters from Chapter 3 in place of my next comic page, and the week after that, we will get back to the regular Infected Blood updates !
@KariK: Just four more days! And those hats are a bit on the exaggerated side on purpose ;)